I guard against giving too much credence to every declaration that every little Mullah mutters.  Muslim cleric: Moving US embassy to Jerusalem would be declaration of war on IslamTrump, however, has given more than a few Muslims the rectal spasm. His tendency to do what he says he’s going to do, the exact opposite of his predecessors strategy of “Leading from Behind” sounds a lot like “Dads home Johnny, now your gonna get it!” 

You don’t  whip out your pocket copy of “The Prophet” for and impromptu reading as a master stroke at pounding someone’s ass! 

North Korea is lead by a sociopathic dwarf with nuclear war-heads ready for delivery, Pakistan, no real friend of the west,  has nuclear eggs in the silos ready to go. Iran’s Mullahs lead Death to America (the great Satan) pep rallies every week,  They  collect atomic centrifuges , tons of raw radioactive material,  early stage ICBMs and a  promise to start Armageddan by wipeing Israel of the face of the earth  We respond!  WE DEBATE VAGINA EMPOWERMENT!







The article attached to this pic has one defect of focus. Obama is not just the worst president in U.S. history, he is our greatest enemy. As our military strips museum exhibits for parts while functioning on a budget reduction of 29% the middle east combusts, (and the fire is spreading west). He pontificates over the sheer meanness of having solid borders while carrying water for his buddies the Cubans by eliminating the wet foot-dry foot loophole for Cuban refugees who had the gumption to make the 90 mile swim to our shores. Israel is backstabbed through the U.N. (Obama operatives machinated the betrayal) while handing Israels wailing wall to the Muslims.

THINGS ARE CHANGING NOW…….When did the Arab spring happen? It happened when Obama backed the grand poo-bah of terrorist groups, the “Muslim Brotherhood” in a take-over of Egypt. The brotherhood has been in a death match with Egyptian moderates since the 1930’s. Admittedly Egypt is still Muslim and Christians are still being persecuted. But Egypt, on the world stage for a few thousand years, does not want the clock turned back 1400 years.  Things are changing now and I feel less like a stranger in a strange (I mean really strange) land.

Last Friday our stalwart Sec. of State mumbled something about sending money to the Palistinians. as he left his office for the last time……Of course this little contribution was without the knowledge of congress and follows his screwing of Israel by just a couple of weeks.




We don’t want to believe it. We see the glow over the hill and smell the burning wood. Denial is a comfortable place. But eventually you have to admit that where there is smoke there is fire and the barn is really burning.

Dhimitude is a condition that I doubt our ex- POTUS would be loath to wear. But in his wisdom he knows all will adjust to a life less affluent. He accepts that the mob needs guidance from certain special people and that he is one of the priests of this new World. His row will be especially long and  hard . He will be forced to live in luxury while he watchs the welfare checks mailed.


I Don’t Feel Their Pain



Whenever our vererable Main Stream Press claims any cintilla of credibility, whip out this posting.

I wonder how many “millenials” have never ever seen a news outlet that wasn’t whoring for the progressive fairy Tale.

I have never seen a more spineless, whining, obviously ignorant bunch of losers. God! This make things clear. Would you want these people to be our moral compass?  Would you want them on the night watch, up on the ramparts scanning the shadows for our protection? They have stripped away any doubts I might have entertained that Trump wasn’t the right man for the job. Blustering bully boy, rampantly patriotic, perpetually positive  main cheer leader for this country…. Hmmmmmm……. I guess he will do.



Fake News? Me? The NEW YORK TIMES?


IMAGINE LIVING LIFE AS ……….”Wild Bill” Hickok’s son….waiting for some kid looking for a reputation as a bad ass by shooting Wild Bills son. And you can’t hit the broad side of a barn in a shoot-out. Kind of a nervous life if you ask me.

Well I don’t think the editors of the New York Times are living up to the standards of the “Grey Lady” of past years. The main stream news has been so politisized for so long your millinial reporters, reared on the “free range” chicken shit  of the political left, have no idea of the ethics of their own profession.




When will the girlie-girl west going to wake up and smell coffee. In between counseling jobs, way back in my infancy, I worked in a slaughterhouse. Every morning a group of us would sit and wait to start our day. We knew it was time to spring into action when decapitated sheep heads started tumbling down a traugh. This indicated that the line had started and the killing had begun. I stacked pelts. The drive home was about a half hour. By my arrival home the blood soaked pants I was wearing had coagulated, and were stiff enough to stand on their own, empty.

Of all the horrors you find in a packing plant, the worst is the blood that gushed from a pipe in back of the plant. The blood had been heated and on cold days steamed as it hit the air. It was the smell. The smell of blood, heated almost to boiling that nearly jerked  my lunch out of my belly. But no matter where I was in the huge plant I could not escape that smell. The same smell drifting across the Atlantic right now.

 I guess it’s time to get up and smell the blood.




If not for the attempt at leveling the playing field by creating the electoral college, presidents would be picked by New York, California and a couple other sea-board states every election.  The “fly-over states” comprising most of the land mass of the country would never be heard from again. 

But these oh so un-cosmopolitan western and southern hicks just couldn’t let it pass this time. Too many deliberately self destructive  moves, (by this I mean damaging to the U.S. itself) openly  perpetrated by the present administration, lit a fire under the good ol’ boys (heretofore considered the “silent majority”).  They issued forth from their swamps and farms, mesas and mountains and turned the ignition on their Humvees and pick-up trucks and poured out to the voting places to set things right.

They, me or we, couldn’t take anymore identity politics, obsessive focus on what people do with their genitals, how terrible America and Americans should feel for thriving etc. While the world at lage was coming apart at the seams.



I have been hacked. My worthless information was gleened and they screwed my computer. But it just took and afternoon and a little work with passwords and all is well. At least for the moment. (My spouse fixed it).

I remember the old image of the hopelessly cynical news reporters, not believing anything or anybody and holding everyones feet to the journalistic fire without regard to  private prejudices. There was a time when most newspapers just told you who they backed and that was that. We were saved the embarrassment of having to listen to tones of objectivity by a press that can’t hold it’s water when  Barak Obama entered the room. I am much more comfortable with a openly hostile main stream media attacking Pres. elect Trump than listening to them blow-viate about their favorite ex- POTUS, B. Obama.

God bless and keep you…..far away from me.




PROGRSSIVES HAVE  A MANTRA. “ALL CULTURES ARE EQUAL. ALL CULTURES MUST BE RESPECTED REVIERD” Of course no one properly educated this little girl, otherwise she would smiling and laughing at the wonder of having her clitoris cut off with a pair of rusty kitchen shears!


It is a tragic truth that in most primitive cultures, women are treated as livestock. MILLIONS of females are subject to the worst kinds of subjugation an torture.