Just trace the path of the sun. It always goes from east to west. Just consider  Pat to be the “canary in the mine”. Progressives in the states worship the anemic socialist nations of Europe and are presently stirring the pot here to cook up there own version.  Bless you for your sharp vision of our fearless leader Pat!


Of the worlds top 500 universities, not one is from a Muslim country.

When one speaks of Muslim contributions to science; most of the activity took place hundreds of years ago.  The Muslim wants to turn back time to an earlier simpler era; you know, where no one would give you an embarrassing stare when you bust a cap in your daughters head, or take a sex slave or two. Most other spiritual belief systems fight to quell the natural drives, (feeding, fighting, fleeing and sex). The Koran promotes living a life in service to those same primitive drives. It is the misogynous males paradise.


It looks like the mainstream media is biased to favor the progressives. It sounds like it is biased, and it FEELS biased. So it is refreshing to see one of the culprits admit to culpability in fixing the match. But in the old days a reporter who admitted fixing a story to take a biased stance were run out of town on a rail.

Like the tip of the iceberg, she is only the visible part of a vast mass of bias in the media.

Katie CouricIn a land where the majority of our children are taught by teachers leashed to the Teachers Union. Where over 80% of the academics in American Universities are liberal. And 90 yes 90% of reporters are progressive. It’s like looking for a needle in a stack of needles.

Obama Backed a Badie….


Egypt sentenced Mohamed Badie leader of the Muslim Brotherhood to  a life sentence. How many remember that our president backed the Muslim Brotherhood in the “Arab Spring”.  Badie was causing a ruckus for the Egyptian army. Egypt has been fighting the  malicious parasite (Muz Brohood) since the late ’30s of the previous century. It warms the heart to see Egypt reject the kind of fundamentalist devolution of the historically cosmopolitan “Land of the Pharos”.  No one fathom the darker recess of the Obamas heart. We do not, and cannot know his motivations for sure. What does he have to say about the revealed Brotherhoods ties with terror? Does he process such thoughts at all? It was an allegiance between a liberal democracy and a death cult against a country, (Egypt) about 7000 years through history back…. 






These are in Russia. Egypt got the same thing when she pissed off the Jews before!  






                          On Omaha Beach, (Normandy), Deb and John


We were here too: The cemetery above Omaha Beach.  Men of all ages. But mostly many, many, young boys who will never grow old.









Thank you for saving the world. Thank you for answering the call to duty. And thank you for putting yourself in harms way. Not for treasure. Not for glory. And the only territory gained is the graveyard and beach. That, (thanks to France) is American soil. We paid for it in American blood.

We have men young and old that have been fighting the war on terror for a decade now. Some come home maimed ; some have given all of their tomorrows. I am old and cannot hope to repay them. So all I can do is say,






Guilt/Shame, I’m to Blame


The country of Pakistan was “fabricated” for Muslim use because they couldn’t get along with the Hindus in India.stop misuse of blasphemy laws



Why?Germany: Muslim migrant murders 70-year-old woman, leaves behind Arabic notes “religious in content”Frustration is counseling the victim of chronic beatings from their spouse, only to have them return to the beater time and again. Why? What benefit can come from suffering?

 There are many reasons for cutting endless slack with miscreants. One tributary of shame and guilt lay in our drive to find solutions and closure in conflicts. We want to “get along” with the other playmates on the playground, we want to be liked (and/or loved), and, whether you are a believer or not, we are Christians by programming and we are automatically good if we turn the other cheek and be “good little Christians”. So you get a little dose of “instant karma” and be righteous little westerners.

As a psychotherapist I have had the conundrum of self-mutilation to deal with on many occasions.  The visible pain is in the cuts on a 13 year old girls arm. If I had a dollar for every child brought in for counseling  “cutting” I would be filthy with funds. This purging through self-inflicted injury is as old as the flagellants who spent the dark ages, shredding their backs through self-inflicted whipping. Through pain  the price of admission to  inner peace is paid.  That old enemy, shame, stands like an axman by the road, waiting to decapitate non-hackers. And, in the heart of many progressives, the fear of “being bad” in the eyes of the world is unbearable. Self guilt, and the eternal  self-damnation of progressives acts as the buffer against doing the dirty work of taking a stand and possibly pissing off another “Unicorn Jockey”. So we wait to see what the Mainstream says to form an opinion, and the Mainstream always takes the hit. The price is paid, “OH!  Such pain! (for a minute) now I can get back to my Latte.”










I remember how I felt when Reagan ran for president. I was appalled, disconcerted, shocked and shamed! You can’t let a third rate actor be president! Now Trump…..”You cant let that crude ass be president! What will the world think about us with the headliner for “Bedtime for Bonzo as our leader? His co-star, (a chimp) was a better actor!  His affect in foreign relations has already been felt according to the anti-Christ, Brokeback Obama. This proclamation of the worlds “ratteled” reaction to Trumps nomination is similar to Reagans affect.

Back in ’78-’79 the Iranians held a bunch Americans hostage for a little over 440 days. Ayatollah Khomeini, outlawed and living in exile in France led a coup that ousted the American puppet, the Shaw of Iran. In an announcement of Irans newly aquird religious revival, the little country took hostages and stuck the naughty finger in our face.

What was the reaction when Reagan came into office?   The Ayatollah released the hostages the day after Reagans inauguration!


OOPS I got What I Wanted


Ever hear the old adage “Be careful what you pray for, you might get it!”  The economy is a dynamic entity, it reacts to everything. So don’t make a drastic change unless you are ready for the variables that come with it.

 I was wondering what the markets reaction to the demand for 15.00.oo$ per hour minimum wage might be. 

It is better to have a job than a bold demand and an empty stomach. Of course in Obamaland it doesn’t matter that your an unemployed lump. Just get your food stamps and check and all will be well.


An Academy of Dunces


The sad statement made by this video is that this is the best our educational system can do. Those who promote Hamas are either evil miscreants or just ignorant. It has been an accepted belief, at least in my lifetime, that the best defense against tyranny is an educated people.


Blessings upon this fellow. He must be courageous. For truth is best served by courage, and in the case of a religion that kills apostates, it takes a lions heart to speak out.