Get Ready for More Detroits

This site makes no pretense at unbiased intellectual discourse. The bias is conservative and the audience is predominantly the chorus.  The ruins of Detroit stand as a mute testament to the desaterous effect of liberal leadership in many communities. Seattle is foundering in a perfect storm of homelessness, drug addiction and mental illness as a result of years of Democratic leadership. San Francisco is farther down the sink-hole than Seattle. With such leadership in place both these ciaties and many more will find that they have gone the way of Detroit, with large tracts of empty houses and wastelands ruled over by packs of feral dogs. The vid provided is a real drive through, revealing the abysmal conditions in Detroit. Throughout the vid very interesting pop-ups provide good information.

Cities such as New York are depopulating as the cost of living and the tax gouging of business drives populations to relocate to  commerce friendly states like Texas. The trend to immigrate to more prosperous areas carries with it the risk that the displaced populations will bring their failed progressive ideals with them.

The pattern of movement flows from states with strong unions, to right to work states that have up to now, been managed by conservative administrations.   Many are reluctant to admit the truth that the unreasoning , endless financial demands of the rust-belt unions made American manufacturing non-competitive on the global market. And liberal leadership, loath to reign in unions for fear of ending the kick-back stream that they have been feathering their nests with, have been co-conspirators in their own demise. Unfettered GREED killed manufacturing in America.

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