Sharia Somalia: Islamic supremacists murder woman for not wearing a veilOH YEAH….                 SOMOLIA


Amid the relentless caterwauling about the evil Israelis persecuting the famous teddy bear manufacturers, Hamas ‘R’ Us  and essentially, the Muslim Brotherhoodies, we find a moment of rational thinking and a civil delivery of the message backing the Israeli position on Gaza punitive expedition.

Shots were administered….











I used to linger around the handgun counter at the Gibsons Retail store on the north side of the square of my hometown  Alva, Oklahoma. Usually I would be at the Gibsons late in the afternoon, as I made my way home after the Sunday Matinee at the Rialto.. On request they would let me handle the pistols for about as long as I wanted. Always friendly and accommodating good customer relations..

Many a summer morning saw me walking through town, heading either to or from the Nescatunga River with my rifle in the crook of my arm. I was your average small town boy living a small town childhood. Basically the behavior and rules were the same for any kid in town.

To see a young person briskly walking down a city sidewalk with a rifle across his shoulder would alarm none. The number of mass murders at schools when I was a young teen was exactly “0”.  When I was 15 years old I bought an M1 carbine. It was a semi-automatic rifle developed as a weapon for the military.

The reason I could walk through town brandishing a weapon was that the social fabric of the American culture was so tightly knit back then that anomalies as lone psychos with guns were a bit fewer and farther in between than today. A good man can be a dead man if he is frightened of the weapon that would save him. 


















Qatar: Muslim cleric prays for Allah to kill the Jews



Hamas killed 160 “Palestinian” children to build jihad terror tunnels

Hamas killed 160 “Palestinian” children to build jihad terror tunnelsSUFFER THE CHILDREN…



Just follow the line of little bits of news  print. We may find the main-stream-media on the phone with Hamas cutting deals on exclusive coverage.  A terrorist group getting its comeuppance will not get ratings for CNN.  But a authority figure that shares a culture with the press is fair game. In order to cushion their psyche against the truth that they are siding with evil, the Liberal considers the violence of Islam as a natural occurrence, with unpleasant effects on some  unimportant ( underling) people. Like a blizzard or hard rain, the damage done is attributed to a blameless nature.                                                                                                                            

The sins of the Israelis are seen as quite personally insulting to the Liberals sensitivities. That is because, at deep levels even  he/she  cannot acknowledge, the Liberal considers the oppressed as a different breed, that cannot be expected to be responsible for their behavior in the same manner  as another human. There is greater felt guilt  in being misspoken to by your professor then in all the murders of Islam.  They are soul mates with death.  and are relaxed aNd happy to Kill.  But Don’t condemn the lion for taking down the antelope. They know not what they do.

Osama bin Laden in a 2002 broadcast for Middle East Broadcasting Corp ...


At best this theory can be correct, at worst it is not valid at all, but in leu of another believable reason, I  must report the truth that Hamas is directly responsible for civilian casualites inflicted by targeted Israeli bombing.

Little toddler Ibrahi, is standing on a roof that covers a Hamas missle site. He and his parents got the call warning of the attack, read the leaflets dropped by the Israelis advising evacuating the site. His parents and he do leave. They are then commanded   to ignore the Israeli warnings and to  Return home by Hamas  and to “bare their chest to the rockets“.

None of this has been featured in the MSM. CNN   is not still cutting exclusivity contracts with Hamas,          but their current covrage  is definitely firmly behind presenting Hamas as innocent victims.


In the Hamas mission statement it says…

Well, the entire document is a rambling diatribe against the Jews, Christians, and other “others” that “The Enemy of All Others”  AKA, “The Religion of Peace” claims  has grievances against.

Didn’t the L.A. times read the charter before backing them in the linked article? Did they forget the thousand rockets the “victims of Israeli aggression” fired randomly at population centers in Israel. How about the three wars of aggression waged by Israels neighbors who brag about being the side that started the conflicts. Did the Times take that into consideration in this article. That several generations of Israelis have never known undisturbed peace? Have they forgotten that Hamas, a progeny of the Muslim Brotherhood, has sworn never to negotiate with Israel, never to live in peace with the Jewish state?



Hamas has two things the Jews don’t.

1. A complicit press. In most cases the staged human rights violations are accepted whole hog by the press, and Hamas knows it can rely on the press to emphasise the Palestinian “plight” against the Israeli “invasion.” In countries where the progressives have a large share of media control,(such as the United States) whole issues, invasions, abdications etc don’t exist for many people simply because nobody told them.





2.A corrupt and essentially impotent world community, whose poster child, the United Nations is composed of most of the worst despots alive in the world today. The best pale blue helmets have done is either bare witness to human rights violations and do nothing. Or bug out just before the human rights violations happen. More than half the countries on the U.N.  human rights commission are human rights violators themselves.

Israel stands alone,  back against the sea,with the dogs of death nosing around the pale, looking for an opening, an opportunity to fulfill the Koranic mandate to kill Jews where they find them. Lets not let the Palestinians play victim for the world stage. The truth is that Islam is unwilling to do the Christian thing and make peace.

Share this. Turn up the heat on the anti-Semitism that is preached in our universities, parroted by the nightly news and preached from U.N. pulpits.  The world needs to know the truth. Share this video. Pay it forward for humanity.






There have been recent events in the area involving rockets fired across the Russian Ukraine border with one other commercial fight brought down. With the proliferation of weapons in a non-alilgned world such actions will be more common in the future. Welcome to a world of asymmetric warfare.



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