So we  will call it a teddy bear. Feel better now?  A lot is being said about the southern border and the barrier that POTUS is trying to get funded. A lot has been said and every word from the mouths of Democratic obstructionists about the necessity of a border barrier is false. The Dems have been pushing for a border barrier  for years. They could literally sand behind both podiums in the debate because they are attacking actions and attitudes that they themselves have touted as their own.

The three Democratic simians don’t say, Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evil any longer.  Now they are saying Speak No Truth, see No Truth, Hear No Truth.

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Trump “The Hammer”

Charles “The Hammer” Martel met and defeated the Muslim invasion into Gaul (now France) at Tours in 732.  This victory as well as some mop-up operations retaking some strongholds along the Muslim armies wake, ended such incursions into France.  At least Until now. He was the defender of Christendom in his time. Now the mantel “Defender of Christendom” of Martel is being born by President Trump. 

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Defense mechanisms, in the psychological sense, are mind-sets or emotional reactions that block painful emotions from real or imagined threat. Regression is one these defense mechanisms. When faced with insurmountable conflict, our behavior may return to a more primitive state. Emotional states that are regressive include screaming, tantrums, name-calling and ultimately, violent behavior.

Such primitive states are most common in individuals who have not been parented in a way that installs functional foundational values such as restraint, self reliance, personal responsibility compassion etc.. . Individuals who have been “spoiled” and allowed to act out without fear of consequences never learn the most basic social responsibility. . Such “brats” grow into self-centered, grandiose, and immature adults who have no persuasive social skills past coercion and intimidation. The political left are in a regressive state, a weird mass contagion is affecting the majority of the policital left.  Reacting to merely being in the presence of a pro-Trump article of clothing, quickly regressing to the more primitive state, incapable of reasoned rhetoric and intolerant of opposing views. Below is a picture of a regressive DEMOCRAT….

Image result for angry convictSame babe a few years later

Denial of Denial

In the years spent and misspent in higher learning, I came across the phenomena of history being rewritten…….. as I looked on in horror. It appears that in riding a crest of scholastic rebellion against previous paradigms, every author of history wants to get a name by being the scholar who ferreted out the “dirt” on many persons places and events of the American past. The sad truth is that the scholarship in the United States is so weakened by it’s ignorant  instructors, that facts, ungainly and old hat for eons, are being “rediscovered” and revealed to  equally undereducated students. ( Whisper aside) (“PSSSST we all knew about Sally Hemmings.” Ya poor benighted dolts! We screwed the Native Americans!”)  The not so revealing revelations could go on ad-naseum, while the Keystone-Culture-Cops whip out their neo-puritan dictionaries and learn us a good lesson on politically correct dialogue! The most disturbing thing is that all this pseudo-wisdom comes in large dollops of hubris.  In all cases it is the utter an utter lack of understanding human nature that defines the distortion in liberal thinking.  In all cases there are some facts that must be ignored in order to satisfy the need to reshape reality to fit progressive political beliefs. Some icon must fall. Some incident must be changed. History as it stands must die to justify invalidating a past  that contradicts present pet social theory.

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In news cycles rife with bias and negativism, a little positive news can have a healing effect on jaded spirits. Sitting, as I am, at the foot of NORAD, with the air force academy on the north, and Ft, Carson to the south I have had the privilege of counseling a few soldiers who were having difficulties adjusting to returning home. Having their back, is vital, sometimes critical. Thankfully, I have never had a client (in or out of the military) suicide while in my care, but suicide, depression, PTSD, and drug abuse are a growing problem in our returning military. I would like to remind everyone that we all have a part in a warfighters deployment.  It is the obligation of civilians to catch these young men and women as they free-fall back into the civilian world and show them the defferance they have earned.

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Every morning my 1st grade teacher,  “Mrs. Geise” an ancient old lady, would read  from the Bible. No one objected to the reading or the pledge of allegiance that followed. It was just something we would say at the beginning of each school day.

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Other than the Bible reading and Pledge of Allegiance, we focused on the three “R’s”  (reading, ritin’ and rithmatic). It seemed we were being taught the things we would need to know in order to make it through life successfully. We were not being taught to be good little socialists, Zoroastrians, or Baptists. We were being taught the skills necessary to keep our free-market economy functioning. 

Little Cowards

“Marwan! You get back in this house right now! Suppers ready!”  Germany is coming apart at the seams under the weight of relentless incursions across their borders and P.M. Merkels political career. Debates and policies across the globe are duking it out over what to do with all the migrants flooding into Europe from the “much less fun,” middle east. Greece, collapsing under the weight of it’s sunken economy has furrows worn across their frontiers from young, employable migrant men. Not only do these wimps treat their women like a pile of stinky laundry. When the goin’ gets tough………… they take off and abandon the women and children, (It’s hard to run fast in a full body Hijab). And children are the responsibility of the woman.

So the left in every nation is on fire! “All borders must be abolished and the world should be free for all!” ……. Free health care, free housing, free transportation, free tuition, free food! free etc. etc..!

The trans global debate is on and hot! Yet. Yet……..All these dudes want is a good time! Wave bye bye women of Syria et al.! Your men have dumped you and their old life and are starting over with a geographical cure!” (sans the responsibility of wives and children).

The Weeping Woman Down the Hall

The wholesale subjugation of women in the muslim world has been going on for 1400 years, unbridled by western objection. Once upon a time the west could stand aside and ignore the abuse. Arabs were a distant people in an unfathomable society. The west could leave them to tend to their own while we look away massaging our denial. Oil, however, a brought us to an uncomfortably close relationship with a culture that has not advanced an iota since its birth in the seventh century. Our best bet to come away clean is to become energy independent so we can climb out of the pig pen before we end up covered in pig shit.