Egypts el-Sissi

When it became obvious tht the incoming Morsi government had failed to build a consensus behind rather draconian changes in laws governing personal dress and behavior, _el-Sissi, then commander-in -chief of the Egyptian military, stepped in and with  relatively bloodless coup to stop Egypt’s spiral into chaos under Morsi, a puppet of the terrorist organization, The Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt  had been a major player on the world stage since around 3300 BCE, and they chaffed at the Brotherhood bit. Cosmopolitan Egypt did not want to be transmuted into a 6th century backwater. with Caliphate and Sharia to bend the backs of his beloved Egyptian people.

The pik below links to an article that includes a statement by el-Sissi that has been a long long time in coming. You must read the piece. It is worth the trouble.


Me Thinks He Does Protest Too Much!……..




I have a brother-in-law.. He used to run with a gang of criminals in Tulsa Okla. and beat up gays, (when they weren’t burglarizing a house or beating some innocent down for their cash), they frequented gay bars to bait gay men into ambushes.  The primary aim was not robbery but violence.  Then came a day I got a call from him.  He was quite exited, he had been competing in cross-dressing contests at the gay bars in Wichita Ks..

Freud asserted that the personality, when conflicted by desires that are disturbing to the ego-ideal, (like unwanted gay urges ). will often transmute into what is referred to as a reaction formation.  A defense against the anxiety of struggling to keep denying  the core homosexuality.  An exaggerated opposite stance is made to ward off the truth.

Such reaction formations take on a overly dramatic, fanatical level.  Instead of disapproving, there is hate, instead of caution there is terror.

The pik below snags an article about two Muslim friends who were baiting gays online with the evil intent of murder………

Two facts to mull.  1. The two friends had been close since childhood

2. They had both dedicated themlves to killing gays.

3: The faith to which they adhere  is fem-phobic and filled with conflict.

Is murder strong enough medicine to treat your ego-dystonic homosexuality?   It does seem like an over reaction.   Personally I think they should give up the fight and kiss. For in some cases homophobia can lead to murder.


                                                 HEY THERE SAILOR!

The Brotherhood

“Don’t be an alarmist. Listen Chicken Little, the sky is not really falling!”  Words of wisdom from the Lollipop Guild.

The mission statement of the Muslim Brotherhood, the wise old man and non-denominational umbrella organization that shades the Islamic Jihad  from the light of truth, outlines a plan to conquer from within.  The vid below exposes the strategy for  the conquest of America.

The brotherhood’s last high profile thrust into nation stealing, (the Egyptian “Arab spring”) that ended when the winner, backed by the Brotherhood,  attempted to impose Sharia law on Egyptians.  Egypt, a long term actor on the world stage wasn’t about to be devolved into a sixth century backwater Caliphate. The world said “Yeah baby”.  The Egyptian military, having a history of problems with the Brotherhood’s antics since the nineteen thirties, was not impressed and following a couple of bad moves (such as new dress codes for newscasters that included the hajib), the new regime was killed in the cradle when the army rolled in and the Brotherhood took to the hills.

Take a look at the vid below and see Muslim Brotherhoods members plan the roadmap of political conquest for the USA. Oh!  by the way. The sky is falling!

Below is a link to a sight that will shed light to the intent of the brotherhood. You may not have heard about the brotherhood and that’s the way they want it. Under a guise of  a benign  social organization, the brotherhood has been the background organization for every Jihadi,  since the late 1930’s regardless of their chosen moniker.