Just Me and Loving It !


Denial of self seems to be the great American blight these days. Betrayal of self, culture, tribe and values seems the purview recent generations of the young and perpetually restless.. Where men passionately hold to certain codes of conduct, tribe or culture, women hold passionately to passion, ( all other loyalties are disposable when love is in the air).

Of course this is probably another case of an individual discovering  the perks of being a minority. An opportunist with deeper problems than your average confidence operator.

But profound than the obvious greasing of the wheels of any particular career, is the disturbing tendency of the young  to adopt  manners and values of obviously inferior or distressed cultures. And even more disturbing than that is the en-mass abandonment of the Judeo-Christian culture that literally set the standard in every advancement of  civilization

As any crystal is merely a macro-version of the structure of the  original molecule,.national character is but a reflection of commonly held beliefs.  If a value has enough supporters then it becomes a functional part of the culture. If an idea or belief finds few supporters then the society rejects the beliefs and commensuratly, the believers.   In ancient Rome, compassion was seen as a defect of character, today compassion for others is often touted as the signet of civilization.

A single belief, if shared by the majority of a population, can reform  an entire  culture.

. Rome was built on war and the virtues of war. America however, sprang from the desire of the common man to govern himself..  The essence of man has not changed that much since the first cultivation of wheat in the fertile crescent. It is just the dynamic  nature social consensus that spawns  tyranny,  democracy or something in between. Consensus IS the cultures brick and mortar.

More and more Americans define themselves in the same fashion as any child reared with no principles past those of  popular opinion. Rational thought, “Thinking for yourself” is  vanishing . Self loathing is at the common core of popular American culture.  And as the individuals go, so goes the society as a whole. The question is, however, when does a society reach the tipping point. When will we have wandered too far to find our way back?


The “Vile” Fitzgibbons

The last paragraph of this piece reveals the operant conditioning prevalent in todays populist culture. Fear trumps fact when just breaching a subject is cause for open condemnation.

When a culture shames itself into silence about any subject it is saying the answer is beyond their grasp and beyond their reasoning. Soon the whole race issue will become that dark place, a “forbidden Zone” that cannot be explored for fear of demons lurking not in the shadows of the wood, but in the darker rooms psyche. .