This hateful little nymph has been thumbing her nose at the snowflake populations she has been leading around by the nose (Congressional Democrats) and sparking righteous rage on the part of Independents and Conservatives of many creeds, colors and culture. Most criminals, (I am not calling Omar a criminal) are caught during periods of “super-confidence), when their inflated opinion of themselves leads to a feeling of invulnerability over the “dumb-ass cops”. Now, during the “manic Monday” of her congressional career Ilan Omar is letting it all hang out, (accept her hair), thinking she will have the same magical power to beguile the public that she has had with the gutless old-timers in the DNC who have been waiting for a personality to follow.


Dancing with the Devil

I am merely human, and the drive to validate my beliefs, after a decade or so of, playing the “voice in the wilderness” with few to sing chorus with me,  compellls me to take credit for being the harbinger of things to come. The Muslim Brotherhood has loomed in the background of virtually every Jihadi act of atrocity for decades. Quietly and patiently it lays in wait and subsumes each terrorist group and their vile actions. 


However it doesn’t take Nostradamus to prognosticate Ilan Omar’s  plots and petitions if you simply look closely at her history of affiliations. Most of which are dances with the devil in different guises. Every identity another incarnation of evil. CAIR + HAMAS + TURKEYS ERDOGAN + VOICED CONDEMNATION OF ISRAEL AND OTHER ANTISEMETIC SPEWING. not to mention her trivialization, ” Some people did something”. of the 9/11 attack. 

Put on you fuzzy slippers and grab a cup of Joe, (smoke-um if you got ‘um), and peruse the linked article. It is well researched and thorough. You will know Omar and some of her odious machinations. Klikdapik and READ!

Why Is Ilhan Omar’s Collusion With Islamists Acceptable?

CAIR has a Crush on Ilan!

Ilan Oamr, freshman congressperson, anti-Semite, and the darling of the Democrats was protested at a gathering sponsored by CAIR  which has been designated a co-conspirator in shunting funds to such terror organizations as Hamas and Hezbollah. Ms. Omars involvement with such organizations would be comparable a white Republican male hanging  with the KKK. Yet not a peep from the Dems in condemning such damning behavior.  Omars involvement is not surprising. She has prevously tested the boundaries with blatantly anti-sematic statements and come up smelling like a Democratic Rose. The Dems could have condemned her behavior but they ended up condemning being “not nice” rather than even mentioning Omar in their reaction to the blowback from Republicans and  enraged citizens’ after her most recent anti-Semitic comments.


The article linked lays out a CAIRs involvement in terrorist organizations, Omars behavior and the reaction of citizen protestors to what is apparently a large portion of the Democratic party coming out of the closet and revealing Anti-Semitism as part and parcel to belonging to Democratic ranks.

The Force Within

What world is Omar living in? Congress Woman Omar is but the harbinger, the first drop that whispers the warning of a coming deluge, Sympathizer, and apologist for the savage ISIS, sworn enemy of  western civilization, and vocal anti-Semite, Omar advocates for none but her own, Interest in relieving the suffering of none but ISIS, she asks that we go easy on the ISIS who already occupy our prison cells. Our prisons have had robust recruiting of new and angry converts for a couple of decades. Now they have an advocate to help them sidestep punishment for their indiscriminate carnage.