Wisdom When it Counts





 Can you find any reason to pour acid on an infant? or rather , would you like to live in a world where this sort of behavior seemed commonplace? Pseudo gladiatorial games (football, hockey etd. ). are a present  rendition of these old forms of blood sport.  This is the modern cultural difference. A compromise. that might be a sign of cultural  maturity. No one has to die.

France: Acid placed in stroller severely burns rabbi’s baby, cops say anti-Semitism “possible” motive

An innocent soul ,devastated.

FACT is if there are so many who are the paragons of virtue and passivity you can raise an arny in any country on the globe in about a week.  When it comes to cutting a rubber tree in 120 heat, going to work is a sour option to .The tug of war between our demons and angels is touch and go. We are in a  constant tug of war between the better angels of our nature and the selfish demons of our primitive needs. The great question is, however; how can we know when it is the right time and circumstance to use our strength and courage? An old A.A. sampler,  “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Of the simple mandates in this piece, the toughest to follow is the last statement: “the wisdom to know the difference.” This task should keep a good man busy for the rest of his life. But ! Even if he finds no answers, it is the search that makes him righteous!

God bless the victims of the cowardly attack on the middle school in question.

But please take this away from this piece…….In declaring schools no gun zones it is the same as advertising to your roving sociopath that  this is his stop and the shopping is hot! A feminized union culls out those with masculine tendencies, The cultural atmosphere is that of a building full of females who are terrified of guns and no threat at all.





A History of Violence


A few days ago,  at Marjorie Stoneman High school, Brower county Florida, 17 students and faculty were murdered.  The killers name will not be mentioned.  Part of the motivation behind such massacres is the media coverage that feeds the twisted ruminations of monsters.


First things first. Lets desensitize a little. The abject terror inflicted upon American people by popular media pontificating should be considered. There are 300 million people of various backgrounds spanning the width of the western hemisphere to consider. 300 million stories and 300 life paths to 300 million destinies.  In such a milieu there are many paths to murder and there shouldn’t be much of a surprise when murder happens.

The world is a violent place. We are not the most violent society.  The link to the following pik Atrocity of the Weekbridges to an interesting web sight that might put the global picture into focus.    And recall as you peruse it’s content, bear in mind, this is just reporting a single cultural population.

The history of man is engorged with the blood of a thousand martyrs in a THOUSAND WARS. For countless reasons.  Inherent in each soul is a dark place, feral and lawless,. To restrain the primal self the personality culativates self restraint. The voice is that of the parents. It is the outcome of this conflict that defines a the character of the person. Will he be a good fellow with a good moral compass? or a psychopath living only for the aggrandizement of self.

The nuclear family, and in most primitive cultures , the extended family, has been the cradle of each individual, soul in society. It is the brick and mortar our society.

To our peril, modern societites have abandoned the nuclear family. The models for proper interactive discourse are being lost. Parents have ceased to be parents, boundaries that were taboo to cross don’t even exist any longer. Those who would be parents find it easier to be their childrens “friend” rather than the less popular and thankless task of being their teacher, disciplinarian and spiritual guide.

The voice that should speak to the better nature of our sons and daughters has been replaced by the intrusive shouting of an educational system born of the teachers Union,  and mainstream media. Even the professionalism of the FBI can be called into question.

The introjection of family beliefs and values is has a stronger grip than any other training or therapy. We become, whether we like it or not, the product of the interactions we have practiced since the cradle. With males this process of introjection of personal boundries is particularly vital. A man can do much more damage than your average female. This is not to say that all females are really made of sugar and spice, it is a factor of tetosterone and the aggression inherent in the males character.

Famillies used to be a going business, each person was another hand to labor on the farm. The move to an industrial base for the American population made such extended families unnecessary. The paycheck ended the reign of the family farm as the basis for our heretofore agrarian society.  Without the close working and familial contact young men, now many are raise in a single parent female home, have not had the influence of a man teaching the male child how to be a responsible adult male.

The end result is all too often a grown male brat. A sociopath. The answer isn’t guns or police or any further legislation. The answer is the cultivation of a culture of intact families. Adults that act like adults and consent to discipline their children. And above all there must be a common value system that most or all can share.

A few months ago armed robbery of pharmacies took an upswing in Colorado Springs.. Now To enter some pharmacies you have to be given entry through locked doors by an armed guard. The effective answer is a very difficult renovation of the very basis our culture. Without strong internal restraints that come from good strong parenting cannot be bested in healing the wounds that cripple our civilization.  One of the questions that begs an answer is why are we more comfortable guarding our aspirins than securing safe schools for our little headaches, (Dick and Jane).




new pet


The cute little trinket pictured on this link is but one examFrance: 30% of Muslim girls in Paris suburbs face genital mutilation threatple of the finely honed surgical instruments used to hack away at the delicate  glans and clitoris of the Muslim female.

As yet there is nothing more than kitchen table butchery, no standards, professional involvement or supervision.

The mashed spoon picture is but one of any home-made scalpels used by the cutter, who could be your uncle Aziz in that there is no regulation other than sketchy directives put fort in Sharia. At this moment a terrified child somewhere is being held down by relatives while her most sensitive parts are being hacked on,. Lots of blood. Lots of pain Iots of fear.


Piks Fo Da Sliks


I have dabbled in oil painting sketching and other sundry artistic endeavors, have been a loyal devotee of Michaelangelo, Van Gogh, and Da Vinci etc.. Below is a casual example of Fredrick Douglass. The strength and anger of the man are forcefully revealed without sacrificing the inherent humanity of Douglas.

See the source image

I have always had the sneeking suspicion that left leaning types had a great time in grade scool and want to recreate those days through their career. Ergo you get books like “Everything you Need to Know You learned in grade school.: And a push for the elimination of standards. Standards of al types. No winer….No loser. No good art, job, decision, religion culture. etc. etc. When you eliminate standards the only argument are left with is the condemnation of anyone who finds fault with anything………case in point……So Lots flowers and POTUS is pretty! Right?See the source image

See the source imageThis artist can’t draw, and who gave Michelle the dress? Harriet Tubman? Sorry world but there are a few of us that have failed to gag down the thing about modern art. We believed in good and bad, right and wrong and win and fail. And my sense of good and bad tell me these are BAD pictures. Sorry about that, I guess I am a hopeless redneck! YE HAW!!!




I have always suspected  ulterior motives in the Dems fight to open borders. It is not all kindness and generosity that has a fire lit under their bottoms. POWER!  Most people will react positively to a government that will suit every need and quiet every whim you have supplied.

A rather obvious concern came to fruition in an interview with an actual “Dreamer” when he pulled back the curtain that concealed the “true” impetuous behind their caterwauling. ….VOTE…..VOTERS….VOTES

Screen Shot Hilario Yanez (Fox News: Feb 10, 2018)

More third world, ergo more Democratic voters for the foreseeable future.

But the emotional age of your average snowflake floats around at age 13. Some grow up. But many remain stuck in the limbo of an eternal teen-hood. But time and maturation will change many of the attitudes of the “Moon Units”. W. Churchill said, At the age of 19 you are heartless if you are not a liberal….at 40 you have no brains if you are not a conservative”.




Can an incident of friendly fire really be a friendly-fire incident when you really can’t tell who is on who’s side and who is shooting at who.

This photo, provided by the Syrian Civil Defense group known as the White Helmets, shows a civil defense worker carrying a wounded man after airstrikes hit a rebel-held suburb near Damascus, Syria, on Feb. 5, 2018. (Syrian Civil Defense White Helmets via AP)


And since when have the major networks covered the particulars of our military actions in the mid east? Fact is we have been kicking major ass since “Big Daddy” came to town.

Such success by Trump should be kept under wraps. Otherwise somebody will find something good about the present POTUS.




When I first entered the hollowed halls of Northwestern U., and smelled the musty odor of old books and new, I was overwhelmed. I felt I was in the presence of true wisdom. I expected to plumb the very deepest chambers  of mankind’s  acumilated knowledge.  I felt I was at the foot of K2,  calculating the climb through the jagged peaks to the top. I felt small. So is it me…..or are the present crop of students truly idiots?

Minnesota: Muslim student faces jihad terror charge, other students “surprised” because school is “diverse”



The Pouty-mouth Party Sees the handwriting on the Wall



See the source image


See the source image

THINGS DOWN ON THE RANCH ARE JUST GRIM…..does the hat come with batteries?

The next batch of Democratic voters are south of the border. If the Dem can open the borders and allow unrestrained crossing, automatic citizenship, state assisted voting and the bribe of money and social goodies will cement their votes in place.

If we get the migration problem under control, the Democrats face a dwindling consistency. So when someone mentions that they have never seen the Dems so caught up in a such political tantrum, remind them that the present struggles are for the Trophy. The Dems can see the old platitudes are not working anymore, they are at least beginning to see the handwriting on the wall.