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The sun appears to rise in the east each morning and then set in the west a few hours hence. Possibly, probably or invariably?  For fourteen hundred years the Muslim east, has been nipping at the heals of eastern Europe.

The Mayor of London is Muslim. Two of the most recklessly hostile, anti American, and anti-Semitic members of our congress are Muslim. Elected as Democrats, they boldly proclaim that they are “Democratic Socialists.” To bad this wasn’t brought to the fore while they campaigned for their jobs. The state of affairs in Europe always find their way across the water and land on our shores in one fashion or another. Pat Condell, featured in his vid below, has a clear vision of Europe’s present challenges.  Give it a look.

The Euro – Gulag Archipelago

The word socialism is a Communists way of saying Communist around the kids. Kinda like saying poopy when you hit your thumb with a hammer and  would rather just say “S..t!” The profile of the European Union has so many similarities to the Soviet Union, that from a distance, they are one and the same. The gentleman  in the vid below is a Soviet ex-pat. He has walked the walk and knows what he is saying. Rather thick accent but well worth listening to.


It Doesn’t Matter……..

There is a dog fight in the works over at the Democrat Plantation, between four upstarts and the old-guard. One wants to salvage a party, and the other is positioned to either take charge  or be drawn and quartered for mutiny among the ranks of Plebes and veteran politicos shuffling dutifully left at the behest of the “90 day wonder”  Alexandra Cortez.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, A firebrand freshman congresswoman and Self-defined Democratic Socialist? She is shaking the old bears cage with interesting results.

There's a civil war brewing within the Democratic Party, and it pits Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, left, and her progressive cronies, against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, right, and the establishment.

When the tissues of the body go astray and grow beyond their intended dimensions, it’s cancer. Cancer is the body becoming its own enemy. In a similar way such a malignancy is fowling the body politic of the democratic party as party leader Pelosi is trying to hobble the newbies before they endanger the standing of the party as 2020 elections appear on the horizon.

But…….It doesn’t matter. Pelosi is on the wrong battleground, and AOC just wants her to sit down and stay out of her way. Cortez is not fighting to benefit the Democratic party she as found it. She is the ice man and she brings the chill of changing times. AOC needed the political machine of the Democratic party to position herself for delivery of HER agenda. Dreams of Pelosis absence and the  power vacuum that absence would cause dance in AOCs mind. The socialist/communist system Cortez  promotes cannot happen without the destruction of the fundamental framework of American capitalism. And as cynical as it sounds, it  is true that Americas engine runs on capitalism. It runs on capitalism or not at all.


Apostates and Christians on the Run!!!

In the Old Testament, whenever it was said to give this city or that village to God, it was a divine command to kill every man, woman and child, as well as livestock pets etc. and thus, “give them to God” How many times has this command been made and followed in the last 2 millennia? The answer is, zip. The reason no biblical massacres have been made since, is that none but a dementia ridden fool would think to impose such biblical behavior in todays world.

An example of a religion tht didn’t seem to get the memo is Islam. Iran, in adherence to is spiritual roots and the commands made therein has taken to arresting apostates and Christians,  giving them time behind bars.

Can a religion, carrying its own legal code, and disrespecting all other legal systems, truly assimulate into another culture?

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Of course  no article on Islamic conflict would be complete without a look at Ilhans status in her meteoric rise in politics since her freshman year in congress began. It seems there are some inconsistencies in her memory of her own history.












Don’t hear much about Muslims converting or just dropping religion completely. They are probably on the down low on the defection because the Quran says kill apostates! And even if you think it would be a rare day that you would find yourself killed for walking away from Islam….that little thought will remain lodged in your head somewhere. But this is the real dude, son of a Hamas founder, raised to be a Jihadi, and, and he walked away rom it all. Just KLIKDAPIK for more……

Hamas terrorists in Gaza

OH MY GOD I side with Nancy Pelosi?

And my sense of sanity has been refreshed. For a while there I was beginning to believe that someone had spiked the Democrats punch with LSD. Suddenly the whole of my fellow Americans who fall under the moniker Democrat were stepping lock step with a group of freshmen who hate America very very much. They purvey pure fantasy as impending, or existing catastrophes while denying the sun is in the sky just kuz they can. Stunts like spouting dreams of denial in not releasing funds for border security, they damn the overcrowding and desperate desire to deal with crowds of south Americans who followed the carrot on a stick that the Dems themselves have used to bait the people to come to the “everything for free carnival” they have promised.  


Jiyza! Why Didn’t I think of that!

Islam is not a religion as much as it is a framework for society. In the Muslim mind society is strictly stratified with Muslims at the top of the heap. Non-mulims are devided into two categories, if you expect to live in Muslim land and  you are not a Muslim, their religion says you have to pay a special tax called a Jiyza. Muslims don’t have to pay this tax. Another command set down by the Quoran is that Muslims must make the

Non-muslims,  are to made to “feel” their place. Muslims are instructed to disrespect Kuffir (pl.Kuffa) whenever they transact with them, so they will be made to   feel their subordinate position in society.

WELL! One Muslim migratnt found a way to suck off the host government and still uphold the tenets of Islam. KLIKDAPIK and read on, its a clever ploy).

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No it isn’t Maria , from “West Side Story.” she is Ocasio-Cortez, a brand new law maker in our nations capital Just oooozing with gravitas. Maybe she was oooooozing when she screeched at the border patrol and told them they told the detained illegals do drink toilet water,

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Ocasio Cortez is screeching that migrant detainees are being told to drink toilet water. Many of the middle Americans are of limited worldly experience and something got lost in the translation. In order to utilize the limited space in the cells the plumbing for both toilet and sink are in the same encasement. Easy for the uninitiated to misinterpret in the confusion of becoming accustomed to a new environment. In arriving that is is standard activity for detainees to drink from the same stainless steel tower that houses both toilet and sink. I have used this arrangement while incarcerated and while I found it gross and of questionable sanitary safety…….I did anyway and showed the CBP official this photo from a 2016 federal court filing, which depicts toilets inside a Phoenix CBP holding facility; the official confirmed that the Texas facilities have the same fixtures – which deliver clean drinking water from faucets above every toilet

Just look at her effervescent joy at life  as she slithers down a dance pole legislating  LIKE A STUD AS THE SWISTED LIKE THE SERLPANT OF KNOWLEDGE THAT SHE IS, all the way to……. She is like the “town- crier” on LSD………. occasionally flipping out over dangers that are not there.

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Even Alexander Putin feels he needs to advise America against taking the Liberal lefts carping too seriously. Why our sworn nemesis is concerned with our cultural wellbeing  and political conflict is a mystery. One would think he would be satisfied just letting the U.S. go metastatic with this little infection and eventually devour itself trying to work the “pennies from heaven” economics that are being pushed by the Legion of leftists crowding onto the debate stages of late.