After hearing the word collusion 5 Bazillion times in connection with Trumps name, you could hear the crickets chirping for the past couple of days. The confirmation of nothing having developed, the Oak Island of Democratic digging, the pot at the end of Pelosi’s rainbow, the apple of Schumer’s eye,  has not made a ripple in the Mainstream Medias fondest dreams of Trump destroyed. That great Lib hope of collusion has been the feast of nightly news. But since the revelation of a bucket of nothing after two years of investigation and millions of bucks spent, and over 2000 minutes of reporting, not a minute has been spent broadcasting Trumps innocence. HMMMMMM.   WHASSSSSAAAAAP?

On the other end of the ethical spectrum, The Washington Post ran an exoneration of the Covington boys the following day. The mad rush to judgment in the first few hours of the incident confirms what the average citizen already knows.  People don’t pay to find out everything is OK, they pay to see the blood flow.  Interested only when there is trouble,  people slow down to get a look at car accidents….. not salvage yards. Car accidents sell, salvage yards don’t. So any addendum to a story that corrects an error is an ethical achievement.




My first staffing during my practicum for my counseling masters. Chose to open my mouth and make suggestion in relation to a clients treatment. I advised that a certain diagnostic test be administered. The entire room just sat and stared at me in complete silence. They gave the test in question to every client upon admission! My lak of experience shined in bright garish neon lights above my head.  DUMMMY! But I did learn to shut up! Listen to the old timers who knew something. And maybe learn something.


The underlying rage that she seems to struggle to restrain from a full scale rant, speaks to a  thinly veiled hatred for America and a desire to make her accountable for real or imagined crimes against humanity. She stands recalcitrant for her Jew hating tweets a few days ago. Her non-apology reveals an inability to maintain a professional restraint in her behavior. She strolls in the door, wafting in the perfumes of  contempt for America and perceived crimes and as she is blinded by adolescant  hubris.

NOTE On the flip side, when this video is finished an even more strident brow beating of a witness is pursued by  Ms. Sheila Jackson Lee.  It is unpleasant to watch but does reveal the caustic nature of todays political left. 








Lincoln and the Jews

Abraham Lincoln emancipated American blacks with the 13th Amendment. In the same vane, against the common backdrop of a bloody civil war being faught to liberate the slaves. He swept up anti-Semitism in the same stroke that he condemned slavery with. You can’t condemn Jews without condemning the reasoning, nay, the soul of Lincoln. A fine article is linked through the pik below. You will be a better person if you read it.

See the source image

Just Don’t Think About It

The Geysers in Yellowstone National Park are erupting erratically. In particular, the Geyser called steamboat is erupting quite frequently. It s usual pattern of eruption is “Erupt, then a long period of quiescence.” ….. repeat.  This would be a bit of non-news if it went for the fact the Yellowstone basin is actually a huge caldera that is past schedule for a big pop. To put it in perspective one must stand next to the lake at the floor of the basin and look east then west. The mountain ranges you see on the horizon are the walls of the caldera. This volcano is a BIG mamajama!

This single volcano, erupting in various places now noted as Geysers, “Old Faithfull etc”.) will erupt with enough power to destroy most animal life in North America.

KLIKDAPIK        Just one of many small thermal demonstrations.

Drip, Drip, Drip

These little transgressions are but pieces of a pattern that will continue growning in frequency and outrageous claims against Israel. Seeking to inculcate the target population (Americans) by coupling Israel’s name with acts of oppression against Palestinians. It would be wise to keep an eye on our Muslim Congresswoman henceforth.   

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This cute little Tweet was followed by another charming communication the next day when our charming Muslim Congresswoman asserted that the DHS should be defunded and that commensurately, ICE should go away forever.

Don’t Be Gay in Iran



As he watched her crawl across the floor, his loins burned with lust. He knew that he must have her. But he was a good Prophet of Islam. He was widely tauted as the perfect male. His persona and life has been a role model for all Muslim men for the last 1400 years.  When he gazed upon that sweet 6 year-year-old ass he lost his heart. BUT! Being a good Muslim, he waited. They were wed and she was deflowered when she was NINE YEARS OLD! Mohammed was over 50 years old at the time of the nuptials………..BUT if you are gay in Iran these days you had better stay in your hole and not peek out! For if the Mullahs see you, you’ll be swing’n from a cherry picker soon.

I have been married the better part of thirty years. I am happy that the “Triple Talaq” wasn’t an option for me. We are happy now, but in the early years I would have triple talaqed her several times. Women can’t do the triple so I guess they have to kill you in your sleep and run to the nearest border.  


A Week to Remember

President Trumps “State of the Union Address” must have had impact. Approval ratings for the speech reached 76% as recorded by Rasmussen.  He was able to touch a commonality in the heart of Americans that reached beyond his base. A brief analysis of the numbers is provided through link below.

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WELCOME HOME BIG DADDY…. some “Never Trumpers” Break Ranks

His address had the benefit of a Democrtic Govenor busted for an old photo in black face. followed by his successor being accused of rape a couple days before the speech. A couple of days after, the announcement of the ridicules “Green Dream” that even Nancy Pelosi cringed at bookended the speech.  If the Dems are not careful they will re-elect Donald Trump. KLIKDPIK below




Is It 1984 ?

I must defend freedom of speech. I am apposed to shouting FIRE in a crowded theater, as I am opposed to any words that precipitate harm to others. But the what about the tender sensitivities of those who would ruin your life for uttering unapproved utterances. Where is the ministry of acceptable utterances? From what fountainhead gushes the long litany of prohibited speech. Is it Winston Smith, sitting in his booth, making amendments to each spoken word? The pik below is linked to an article about a city councilor who made the statement that it was natural to be afraid of Muslims. Whether it was a mistake for her to say or not I leave to others to debate. My personal perspective is that where there is smoke there is fire and the only sect smoldering on a regular basis are the Muslims.  My concern is that she apparently apologized and then resigned from her position. Is that the cost of speech? Either I wait for the public pillaring or I just go ahead and fall on my sword first.

Speaking to History

For the first time in his presidency, Trump spoke to history. His presidential persona was immaculate as he stuck to the written speech as well as responding extemporaneously to incidents from the gallery with a gentle smile that disarmed ( for a moment), some of those who had spit vitriol at the POTUS, even unto calling him a “motherfucker”  publicly. What could have been a SOTU of searing tension and hostile stares, Trump, in his calls for unity in the country and bi-partisanship in Congress as well as many statements designed to bring the left to its feet, and lifted the mood of the  room.

Beyond the disarming rhetoric, Trump revealed a deep understanding of his place in the American return to fundamental values. His blunt refutation of socialism “The United States will never be a socialist country!” served as a place to plant his flag in challenging  the sharp left turn the Democratic party has taken. Like Kennedy and his challenge to put a man on the moon by “the end of this decade”  or Regan’s quest to bring down the “Empire of Evil” he is at a fateful intersection in history. And he knows it.

KLIKDAPIK for a great little article by Newt Gingrich.


Grow Up a little Bit Nancy

Nancy read . Or rather pretended to read throughout President Trumps State of the Union, address. Never disappointing to take another turn on the bottom feeding freeway of the low road. She flaunts her disrespect for the deference paid the office of president and she flaunts her utter disdain for the average American cItizen by trying to steal some of the impact of the POTUS speech by antics like weird hand clapping and stranger facial expressions. She of course refused to stand in approval of President Trumps statement  America will never be a socialist country.  Which is a strong indicator of her approval of the socialist agenda that is permeating the entire Democratic party.It is not her lack of respect for the president that is intriguing; It is the lack of respect for herself. Does she know that she doesn’t appear clever? Does she even understand that such behavior is a quick way to lose the respect of the millions who watched the address and wanted to focus on the presidents content rather than her foolish kindergarten antics. The fact is ugly. She is revealing her mental age as floating around ten years old. God help the Union if any of the top  democrats find their way into the Oval office. We shall be ruled by oppositional adolescants!.

President Donald Trump turns to House speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., as he delivers his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, as Vice President Mike Pence watches, Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019. Photo: Doug Mills / Copyright 2019 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.