How Does Israel Feel About It?

Our “allies”  have something to worry about. The Kurds fought with us during the Iraqi debacle under Bush. They fought shoulder to shoulder in fighting ISSIS. Now that we have defeated the attempts of ISSIS to establish a lasting Caliphate……we abandon the Kurds to be massacred by the Turks.  KLIKDAPIK for more

Netanyahu condemns Turkish invasion: We are prepared to assist ‘gallant Kurdish people’


The Mainstream Media will not report this but an audio file of Schiff on the phone with Ukrainian operatives, wheeling and dealing’ to get “dirt” on the Don. It is the real deal. Schiff was deliberately set up by a pair of radio personalities posing as agents who illicited his response and the response of his office to the offer of embarrassing pictures and documents on Donald Trump.

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Schiffs office leapt at the chance to arrange further contact with the fake agents. It was like someone threw a dead chicken into a pen full of starving coyotes. At present we have much more evidence of Biden’s wrongdoing, for identical charges, than President Trump.

It is definitely “Catch and release.” With the media and the Lefties





Kathy Zhu disgraced beauty pagent winner now works for Trump. OH ! THE SHAME!

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As a psych. therapist I have noticed the negative impact of families without fathers. When male children are reared without the modeling and values inculcation of the father you have, quite frequently, spoiled male children who can do little harm, turn into young males who can do great harm. What was a tantrum becomes a spouse abuse What was a hand in the cookie jar becomes a strong-arm robbery. . What was a tantrum becomes a murder.

Tweets of the sort presented below are what got this winner booted from her throne by Michigan ‘blue noses’.

See the source imageBut Ms. Hu made a fatal mistake. She stated the facts rather than the talking points of the left. Any statement directed toward the positive aspects of intact families flies in the face of the “men are vestigial” and not needed in the rearing of children tripe we have been inundated with for the past 40 years.

Speaking to History

For the first time in his presidency, Trump spoke to history. His presidential persona was immaculate as he stuck to the written speech as well as responding extemporaneously to incidents from the gallery with a gentle smile that disarmed ( for a moment), some of those who had spit vitriol at the POTUS, even unto calling him a “motherfucker”  publicly. What could have been a SOTU of searing tension and hostile stares, Trump, in his calls for unity in the country and bi-partisanship in Congress as well as many statements designed to bring the left to its feet, and lifted the mood of the  room.

Beyond the disarming rhetoric, Trump revealed a deep understanding of his place in the American return to fundamental values. His blunt refutation of socialism “The United States will never be a socialist country!” served as a place to plant his flag in challenging  the sharp left turn the Democratic party has taken. Like Kennedy and his challenge to put a man on the moon by “the end of this decade”  or Regan’s quest to bring down the “Empire of Evil” he is at a fateful intersection in history. And he knows it.

KLIKDAPIK for a great little article by Newt Gingrich.



One study offers that a majority of Americans are looking into a screen of some sort each day. Our vision of the world is filtered through the editorial triage of the news departments of the mainstream media.  What happened to the tradition of OBJECTIVE news reporting that served as the credibility hinge pin of the American press………Klikdagraf for more….

This article is an example of the MEDIA MADDNESS as CNN pundits froth at the mouth at the presidents joke about the first lady making salads for his NFL lunch guests a couple of days back………….Klikdapik for more.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



OOPS! I run this bit of nostalgia to inspire those who would be shaken by the loggerheads that the president has found in trying to put up a barrier on our southern border. The Democrats who are blocking the slender bit of funding for this endeavor all voted for the same barrier when they barked for the very same thing back in ’06. Nothing new here just a bit of nostalgia that will make you smile or weep depending on the side you were on at the time.

Calling for an Anti-Trump?

The gentleman pictured below has some advice on how to respond to the presidency of Donald Trump. It is an interesting little article that speaks to the desperation of the left when they find that you can’t turn back time and change the results of the last  presidential election. Of course none of this would be an issue nearly two years after the election…… if the lunalibs had put down their bongs long enough to vote.

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