A Primer Of the Birth of Israel

A primer  modern Israeli History. The complicated history of the state of Israel would not be complicated were it not for the vested interest in disinformation by so many with skin in the fight. This is just a simplification of that history so that we can  all keep our loyalties straight.


What Happened to America?

Congress is easy! Lets just party! THROW ANOTHER JEW ON THE  FIRE!

Or so it goes in the halls of congress these days.  The leader of the “Cause I Said So!”  ( Democrat) party, is having a fools paradise sucking the oxygen out of the Democratic swamp that worships  her.  She is the best example of the effects of ignorance on the political process.

If one wants to know what happened to put Israel where she is, learn history. If you want to know what the scuttlebutt is in the halls of congress, lend an ear to the girl on the unicorn. with Ocasio Cortez, and her comrades, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilahn Omar are the face of the Democratic party.

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If not for the efforts of a few monks and scribes of sundry sorts, much of the mysteries of the past, prior to the fall of the Roman Empire, would be lost forever. Much was lost,  however, and that can never be regained.

How is it that in a span of far less than a century so much has been lost to the Democratic party? At the end of WWII the area, awarded the Jews by the English, the area now known as Israel was instantly attacked by three armies bent of the destruction of the Jews and their dream of living in an Israel of their own making. Word has it, according to the resident expert on recent history, Rashida Tlaib,  the Jews were welcomed with a warm and comforting embrace by the local Bedouins.

Photographs, films, books, major movies, living witnesses and copious quantities of Nazi documentation have it differently than Ms. Tlaib.  Rashida.   Ignorant by regular standards, has proven to possess  GARGANTUAN LEVELS OF IGNORANCE……. or is she just lying?.I guess we could hire some scribes to keep the history of the twentieth century so that those who can’t get the message, with all of our miraculous methods of communication, will not get in the way of spreading the word.

Of course we could all just give in to the truth and understand that AOC and her co-horts have proclaimed, long and loud, “we are anti-Semitic!”  A true toady will not believe the truth, even at the expense of denying reality.  If he/she is told to believe a frog is a dog, she/he will be shopping for tiny little cat leashes to take walks with their amphi8biams of love.



A matter of intelligence. It is a simple matter. If I were to tell you that refugees of the holocaust were welcomed with arms outstretched  by the Palestinians.  Palestinians who gave them some warm milk, tucked them in and sang a lullaby when they hit the shores of Israel trying to escape the NAZI genocide of their people. Congress-shrew Rashida TIlaib says they were rescued by Palestinians and made to feel warm and fuzzy as they descended the gangway from ship to the shores of north Africa. A five minute fact check will tell you that the locals had been acting against the Jewish population that had been trickling into the area since the turn of the last century. Anyone with higher  brain function knows that three Arab armies went after Israels throat almost immediately upon the establishment of the area of Israel. Rashid is either ignorant of the history of the area that is now Israel, or she commonly relies upon the ignorance of the public when spouting such warm and fuzzy drivel as truth, with the hope that everyone  is too lazy to check the facts of what she is spouting.

Rashida Tlaib Begs To Enter Israel, Then Rejects Invitation

Ultimately Israel has the right to bar entry to anyone they chose. And Ms. Tlaib, quite an open anti-Semite,  and vocal barker for the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement foots  the bill in the undesirable category. The destruction of Israel is the bottom line for BDS. And it would benefit Americans in understanding of all of Israel’s decisions to step into the shoes of an Israeli citizen in Israel. How many Americans have had rockets packed full of high explosives landing randomly around their home town?  How many seconds away from the nearest bomb shelter is a question an American may have said in 1961 when nuclear war was a breath away.   But now. How many American generations have come to majority with no existential threat to their lives or way of life?  There is iron in the words and action  of a city under siege. When every decision must be weighed in terms of the life and death of your country and way of life? No doubt, Israel is under siege. In a larger sense, she is under siege on our behalf. On behalf of all western culture,  Israel, the only democracy in the middle east, stands on the rampart, keeping watch for us. She is our “canary in the coalmine”, and hopefully it will not be her death that warns us of danger.


The rather handsome woman pictured below represents academia and postulates the theory that Israeli soldiers have been deliberately sparing Palestinian lives in order to further their diabolical plot to emotionaly cripple the population.  Rutgars University Jasbir Puar, Co- recipient of kudos from the “Alison Piepmeier” award for her co-authoring “The right to maim: Debility, Capacity, and Disability.” The target point of the book promotes that Israeli soldiers have marked a demonstrable pattern of maiming rather than killing Palestinians that come into their sights.  Let me repeat the salient caveat of her work……ISRAELI DEFENSE FORCES HAVE BEEN DELIBERATLY WOUNDING RATHER THAN KILLING PALESTINIANS FOR YEARS? The premise is that in breaking the spirit of the Palestinians they somehow defeat them?

Further  evidence that the IDF is up to no good is that Israeli medical care is regularly provided to those who have been wounded while rioting or breaching Israel’s security fence…or… Flying bomb-laden kites, bonfires of stacked and burning tires, HE, (high explosive) packed rockets fired indiscriminately into Israeli neighborhoods are a few high risk activities that result in injuries treated by Israelis. For free! For further info regarding this strange tune KLAKDAPIK below.





Congreswoman Rashida Tlaib , in light of her anti-Semitism and support for the BDS movement (boycott,divest, sanction) against Israel was denied entry into Israel in the company of her cohort and fellow anti-Semite Ilhan Omar. Tlaib submitted a request to see her grandmother, living on the west bank, on  humanitarian grounds stating, “It might be my last chance to se her.” She was granted admission. Then she denied that she was going to Israel at all.

The response from the Israelis was incredulous. So she was willing to give up an opportunity to see her granddmother for political reasons. In other words, her hatred of Israel outweighed her love for her grandmother..

It is obvious that Tlaib  wanted the Israelis to deny her entry on her request to see her G-ma. The it would be great fodder for vilifying the Israelis as unloving toward grandmas. But then…..woops! not everyone is as bitter as you are Rashida. They gave you what you asked for. Not what you wanted. So much for cheap-shot sniping.


Rashida Tlaib jumped on the tracks  in a suicidal frenzy…..but the train jumped the tracks and took a dirt road just to get out of her way! (JOKE) 

BiBi Netanyahu, at the behest of our POTUS, refused entry to Israel to Rashida and her toadie,  Ilan Omar.  Both congresswomen are very vocal anti-semites, and both have pledged allegiance to  the anti-semetic BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction)  movement. Rashida, in tones uncharacteristic coming from a woman who kicked off her campaign for congress with the statement “we’re going to impeach the mother…..r” beseeched the Israeli’s on humanitarian grounds, asserting she wished to visit her 90 year old grandmother, possibly for the last time. The Israeli’s acquiesced and Tlaib was granted entry.  No word from congressman Omar however.


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The Quality of Life Under “Occupation”

Yassar Arafat, the father of the Palestinian Liberation Organization is dead. His widow still shops at Sachs Fifth Avenue. She is not hurting for funds. Billions upon Billions of dollars have been sunk into the area to no apparent improvement to superstructure or quality of life for the average Palestinian. The “We been occupied!” screech is getting old. True, most of the population lives hand to mouth and that is the fault of those who are getting rich off the money contributed by America and others. I would be nice, for the average Palestinian, if these funds made it to some useful place. But as long as their are terrorists to pay off and weapons to buy, Gaza will live in abject poverty. Below is a picture of a Palestinian beach. It best reflects the civic pride of Palestinians at work.  For a good article from a paper from that area of the middle east, KLIKDAPIK below……. The facts are obvious, Palestinians are healthier and better educated than any other population in the middle east by virtue of their involvement with Israel. Much is revealed by this article. please read on.

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Wouldn’t It Be Lovely

The POTUS picks up the phone, “Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu),  we are having some serious problems with Iran’s insistence on developing it’s nuclear capability.  They are, and have been a danger to the middle east and all points of the compass since the Shaw was ousted in ’79.”  (pause) He smiles  and gives a nod. ” Yeah Bibi! Something like that.”  POTUS responded…..and hangs up.  

In a few days several F-16s, like the one that serves as a link on this page, put rockets into Iranian centrifuge operations, crippling Iranian fissile material production, permanently..

Analysis: Israel could strike Iran first as tensions with Islamic Republic flare


Why Wouldn’t You Support Israel ?

Ignorance is bliss. Or so the old sampler goes. Ignorance may be bliss to the ignorant, but it is a pain in the ass for everyone else. Rashida Tlaib or rather Congresswoman Tliab has , of late, proclaimed the soft and gentle welcome that was offered the victims of the holocaust that fled to the region, that is now known as Israel. Steve Harper, ex-prime minister of Canada presents reasons we should support Israel in a simple, clearly defined video that hopefully will put some of the negative propaganda that the left has been disseminating. When the Jews of war torn Europe got nothing like a soft and welcoming landing.