The Ambassador of “Palestine” Ilahn Omar…….

…….our little terrorist apologist Ilahn Omar massages a hatred that she is incapable of denying or moderating. Her thinking is shallow, and in a weird similarity to a histrionic personality disorder, she speaks in broad strokes and primary colors that paint a garish picture of Israel and the world she despises. Her references to Nazi Germany, circa 1940, are a study in contortionist equivocation as she compares Israel with the NAZIS who murdered six of the nine million Jews in Europe. Her message  is a justification of her fealty to the BDS (Boycott, Divest, and Sanction) movement, a validation and pledge of allegiance to Hamas, Hezbollah, their Iranian backers and Jihadi cadres around the world.

It developes……..into Baby-Talk…..

When the sweet little Ilanh Omar made her first gaffe I took a breath. Before I needed to draw another she did it again. No apologizing, just gibberish in response to the blowback from her anti-Semite statements. he did it again. Cute little thing. Kinda’ talked down us, (the mob), because we are so ignorant. You know she believes that Israel can and has “beguiled the world and blinded us to the evil that Israel does”. Big blowback, no apology. Then this. ON 9/11 “SOME PEOPLE DID SOMETHING.” That is a verbatim quote….”some people did something.” I believe this statement is tantamount to GOO-GOO, DA-DA, MA-MA, POO-POO ….MGNFlATIGoTSmFFFFfT

Ilhan Omar delivers a speech at a CAIR fundraiser.

I hate to be  a hater but when speaking the simple unvarnished truth is hate speech, then I am damned by my own moral imperatives. It is the crippling need to avoid being politically correct. that has paralyzed the rather painful path to the truth in American politics. The old sampler, “The truth hurts.”……is true. Sorry bad guys, there are a few professional and semi-professional truth speakers out here. I am a truth speaker because if you have five daughters you had better get better at speaking the truth, (and surviving the reply),  just as a parenting skill.