Political Refugee

The Ayatollah Khomeini  holed up in France while he lead a movement to destabilize the Iranian government under the “Shaw of Iran”. When the street demonstrations (riots) were at a crescendo, he ousted the Shaw and moved right in. Dragging his Chautauqua tent with him. It was a revival he dragged back into the secular state of Iran. He was going to get the country back on track with a little of that “good ol’ time religion!”

A little hint that things were not going swimmingly between the new regime and America…..they took a group of Americans hostage and held them for 444 days while we looked on, powerless under the failed presidency of Jimmy Carter. When Reagan was inaugurated they were instantly released. An act that showed at least a little insight into the character of Carters replacement.

Now Iran is a Theocracy on a perpetual Jihad and they have been up to no good ever since. As they pour millions into the coffers of any Jihadi group that is willing to do damage to their shared enemy….the west, with the U.S. as the great Satan and Israel marked for death (genocide).

the linked article is from an Iranian expatriate who has seen, from the inside, and outside, both sides of the story. A good insight. Please peruse the linked article KLIKDAPIK !


If you want the troubles of the west studied from a fresh perspective, you can’t get more exotic than the opinion of the Tibetan Godhead, Dali Lama. He says that the migrants now flooding into the west to get a little of that thing called peace, should pull themselves up by the bootstraps after a breather, then return home. The Dali asserts that Europe should be left to the Europeans.

 Even a holy man from the Himalayan highlands who has been reincarnated repeatedly for 1300 years can see that the Muslim influx into Europe can only deteriorate the individual character of the respective countries. He is concerned that the unique cultures that are the beauty of the European nations would be lost if Islam is established as the predominate religion of Europe.

Dalai Lama


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a  shiney new congressperson, paused a minute after the flood of blowback when she equated detention centers along our southern border to Nazi death camps such as Auschwitz. In that minute she looked up concentration camp in the dictionary and doubled down on calling detention centers concentration camps.

Armed with a rather vague, watered down definition of “concentration camp” she courageously carries on spreading disinformation wherever she goes. Below is a rather fetching pic of AOC that links to a good article about this issue.

Below is a REAL concentration camp that spawned the phrase, “Never again”….  which she used to make certain we knew she was equating U.S. detention centers to Nazi death camps.

Below is a child picking out some clean new/used clothes to wear at a U.S. detention center. His old clothes will be washed and returned.

Wouldn’t It Be Lovely

The POTUS picks up the phone, “Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu),  we are having some serious problems with Iran’s insistence on developing it’s nuclear capability.  They are, and have been a danger to the middle east and all points of the compass since the Shaw was ousted in ’79.”  (pause) He smiles  and gives a nod. ” Yeah Bibi! Something like that.”  POTUS responded…..and hangs up.  

In a few days several F-16s, like the one that serves as a link on this page, put rockets into Iranian centrifuge operations, crippling Iranian fissile material production, permanently..

Analysis: Israel could strike Iran first as tensions with Islamic Republic flare


The Grand Poobah of Terror and Death

Preaching to the choir is a self-gratifying thing. I sincerely suspect that is what I do most of the time. Should a progressive, democratic socialist, liberal happen to stumble onto this spec of a blog, I hope they pause and pocket their bias long enough to read the article linked to the pic below. 

What is this a Picture Of?…….

…….. The pic, with the faces  of the children (not burritos), blocked out, is of a detention center housing children of illegal immigrants received at our southern border. Such photos are being used to condemn the Trump administration.


like this pic, released a couple of months ago…….

Both pics  were taken during the Obama administration. Either it is a case of the truth used in service to a lie, or the failure to check your facts before releasing your conclusions.


The real date of recording this image has been cropped out of the photo released for public perusal. Both pics are dated while Obama was still president.

Big Daddy is a Righteous Dude

The mainstream media are calling Trump a wimp because of his decision to forgo killing a large group of people over Iran’s downing an un-manned drone.  You can’t get a positive spin on this decision short of  a few sheepish tips of the hat for his restraint on FOX News. If you are or have been a parent, you know of at least a few instances when you have had to change judgments as the circumstances or your view of the circumstances change. The need to save face, however, has sent many on fools errands.  In this instance, the momentum in the rush to retaliate was enormous. Yet our fearless leader turned against the tide of war mongering, the generals rattling their sabers, the hawkish staffers (Michael Bolton for one), WAR!….. and at least superficially, the consent of the people, to take retaliatory action.

Saving face, popularity among staffers and the expected “fightin’ words” of both the left and right on taking action, didn’t make the decision for him. He was the man on the bubble. He knew it.  But a gut check then a heart check at the last minute set his moral compass toward restraint. He took the moral high ground. But for those of you who would have the present regime gone, don’t worry. Iran, unimpressed with the very concept restraint, are more than willing to cast thousands of their own to their deaths on a whim.  They will tweak our nose until we have no choice but action.


Politically, this step back from  the brink puts us in the moral drivers seat regardless of what we do the next time an “incident” occurs. Our potential partners in the area will have a lot less to debate should we call for a coalition.


Back in 2014 there was a news break concerning a group of Yazidis backed up to a mountain peak, surrounded by ISIS fighters bent on killing them.  It was news for a week or so. Do you know what ultimately happened to the Yazidis?   As they cling to the remnants of a small territory occupied they have for a few thousand years, they are faced with genocide. Considered “devil worshipers” by  the Iraqis, backed, (inconsistently), only by the equally besieged Kurds, they are a ongoing target of opportunity for the antagonistic Muslim populations. And remnants of ISIS are still targeting them for destruction.

Iraqi Yazidis celebrate the Yazidi New Year

Burgess Owens Opens a Can of Whoop-Ass on Democrats

Burgess Owens ex-NFL legend takes Democrats to the woodshed. His testimony on the matter of reparations to blacks over slavery in America jumped the rails when he demanded (rhetorically) that Democrats need to pay reparations to blacks. He sighted  the Democratic affiliation to the KKK, Jim Crow, the disintegration of the black family in the welfare state, to the millions of black babies killed in abortions as  evidence of Democratic abuses..

Former NFL star Burgess Owens testifies in Congress.