The Quality of Life Under “Occupation”

Yassar Arafat, the father of the Palestinian Liberation Organization is dead. His widow still shops at Sachs Fifth Avenue. She is not hurting for funds. Billions upon Billions of dollars have been sunk into the area to no apparent improvement to superstructure or quality of life for the average Palestinian. The “We been occupied!” screech is getting old. True, most of the population lives hand to mouth and that is the fault of those who are getting rich off the money contributed by America and others. I would be nice, for the average Palestinian, if these funds made it to some useful place. But as long as their are terrorists to pay off and weapons to buy, Gaza will live in abject poverty. Below is a picture of a Palestinian beach. It best reflects the civic pride of Palestinians at work.  For a good article from a paper from that area of the middle east, KLIKDAPIK below……. The facts are obvious, Palestinians are healthier and better educated than any other population in the middle east by virtue of their involvement with Israel. Much is revealed by this article. please read on.

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I wrote this the day after 9/11. I  lilve in Colorado Springs, Colorado home of the airforce Academy, Fort Carson, and NORAD. SO as I pulled out of my driveway I heard an interruption on my radio saying they were closing the bases down and the alert had elevated. I pulled back up into the drive went inside and saw the second plane hit. Then I froze to the screen for hours. Here is what I wrote the following morning.

In the Perfect Blue American Sky

We stood

The Family

About the dream once perfect.

Now buckling to its knees.

First the fire blossom.

Then death thunder breaking.

Down the canyons of New Jerusalem.

I looked  down at my useless hands,

Dappled in rose petals?


Then the rain of glass is falling.

In each a broken reflection.

Of the perfect, blue,

American sky.


Then the children of the dream

Came tunmbeling

.And we the family stood below.

Where stone rain and blood of angels mixed.

And I looked at my useless hands;

At the bloody mortar that gloved them.

And nailed them to the ground.


My child fell and I could not catch her,

.She lies broken at my feet.


We stood, the family,

In the mourning sun, About a broken American Dream

And saw our angels rise again,

Through the smoke and dust and pain’


To fly, To play above again

In the blue American sky.

The perfect, blue, American sky.

My child fell, and  I could not catch her.

How Did We Get Stupid?

It  is unusual that I repeat a story that is so similar to the initial posting but I see the similar idea behind this story can only be a force multiplier in my desire to put out as effective information as I can. One of the aspects that is most shocking is the almost total lack of humility and the other, an almost absence in gratitude to a  country that took her in and made certain that she got more than all she needed to thrive in her new country..

One of the 1st and most clearly defined self descriptive comments she has made is that she is a social democrat. A consequence of installing such a system of government would mean the end of the united states  as we undertsand it. 

With this little Muslim, whether or not the “likes” the united states is not an issue. She has, very openly, by announcing that she was a socialist, declared the destruction of the union was it as been for the last two centuries. She is an enemy of the constitution when she advocates splitting the power between sharia and American Law. The precedent she is creating by being allowed to have a history, rife with disrespect for our laws while announcing  a political position a breath away from communism reduces the power of our laws to mere suggestions.

Lately I have had the disturbing revelation that the average four year undergraduate is willfully ignorant of almost every area of education, (history in particular).  Our college bumpkins   are the “rubes” they have been waiting to fleece since we got to the carnival…… In simpler terms, I am afraid that they are going to give the farm away for a handful of magic beans. How did we get so stupid?



Kathy Zhu disgraced beauty pagent winner now works for Trump. OH ! THE SHAME!

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As a psych. therapist I have noticed the negative impact of families without fathers. When male children are reared without the modeling and values inculcation of the father you have, quite frequently, spoiled male children who can do little harm, turn into young males who can do great harm. What was a tantrum becomes a spouse abuse What was a hand in the cookie jar becomes a strong-arm robbery. . What was a tantrum becomes a murder.

Tweets of the sort presented below are what got this winner booted from her throne by Michigan ‘blue noses’.

See the source imageBut Ms. Hu made a fatal mistake. She stated the facts rather than the talking points of the left. Any statement directed toward the positive aspects of intact families flies in the face of the “men are vestigial” and not needed in the rearing of children tripe we have been inundated with for the past 40 years.


Omar is pictured below hiding behind her nameplate as Rand Paul passes by, looking to give her air fare back to Somalia. He feels that she is not grateful for her life in America and should be introduced to the country she and her parents escaped from when she was but a wee baby.

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Fellow Congressman Rand Paul, the chagrin of conservatives and Liberals alike as he hold’s true to  his Libertarian roots. HIs offer is legitimate . It would be intriguing to hear her impression of the community pictured in the movie “Black Hawk Down”  No KLIKDAPIK  here, though just above  in Ms. Omars box.


Are your affairs in order. Are  you ready for the BIG ONE ? We got a rather shocking surprise when a not so small asteroid slipped by our blue ball by a miniscule 45 thousand miles. Traveling at 1500 MPH it was in the city killer range of size and Earth observers had no idea it was coming. Had it been a planet killer we would have found out about  it as we saw the blast, no sooner. Now that is a rather embarrassing OOPS! Klikit to read more.

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It is amazing what the Mainstream Media can ignore. It is amazing that there is almost no discord in the harmonizing of the media. They seem to miss the same stories, and even use the same verbiage in describing events that reflect on their pet political points of perspective. If it walks like, quacks like and waddles like a common front for progressive opinion, you probably have what I refer to as a soft coup. By my definition, a soft coup happens when a culture loses its sense of self and actually assists another cultural perspective in taking on the position primacy  The long twisted set of facts that speak to this little Somalis past criminal acts has been quietly shunted to the side. , for the most part, by the mainstream media. OF course if a conservative had revealed a pattern of law breaking they would have him keel hauled in a minute. Only the events that can be cobbled into a story defaming the Trump administration is put in the spotlight for shameless promotion.


MS. OMAR IS NOT ANSWERING FOR THE JIHADI RECRUITMENT IN HER DISTRICT. FBI findings paint a vivid picture of the of the  machinations from which this gentlewoman has crept. Hit the pick below for the word on her political genesis.

Congressman Omar was angered and defensive when asked if she would condemn Female Genital Mutilation, (FGM). Omar has signed off on legislation against FGM in the past. Her reaction to being questioned  is the point of discussion here. It appears that she feels that she is unfailrly being held accountable for her religion, and looks upon such questions as singling her out because of her religion.  Her attitude is one of a nabob losing patience with errant subjects and she should be exempt from the probing all  other politicians must endure. Of course she is being questioned about a religion fraught with bloody infighting between the Muslim sects, Sunni and Shia, and bloody terrorist activity on non-Muslim people every day.

Her assertion the question is inappropriate. She wears a head covering at all times, and supports sharia in doing so. Her religion has been outstanding among all others on the planet at committing acts of terrorism and war unerringly through the last 1400 years. Baptists, don’t detonate themselves in public restaurants. Methodists don’t go on automotive homicide rampages, the Amish don’t kill at all  (lazy I guess), and Catholics have been behaving themselves nicely for the last couple hundred years. Hindus don’t seem to explode and the Buddhists just don’t care enough to kill I guess. A question or two about this twisted belief system is an essential obligation of anyone who wants to keep Americans safe.

. One would think that she would enthusiastically answer the question, often and loud. She is a woman from a religion that states in no uncertain terms that women were made by God to be inferior to men. You can bob the ear of a cow or put a big ring in its nose. No questions asked because through the benefit of our superiority we do as we wish to livestock.  WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 23: Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) participates in a panel discussion during the Muslim Collective For Equitable Democracy Conference and Presidential Forum at the The National Housing Center July 23, 2019 in Washington, DC. As a member of a group of four freshman Democratic women of color, known informally as 'The Squad,' Omar has been targeted by President Donald Trump with controversial tweets during the last week. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)As a woman she is obliged to address this question as often as necessary But her vision of her position in the American pecking order is different than  that of  an American.  She exudes a sense of royalty. She is unfamiliar with the fact that her questioners could truthfully make the statement….”Ms. Omar you work for me”. You are my employee, my water bearer. Not my potentate and RULER. .

The Ambassador of “Palestine” Ilahn Omar…….

…….our little terrorist apologist Ilahn Omar massages a hatred that she is incapable of denying or moderating. Her thinking is shallow, and in a weird similarity to a histrionic personality disorder, she speaks in broad strokes and primary colors that paint a garish picture of Israel and the world she despises. Her references to Nazi Germany, circa 1940, are a study in contortionist equivocation as she compares Israel with the NAZIS who murdered six of the nine million Jews in Europe. Her message  is a justification of her fealty to the BDS (Boycott, Divest, and Sanction) movement, a validation and pledge of allegiance to Hamas, Hezbollah, their Iranian backers and Jihadi cadres around the world.


Sooner or later we all  “Hoist ourselves on our own petard.” and It is inevitable that the truth will find the light of day.  Ms. Rashida has already exposed  the thin skin and “how dare you say that to ME!” rage of a narcissistic personality.  Impulse control has been disguised behind an abrasive, anger façade which obfuscates her inability to contain her rage, even when she wants to. Her statements about feeling more Palestinian in the halls of congress than anywhere else is a confession that she is a card carrying member of the same group of miscreants who fill the ranks of the PLO, one of the granddaddies of the Palestinian authorities today.

It is no great bit of investigative journalism to find damning information on Rashida Tlaib. Below  is the vid in which she proudly brays that she has “never felt as Palestinian than when she is in the halls of Congress.”






Israel Speaks

Arutz Sheva a major news outlet in Israel provides a statement concerning the slippery slope that this fine young cannibal is pushing the democrat party down. Watch out boys. Blood is at the end of this road. Of course the Jews are particularly sensitive to anti-Semitic tripe from the American left. 

It appears that Omar is much more interested in being a militant Palestinian  than in dealing with any problem that would concern an American. Have the newbies done anything with the first year of their stint in congress?NOPE!  Not one bit of the peoples work has been done. Except a pay raise………for doing nothing!!!!    

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