At this moment,  Michael Cohen, ex lawyer working for Trump, already convicted for lying to congress, and two months from a prison stay for a plethora of lies he crafted to deceive congress and the American people, is speaking before another oversight committee. The session has been put together as an attack on President Trump. There are no charges levied against Trump. They are just fishing for what they can get. Anything they can get…to impeach this embattled president. Unable to reconcile the results of the presidential election, the Democrats have chosen obstruction and attack over doing the job they were hired for, legislation.

This hearing is another attack. Supported by a mainstream press, glutted with Democrats working to “get something” on this president.  The press appears to have quit their jobs as journalists, picked up the sign and joined the picket lines of protesters. With over 90% negative coverage by the mainstream press, it is clear they are partisans for the left.

In this tsunami of “gotcha” opinion pieces thinly disguised as news, one of the press has had the personal courage to step forward and state what has been obvious. Lara Logan, a journalist practically from birth, has broken rank and courageously spoken out about the bias against the president.

There is not one reporter that believes her /she can do anything personally to get this president. They know they can incite others to do their dirty work. In inciting the public to get this president they have stoked the fires of racism, and intolerance until the race relations in America are at an all-time low. Most of the vitriol being passed about, the “white privilege”, and “dog whistles” riots  and supposed “over-policing” of blacks can all be traced back to the words of anger and intolerance that virtually gush from media operatives. Never has  there been such abuse of  positions of trust.

Humans of a Lesser God

I have made several postings regarding the horrific state of gender oppression in the Islamic world. It is hard to process the depths of true depravity that is preached by some fundamentalist Muslims. The article linked below cites Islamic scripture in clearly connecting the dots from Koran to actions in reality……..

Big Mo’ found a six year old that tweaked his passion to the point that he told the father of the little tike that he would take her as his wife! After waiting till she (Aisha) was “of age” he took her as his blushing bride when she had ripened to the age of 9 (nine). The 50+ Mo’ consummated the union at that time and she remained with him for nine years until his death.

Where is Code Pink?

There are over one billion Muslims in the world. The situation is grim if you are a female muslim. The codified position of women as lesser beings than men and the perpetuation of Sharia, a legal code that is 1400 years old, considers women as half the status of men, meting out punishments that run the gambit from whipping, dismemberment, stoning unto death, decapitation, hanging or in the case of gays, being thrown off tall buildings are all punishments for LGBT individuals.

The patrilineal structure of the family and the lesser status, both culturally and legally, of woman, make each husband and father into his own Caliph, possessing the right to kill his family members for any real or imagined infractions.. Muslim women, in areas under Sharia , can be killed by their husband or father for damaging the family honor in some way.  KLIKDAPIK  for more.

This good ol’ boy system of culture, where females are considered little more than property, it takes four male witnesses to a rape in order to obtain a conviction.  Mohammed, considered the “perfect man” and role model for all Muslims, had 11 wives and a some rape slaves obtained after killing their husbands in battle.  Even if it is proved a woman was raped she will be punished and/or confined for the crime of somehow causing her own rape. (I am not joking folks). KLIKDAPIK for more


The real oppression faced by women and gay individuals is awesome The sheer amount of evil that is being done to ‘special’ populations numbs the faculties  to torpor…… .


Pushing the Issue and Loving It!

An interesting little interview video addresses current attitudes toward conservatism on this particular campus. As expected, conservatives are given short shrift by the students interviewed . It appears that although they might not be comfortable with the word “camp” being used in retraining errant conservatives, they are not above supplying euphemisms like “sensitivity training” etc. to the targeting and compulsive re-education of a group of Americans for nothing more than being conservative in their political views. Of course most of the students on American campuses would probably think that Treblinka is a tasty pastry..

The subject of abortion is a dark issue. It is disturbing to see so many young people who have been so desensitized to the death of innocents. Women, once thought to be the custodians of morality, kindness, empathy, and caretaking in our culture, seem to be leading the charge to kill little human beings. Whoops were we wrong!

The most disturbing thing about this video is that some of the interviewees seem bold and proud of being utter imbeciles. The question is simple; Who is the 45th president?



Gritty Grass Roots and Other Cardboard Cut-Outs

Hypocrisy runs deep in politics. As a matter of fact, ol’ Bill Shakespeare said it best, (he always says it best), “All the worlds a stage and we are but players….”,  could serve as a job description for most politicians. Politics, by it’s dubious virtue of a foundation planted in selling oneself to strangers as secular messiahs, lends itself to fabrication trumping facts. Your basic politician relies on three facators in order to get elected….1) The ignorance of the voters and….. 2). The skill of lying convincingly. 3) The mob has a short memory, (what was damaging and damning yesterday is but a fading thought by the morrow).  Our present president would have a much better time of it if he could feign stately gravitas rather than be himself and if he remembered the credo of the candidate…..Words over action. Image over substance. Promise the world and…..deliver zip!



Forty five years ago I hitch-hiked into California and to my horror I found that you had to spend a quarter to buy a Coke! Outrageous ! Well get a cup of coffee and fire up whatever, this is a long vid. BUTT!  It is a riveting Devine Comedy of a state that has been wrung out by the tax, spend, and regulate tactics of liberal stewardship for the past 50 years.


A couple of decades ago I heard an instructor, white, female and unusually tall, (though quite unattractive) gloat that in fifty years whites would be another minority in America. She was a bit of a sad sack, living with her parents again after escaping an abusive marriage with her life, and just that, no more. She seemed to hold a grudge against the culture that spawned both her and her abusers……..WHITE MEN!  Evidently this woman anxiously awaited the day that she would see white boys get their comeuppance.

As more and more African Americans are waking up and doing the math, the party is hemorrhaging votes as they leave the Blue Plantation in increasing numbers.

Poor, needy and desperate Hispanics are pouring across our southern frontier. A population made to order to become the next to turn government safety nets into hammocks as the democratic party passes out the ‘bamaphones and food stamps, Aid to Dependent Children, Section Eight Housing, free health care, free college tuition, etc. ad infinitum. Oh! Yeah, free freedom, It comes with a genuine Democratic chip to wear on ones shoulder as a sign of superior empathy and righteousness.

Just Listen

Occasionally I stumble across a story that is such a powerful message that I must share it with as many people as possible. More and more I am seeing black Americans walking away from the Blue Plantation, breaking the spiritual bonds of the “poor me” mind-set to follow their version of the American Dream. This gentleman has a very uplifting message, delivered without an ounce of angst or anger.

The witness of this little woman carries a lot of courage with it. With the spontaneous anger and occasional violence that is happening in the streets, stating the truth can be dangerous.


Cracks in the Armor

The first cracks in the mantle of Venezuelan military are appearing as  Venezuelan soldiers abandon their posts rather than become involved in confrontation with protesters.  Juan Guaido, recognized as the failing countries legitimate leader by a coalition of various states, (U.S. included), is positioning himself near the dispersal point of humanitarian food shipments that are presently prevented from entering Venezuela from Columbia. For reasons unclear, the food shipments are being stopped by the embattled Maduro  forces.

Self-declared acting president Juan Guaido has vowed humanitarian aid would enter Venezuela despite a blockade