Wouldn’t It Be Lovely

The POTUS picks up the phone, “Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu),  we are having some serious problems with Iran’s insistence on developing it’s nuclear capability.  They are, and have been a danger to the middle east and all points of the compass since the Shaw was ousted in ’79.”  (pause) He smiles  and gives a nod. ” Yeah Bibi! Something like that.”  POTUS responded…..and hangs up.  

In a few days several F-16s, like the one that serves as a link on this page, put rockets into Iranian centrifuge operations, crippling Iranian fissile material production, permanently..

Analysis: Israel could strike Iran first as tensions with Islamic Republic flare



Why Wouldn’t You Support Israel ?

Ignorance is bliss. Or so the old sampler goes. Ignorance may be bliss to the ignorant, but it is a pain in the ass for everyone else. Rashida Tlaib or rather Congresswoman Tliab has , of late, proclaimed the soft and gentle welcome that was offered the victims of the holocaust that fled to the region, that is now known as Israel. Steve Harper, ex-prime minister of Canada presents reasons we should support Israel in a simple, clearly defined video that hopefully will put some of the negative propaganda that the left has been disseminating. When the Jews of war torn Europe got nothing like a soft and welcoming landing. 



Existential Threat with Sprinkles

A few days ago I responded to the ridicules claim Rashida Tlaib made in praising Palestinians for providing a “safe haven” for Jewish refugees during and after the holocaust. The “warm feelings” she asserted she had when thinking about the holocaust come not from  thoughts of those saved from the grips of Nazis, but thoughts relished for the smell of Jews burning in the ovens of Auschwitz.

Punching holes in such a ridicules statement is not hard; no scholar is needed to recount the abysmal behavior of all Muslim participants from the sale of the area by the remnants of the Ottoman Empire to the British. to the present combative relationship.  The article linked below is much more detailed and informative than my little abstract. It reveals an almost constant existential threat pressed upon the new state of Israel since its genesis both before and after World War 2. KLIKDAPIK and get edified.

Ilhan Omar, useful Idiot

Ilhan Omar’s ignorance about what is really happening at the Golan Heights is quite evident. Maybe she should read this blog and get educated. With the collusion of the Mainstream Media, the thugs that violently wrested authority from the Palestinian Authority a few years ago, are using civilians in what are known as CNN operations. A “CNN Operation” entails the promotion of collateral deaths on Israeli reactions to attacks. The positioning of innocents near rocket sites and installation of rockets in hopitals and schools is a common tactic. Casualties among the innocents will garner sympathetic images. Only a fool would believe Israel will knuckle under to such violence. Only a fool would suffer the delusion that Hamas will gain anything from further rocket attacks.

They have been tossing rockets at the Israelis for years. To no avail. They do know, however,  they can win absolutely every public relations victory with random attacks that must be met by Israel.  Random rocket attacks, and pics of dead Palestinian children will win the press pass, and  keep the Iranian money, rockets, and cash flowing.  With useful idiots as Ilhan Omar, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC,  (the alphabet soup of death), Hamas enjoys the money of Limousine-Liberals, brain dead American Jews, and  millennial snowflakes of many races, creeds and colors!

The openly anti-Semitic Ilan Omar, recent addition to congressional roll calls, has been spouting hatred for all things Jewish for the 7 months of her career as a congress woman. This person is  on the Foreign Relations Committee in Congress!


600 Rockets

When our friends   on the left are wailing about how the Israelis are oppressing the people who live in the area the so designated “Palistine” lets us not forget the 600 rockets they just fired into random residential areas of Israel. The rockets are not little bottle rockets, they are full sized offensive weapons with warheads packed with high explosives.

Supplied by Iran, war ordinance is plentiful and used at the discretion of  Hamas or Hezbollah, both designated as terrorist organizations. Where is the left. Why should the Israelis be condemned? Could it be that they have been given a bit of desert about 50 years ago, that they, through wars with Arab neighbors and constant threat of terroristic attacks at any moment, managed to build a modern, vibrant and productive society?

Rockets fired towards Israel from the Gaza Strip, May 4, 2019

This last little bastion of civilization, that stands as the sentinel on the frontier  of civilization, should be encouraged and supported. For one thing,  the Muslims that live in Israel will lose many of  personal rights and constitutional protections that they enjoy under the democracy of Israel.

GOOD GUYS?…………………..BAD GUYS?…………………….YOU DECIDE……..

Representative Jihad

When you walk into her office you will see a map on the wall. A post-it covers the state of Israel on the map.  Palestine is written on it (no space left for Israel).  Rashid Tlaib, our representative from the  great state of Islam is pushing to sever educational ties with Israel by trying to end the “Study Abroad Program”  Pfizer College shares with the Jewish state. The college president Melvin Oliver, rejects the vote as prejudiced.

Tlaib, known for announcing that she was going to “Impeach the motherf—kr”, (President Trump),  is getting involved with international politics rather quickly after having been elected to congress. And it seems international means anything that hurts Israel’s relationship with the U.S..

Go tell the Israelis

Why in the world would the Israelis build a wall to keep terrorists from entering their country! Have they not listened to Nancy Pelosi?  Don’t they know that walls don’t work? That they are immoral. Racist!!! Yes they have built walls before that reduced incidents of illegal crossings by over 90%  What have they got at stake?  Yes the fellows that enter Israel illegally will kill when they cross over. Stabbings and suicide bombers are the reason Israel builds the walls. The border crossers in Israel do not want a job. They do not want asylum. They want to kill. Yet……the idiot Israelis continue to build these ineffective and immoral walls to protect their people and their country. Could it be that the barriers do their part. America should go to the real experts on border control,  like the Germans.

A Palestinian protester throws a rock at Israeli soldiers during a demonstration along the barrier between Israel and the Gaza Strip on November 9, 2018


OK  We will change the dress code for congress so our shiny new Muslim congresswoman can wear religious headgear while legislating. While swearing into her new job she swore on the Koran rather than the Bible, as has been the venerated custom of our country for a couple of centuries. In ’12 she proclaimed “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.”

Her latest zinger went as thus: “I chuckle whenever Israel is called a democracy.”   As part and parcel of her pernicious package,  Omar likens Israel to Iran, the worlds greatest financier of terrorist organizations around the world. Insisting  Israel be considered  no greater a friend of America than a country where  “Death to America! The Great Satan!” rallies are held every Friday.