Sex Ed for Dick and Jane

After watching an interview with a school teacher who advocates teaching masturbation to grade-schoolers. I felt like I just had been on a bus ride through crazy town. A child between five and the onset of puberty is busy exploring every nook and cranny of their world. Dealing with sexuality unfairly taxes the emotional security of a child. The crisis of reconciling the conflict of personal pleasure vs social restrictions is difficult in the best of circumstances. The effect of such information sexualizes the entire life experience of a child.

The emotional damage done through pressing the issue of sexuality at such an age can be devastating. Those who do press the issue should be arrested for abusing the child.
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The shadows in the closet look strange in the dark of the night. Beneath the bed, claws scrape the floorboards. Through my window, I spy a pearl white horn protruding from the shadows in the tree line. Just be careful, if you don’t want to get gored by a unicorn in the deep of night. Just stand out from the shadows. I don’t know what to do with the sasquatch in my closet.


Ruin one generation and you ruin the future……Raise one generation with hope and faith and heal the world….. P;S; they remind me of my son-in-law and granddaughter,,,,,,


YEEHAW! Our fearless leader is taking us on a “Snipe Hunt!”  I checked with my black son-in-law and he can’t find this systemic shit anywhere!!