A Fox in the Henhouse

IN REGARD TO THE RECENT U.S. DRONE EXECUTION OF IRANS SECOND IN COMAND, SOLEIMANI ……………..Would you believe, some people object to the death of a mad dog killer like Soleimani?

So we have a chicken in the hen house. Usually such situations happen without farmer Browns knowledge. Farmer Brown knows a fox will kill his chickens and he usually grabs his shotgun and puts an end to the chicken massacre that is probably already happening in the hen house. This is a natural move, born of experience and common knowledge. Well we know we have the Fox in the hen house. But we just can’t barge into Congress and start blazing away at her. It’s just not cricket my boy. 

Rep. Ilhan Omar pictured in a file photo speaking during an August news conference.

It is good that our government has, at least, the brains of a chicken farmer.  Our little anti-Semite of repute has made it clear that she loathes America. Not hates America. That sounds too mild. This Congressperson LOATHS the country that saved her from having to live in a cesspool called Somalia.


For those who either missed viewing the movie, “Black hawk Down” or those too young to have experienced seeing our war fighters bodies being dragged around by a mob of Omars bare-foot countrymen for  the cameras, I would advise you rent the movie. It’s good. When we win.


Little Omar Makes a Wish

The Ottoman empire, after centuries of dominance in the area that is modern turkey, began divesting itself of territory with division of middle-eastern land to the British in 1917. The areas that changed hands included what will become modern day Israel as well as a couple more areas soon to be designated as Iran, Iraq etc..  The Ottomans, with a bit of the homicidal infusion from Muslims, hated ethnic Armenians and went about destroying their culture in Turkey. Divestments of possessions, mass murder and death march’s effectively eliminated Armenians in Turkey. Only recently have the Armenians began coalescing as a unified culture.  Our little Omar wants to equivocate. She wants to start pointing her little fingers at the crimes of others to take the heat off  Islam’s murderous history.. The article that this pic of Omar is connected to explains in simple clarity, the situation of the Armenians (and Christians) during this bloody period.

See the source image

What Country is This ?

Has  Omar lost track of where she is at these days?  She hired on to represent the people of Minnesota but it sounds like she is preaching from a soapbox parked in Mogadishu, Somalia. Omar, an open anti-Semite and self-proclaimed socialist is still allowed to jackass in front of any microphone in the area with no consequences. Either the American public is apathetic or just down-home ignorant.

In recent interviews the question of just where and why Obamas presidential library will be built was answered when Michelle Obama asserted that anyplace in the world would do, because just everybody in the world felt that he is “their president”!  I guess if you want to have the economy and international pull of a backwater like Sierra Leon you may want to elect, as commander in chief, an individual who, as his first significant presidential action,  circumnavigates the globe apologizing to the world for Americas success?

Former first lady Michelle Obama speaks to guests at the Obama Foundation Summit at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago on Oct. 29, 2019.

Just where is the colony they keep bitching about? Is Obamas Library in any of the countries we have liberated? Is it going to be erected in any of the countries where countless millions  have been brought out of the darkness of poverty and ignorance by the engine of capitalism, cultivated through a relationship with America? Why are all that have warred with us, (and lost) during the last century, flourished after the conflict and in spite of extended U.S. post war military presence?  Should the two women cited in this posting rent an apartment in Cuba?


How Did We Get Stupid?

It  is unusual that I repeat a story that is so similar to the initial posting but I see the similar idea behind this story can only be a force multiplier in my desire to put out as effective information as I can. One of the aspects that is most shocking is the almost total lack of humility and the other, an almost absence in gratitude to a  country that took her in and made certain that she got more than all she needed to thrive in her new country..

One of the 1st and most clearly defined self descriptive comments she has made is that she is a social democrat. A consequence of installing such a system of government would mean the end of the united states  as we undertsand it. 

With this little Muslim, whether or not the “likes” the united states is not an issue. She has, very openly, by announcing that she was a socialist, declared the destruction of the union was it as been for the last two centuries. She is an enemy of the constitution when she advocates splitting the power between sharia and American Law. The precedent she is creating by being allowed to have a history, rife with disrespect for our laws while announcing  a political position a breath away from communism reduces the power of our laws to mere suggestions.

Lately I have had the disturbing revelation that the average four year undergraduate is willfully ignorant of almost every area of education, (history in particular).  Our college bumpkins   are the “rubes” they have been waiting to fleece since we got to the carnival…… In simpler terms, I am afraid that they are going to give the farm away for a handful of magic beans. How did we get so stupid?

Ilhan Omar, useful Idiot

Ilhan Omar’s ignorance about what is really happening at the Golan Heights is quite evident. Maybe she should read this blog and get educated. With the collusion of the Mainstream Media, the thugs that violently wrested authority from the Palestinian Authority a few years ago, are using civilians in what are known as CNN operations. A “CNN Operation” entails the promotion of collateral deaths on Israeli reactions to attacks. The positioning of innocents near rocket sites and installation of rockets in hopitals and schools is a common tactic. Casualties among the innocents will garner sympathetic images. Only a fool would believe Israel will knuckle under to such violence. Only a fool would suffer the delusion that Hamas will gain anything from further rocket attacks.

They have been tossing rockets at the Israelis for years. To no avail. They do know, however,  they can win absolutely every public relations victory with random attacks that must be met by Israel.  Random rocket attacks, and pics of dead Palestinian children will win the press pass, and  keep the Iranian money, rockets, and cash flowing.  With useful idiots as Ilhan Omar, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC,  (the alphabet soup of death), Hamas enjoys the money of Limousine-Liberals, brain dead American Jews, and  millennial snowflakes of many races, creeds and colors!

The openly anti-Semitic Ilan Omar, recent addition to congressional roll calls, has been spouting hatred for all things Jewish for the 7 months of her career as a congress woman. This person is  on the Foreign Relations Committee in Congress!


Birds of a feather…………….

What is going through the mind of a deer staring into the headlights of a car that is about to kill it. There are times when events are so outrageous that the mind just keeps kicking it back out in disbelief. Such it seems is the case with Ilan  Omars blatant anti-Semitic utterance and actions. An old sampler warns that when you sleep with pigs you wake up covered in pig shit. At this point, less than a year after being installed in office,  Oman wears her hatred of Jews as a badge of courage. She affiliates fearlessly with regressive despots as Erdagan of Turkey. She hangs with CAIR (under the overarching guidance of “The Muslim Brotherhood” ) in spite of it’s status as unindicted co-conspirator in “The Holy Land Foundation” prosecution, in which it was established that 12 million was raised and funneled to Hamas.

Most hostages die waiting. Waiting for someone to rescue them, waiting for a change of heart on the part of their murderer, or just waiting for a miracle. But the truth that only they can save themselves comes too late. I hope this country doesn’t wait for a miracle until 9/11 is repeated.

By the Pricking of My Thumbs……..

……….Something wicked this way comes.

With a down cast face and upward glance. She hides before us, in plain sight. It can’t be me!  I’m a little mouse. Deaths not in me, it’s in the louse!  So many millions died from the “Black Death” thinking they had sinned and God was punishing them.  But the plague was not brought to Europe from parts east by men, nor rats that rode the ships, but the smallest thing that it could be. It was the FLEAS on the backs of rats that killed most of Europe.

Omar’s disarming appearance, (cute, small, meek) increases the amount of damage she can do. To be an anti-Semite and get slapped down for it is one thing. But spouting anti-Semitism with no negative consequences will invite much more of the same. And in response to her lack of response when called out on her anti-Semitic barking, “silence is always interpreted as resistance”.