The message is familiar. It is the messenger that intrigues in this video. I recognize him. I know his species. He is a man. Males come in all varieties. They are, of course, different from female humans. But a male is not the same as a man. As the proud wrangler of five daughters I have had to become acquainted with large sampling of young males who were pairing off with my girls.
These gentleman don’t know how to put motor oil in their vehicle. Or even know that their car takes something other than gas to go. I find that notions such a chivalry, honor, duty, and commitment wasted on this generation. They find no distinction between the genders. And because they have been programmed from the cradle on that men and women are virtually the same. Young males are more prone to be both physically and emotionally abusive to females.
When queried as to the proper use of males physical strength, they respond with any one of several macho reactions like, “Gotta keep your pimp hand strong.” or some other adolescent bark proclaiming “I’m the top dog.” Never do I hear anything like, to “stand in harm’s way.” or “to protect those who can’t protect themselves.”
All these males have one thing in common. No father. Either the father was physically or emotionally AWOL. It is evident through nature that the older teach the young ones how to be a successful whatever, cat, dog, cow etc. The human child learns about the world and relationships through the voice of the parent. We virtually install our child’s value system and self image through our words and actions.
A man, raised by a man of strong moral fiber , will possess the voice of the father as his conscience. The spoiled male, raised and doted on by a female, will not know such restraints of conscience. A male child will grow into a spoiled brat with enough muscle to do damage others to others. When I say I recognize this man. I mean that when men of substance meet they recognize the “comfortable in their own skin” demeanor and know who they are.
I carry, my wife carries and even though the 2nd amendment is not a male-specific issue, the reality is this; Chicago is averaging around five hundred bodies a year, mostly from firearm violence. I venture that many of these young killers were fatherless males.






This bloggist has had a rare opportunity to observe muslim life on a truly intimate level. My sister and all of her family are of the Muslim faith. I have lived with, and broken bread with Muslims for the past 34 years.
I have mentioned recently that the average muslim, regardless of their overt behavior, agrees that they “understand” the point of view of the terrorist. Even though all Muslims I have met have been law abiding citizens, to the last soul they tacitly consent to the actions of this “small number”.

I find that I have been quite the hawk in my attitude toward foreign policy. And I can encourage an aggressive stance in foreign relations because I know that it is not I that will find bullets flying overhead. But those good people in the U.S. will carry out the military actions to express the will of the United States while I sit surfing channels at the house. The relationship of the average Muslim to terrorism  is similar. Although they say they would never do such things, they do nothing to discredit or defame those who do.  And if pressed, they soften their views and parse their words carefully.  About one billion Muslims on the planet, and not one Mullah speaks against the violence.
The crimes being perpetrated cannot be tolerated by men of conscience. To turn your head to wanton predation upon the innocent is to kill a part of yourself And it makes the coward a conspirator and gives permission for all men to turn away as well. The women of Islam are being held captive to the most sexually fucked up race of sadists, and killers in the whole of history.
You may as well hired Ted Bundy as the Minister of Culture in this dystopic rot of a dream of a world wide Caliphate, built on the ruins of a squandered western primacy.  In a historic sense, a sea change  in the course of progress of western civilization and ultimately humanity en masse  Right now we are deciding whether we are on the cusp of a the best years for the world, or the decline of civilization.




Upon the query, “Why is Putin doing this?” In response to the imminent invasion of the Ukraine, it should be stated, because he can. Putin ex-KGB hard-line cold warrior has always pined for the glory days of a Soviet empire. Much of the area is already aligned with Russia, as Austria was partial to annexation when occupied by Germany prior to WWII. So it won’t be particularly heavy lifting militarily. The most accommodating factor in this balled-up mess of a foreign intrigue is none other than Barack Obama himself.  His gradual build-up (it was so successful in Viet Nam



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Any American who has

been conscious in recent years knows what a rotten job our public education system is doing educating our children. We have one of the highest standards of living ,and more resources than most countries. Yet we score lower than other industrialized societies in basic skills such as math, and science. This blogger is an example of a        person    who avoided most of grade school and dropped out in the 10th grade. Once I wandered into a GED testing after three days up on amphetamines (it was the seventies), and now, to make a long story less long, I have a Masters degree and a smile. And like the youth in this video, I never allowed anyone to “spoon feed” me knowledge. I was taught to respect learning by my parents. So I always pursued learning in my life experience.



8183443612_7c464c4bcf_z[1]It shocked me when I heard the words that Charlten Heston  growled in the end seconds of Soylent Green, “Soylent Green is People!”  For the times and technology, it was a passable science fiction yarn. The society of the film, sometime soon in the future, is a dystopian wreck of our society after resoures are expended and the greenhouse affect kicks in to slowly poach the World. Well at least part of that vision is already happening. The devalued human suddenly beomes little better than fertilizer and to take that faithful final step, HUMAN BEINGS AS FUEL!





The Phillipini fought the Japanese shoulder to shoulder with us during WWII. Now they riot to protest our fearless leaders visit to their country. There are many tributaries that contribute to the demise of any friendship. But it is disturbing to see the utter lack of respect the U.S. is receiving. Just a question today. What are the contributing factors to our present relationship with our erstwhile good buddies in the Philipine islands?