When you lie with Dogs you get up with Fleas

Bush-and-AbdullahI always liked uncle Dubya .  I still believe he has a good moral compass and is, by nature, a righteous dude. But the fickle finger of fate appears to have him at the center of a storm over a couple of  terrorists of Saudi Origin. Brother Dubya knows right from wrong. He should be held accountable for his actions.

Total energy independence is within very easy reach for the U.S.  Our snuggle with the family of Saud can end now. We don’t have to let that bad Arab have his way with us just to keep the lights on anymore. We don’t have to do the horizontal bop with the Family dynasty of Bedouine goat herders on the Arabian peninsula who hit their number when oil sprouted from the sand.    sponsor to madrassas teaching Wahhabi hate to every young and programmable Arab child’s ear. Fourteen of the 911’s were Saudi’s.  Me thinks they are sounding a bit too shrill  in their “You better not tell!  OR ELSE!” concerning the 28 pages of the 911 report that have never been de-classified.” The leaks, thus far, are tasty. Or tragic. Just start with this little article by Spencer. Klikdapik above to read on.



Europe: Muslim migrants converting to Christianity fear being killed by MuslimsApostasy is a capital crime. It bodes ill for a religion when you have to kill people to keep them paying tithes the religion. What you do see is a proliferation of mandates concerning daily behavior. Life and the execution of life activities is dictated to the Muslim along with consequences if you fail. It appears more an instruction manual than a revelation of truth.

Hitchikers from South of the River Styx


Over 60 years on the planet and I never encountered a bed bug. Bed bugs were the stuff of bed-time rituals. Ya know, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” I never saw a bed bug and as yet have not had the pleasure of their company. As a matter of fact I never knew anyone who had seen, been bitten by, crawled on or left a nasty note under their windshield wiper by a bed bug. Bed bugs were in Snow Whites world, not mine. For the last ten years the bed bugs have been on the ove. I have been thus far spared but many have not. A couple of my off-spring have had to battle the tenacious little critters. It sucks, they are practicly indestructible.

And what’s this I hear about a new antibiotic resistant Tuberculosis? Super-TB? The Hanta Virus,  is crawling around the American southwest, waiting for an opportunity. It’s a form of  Bubonic plague, (black plague you know, like in the middle ages. you get it from rat droppings.

Diseases that we have yet to fight in north America are crossing our open southern border, arriving at the airport and floating over “the pond”. I just can’t wait till Bubonic plague (yes it still rears it’s nasty snozzle occasionally ), makes it’s dramatic entrance. No  Little Mary, Small pox is not a thing of the past. Now with increasing frequency, we will be fighting a third world war with disease.

I had a dream when I was seven. I dreamt the creatures of the wood, dear, elk, beavers, bears and mountain cats chased me straight off a cliff. I woke up when I hit the floor.

Now I have this dream of a flood of humanity, in a stampede across our open borders To the North they bring the socialism. To the south a tsunami of untrained, illiterate, non-English speaking masses flood across our land…. here is Mexico City….


The Filthy White Boy


Glenn McCoyThe hypersensitivity of the millennial is merely a reflection of the impotent infantile rage of a digitard. Socialized in flickering cathode tubes,  in dark basements and dorm cribs, dwebes wander through their  hypersensitized, psyche, entitled and having never sacrificed or suffered for the well-being of another, they are bereft of common concern for their fellow humans.

Welcome to the new millennia folks.





Erstwhile spokesperson for Saddam Hussein during the Invasion of Irag. Once was filmed reporting that American forces had been repelled while  Abrahms tanks could be seen rolling in behind big bad Bob at that very moment.

Turkey’s top Muslim cleric: Terrorism has nothing to do with IslamBaghdad Bob found another P.R. job…. now a color commentator for the Dept. of Denial. “Ya see what we hear is only what we thought we were hearing. But what was said was not what was meant to be heard.”…….. “I think.”

“Israel Wiped Out!” or some such scrawled on a ICBM



The twelve Imams will ne day return. Iran will start Armageddon, and no one gets their recyclables picked up ever again.

Because we left it to Barack Obama and John Kerry to subdue the Mullahs of Iran. We are going to get, and deserve, a cosmic buggering at 10’000 degrees because of this arrangement. And the Dwarf King, rotting disposition and timeless grudge against the world.


It used to scare me….


I used to dread the scene where Major Kong rides the nuke. Of course I was very aware that there were ICBM’s pointed at me while I was watching the movie.


    Now I find the clip a refreshing reminder of a time when America had a pair. Of course there are ways of dealing with evil short of destroying the world.