Sooner or later we all  “Hoist ourselves on our own petard.” and It is inevitable that the truth will find the light of day.  Ms. Rashida has already exposed  the thin skin and “how dare you say that to ME!” rage of a narcissistic personality.  Impulse control has been disguised behind an abrasive, anger façade which obfuscates her inability to contain her rage, even when she wants to. Her statements about feeling more Palestinian in the halls of congress than anywhere else is a confession that she is a card carrying member of the same group of miscreants who fill the ranks of the PLO, one of the granddaddies of the Palestinian authorities today.

It is no great bit of investigative journalism to find damning information on Rashida Tlaib. Below  is the vid in which she proudly brays that she has “never felt as Palestinian than when she is in the halls of Congress.”






The Rift that Wasn’t

There were a lot of riots during the Obama lpresidency. In a meeting with the people involved with one riot Obama, the old “organizer” told the rioters to “stay the course.”  “Stay the course?”  What did he advise? Keep burning down your neighborhood till you get what you want? The media blamed the police and community leaders. Sometimes the civic leaders turned on the police and the riots increased, the police assassinations increased and Obama ran into the arms of  Bouncy and JZ  or the nearest golf course in Hawaii. It seemed that all the violence and bigotry  was just on T.V., for I could find no evidence of such divisions in the real world. Divisions were in the minds of most, but that was the main theater of action in this great split between the races that I keep hearing about to this day.

While sitting in a pharmacy waiting for a script to get filled, a black gentleman of similar age to me took a seat next to me and we proceeded to engage in small talk. At one point I asked him where all the anger I see on the news is coming from. He said he didn’t know and that he was just as mystified as I. “I used to hang with the “brothers” back in the seventies. We felt that we had been freed to be who we were and that the world was ours for the taking. Now we have hit an invisible wall. Frustrating!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we

Abandon All hope Those Who Pass through These Gates


Above is a picture of how I feel about certain changes that WordPress.com has slipped into the editorial content. To make a long story short I can no longer find a way to install picks that one can click on and connect with a related story elsewhere.  While this is limiting, it does compel me to more carefully study the information I read and bring more of my own rhetoric to bare in commenting on the world.

I am getting better though, I only sulked and fiddled with the settings for a couple of days and have come to the conclusion that I must press on, that this is an opportunity not a limitation. Lets see where I go. You may get hopelessly lost. I know I am.