The Narcissism En Masse that you witnessed during the public mocking of the entire Romney clan by a group, yeah , a group, and that is significant, of MSNBC punditskas . No single individuals callous acting out. An MSNBC crew, swimming in a pool of mutually exuded bile, smeared their babyshit on the very picture of human decency.
Yet somehow, you come away from witnessing Ms. Harris-Perry’s “apology” with the impression that you have watched someone wallow in self pity while hinting that her motives were lofty, and that she had, because she is soooo special, again, tragically, unfairly, and pitiably, misunderstood. A Narcisstic personalities exaggerated expression of remorse always follows; either rage or extreme remorse. The sense of remorse later is remembered as another case of being misunderstood by those who are less ‘special’.
The tone deaf nature of the MSNBC organization speaks to a shared Group Narcissism that runs from CEO to the street.



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