I hope I am wrong

See the source imageB.F. Skinner, famous psychologist and father of behaviourism  once described, as he was advancing in years, how he arranged his work space to accommodate cognitive problems with short term memory, attention and task performance. He was aware and preparing for his age-related decline in intellectual performance. . At age 63, I too am becoming increasingly aware of some fuzzy short term memory problems. Joe Biden has been infamous for his gafftastic public history for several decades. But there seems something different about his recent gaps and lapses. 

There is no shame in getting older. It happens. And to date, mankind has found no remedy to the problem of age-related decline. THE TRAGIC ASPECT to such dilemmas is the slow realization that you are “losing it” and, depending on the personality of the person, the denial, and grief that often marks some peoples experience in losing functions once taken for granted. My recent experience in taking care of my father-in-law as dementia consumed his entire personality, has educated me to the cruel treatment of dementia on the personality and life of the person affected.

I wouldn’t vote for Joe in the best of times, at the point of a gun. But I would not wish such a struggle upon another. And Joe, a sympathetic character, and demonstrability gentle spirited soul, is a particularly heart breaking victim. IF he is affected.

I would be pleased to be wrong. But as a career people watcher, my 100% gut tells me he is in jeopardy.


I have been pounding away for the past 6 years or so. Hoping to make a difference in defending what I believe is good about my country a well as warning those who may not know that there are dangers in our world, dangers that could touch our lives. I don’t have the bucks to boost the site and get rich and have never made a dime on this little site. What would cheer me up and keep me going would be a few more followers. So I would humbly ask those who do follow me to mention my site to a friend or acquaintance.  

P.S. Thanks for helping me down the next mile or two

I makes my day when I see someone has read my comments.



Just a Little to Far For Omar

Our cute little Muslim congressmuslima, is suggesting that the UN take over the southern border as they had in dealing with eastern European countries during the last influx of Muslim migrants. And you know what a fine mess they made of that!

See the source image


 Several bad act have been listed thus far. But the list is an orgy of damning images and attitudes. This  little bit begs the question: What do you think the chances of an American representative advocating for mercy for an ISIS thug? Now listen kids! Do I have to get out my video of the man convulsing in agony, on fire, burning to death in a cage?

Do we have to show prisoners lined up on their knees and summarily beheaded by ISIS killers.

Need I remind you of the scores of  young girls captured as “possessions of the right hand” as they are turned over to large groups of troops to rape and use in any way they choose.

The list of horrors would take more time than I have at the moment.. And in that it is just OK to marry and consummate when the bride is age 9 be sure to send lots of dolls to play with in between screwing by their much older husbands, (Mo married Aisha when she was nine years old, and he was a ripe old 51.

Yeah I can see that. Lets go easy on the poor little ISIS fighter.


Coup, Coup, Kachoo ?

We had an attempted Coup set against the Trump administration a couple of years ago. Theree are no doubts about the guilty party, he has admitted his culpability, his leaking of classified information and has provided the evidence to substantiate his crimes.

Yet……..he will not be prosecuted. At least not by the DOJ under Barr.

To which I emote…….What the F….K ?

There is nothing to say, I am speechless.

When is Enough , ……Enough?

I have tread this earth for 63 lovely years. But I have never heard of the bums rush the congress is gearing up to attempt to expel AOC from congress. No doubt she is anti-Semitic, no drought  she is anti capitalism, no doubt she shuns pragmatic thought. Rep. Ilhan Omar speaks on stage during a town hall meeting at Sabathani Community in Minneapolis in July.. The razor thin factoids she spouts relentlessly  stand in embarrasing stupidity  as she confirms her lack of depth. each time she opens her mouth. 

She is a peach, however, first its the ‘well I married my brother ‘sort of,’ and then we got a “cultural” divorce. Then there was the question about whether she married one dude while still married to another. Then there was the problems with campaign finances. And of late an affair has popped up! Through which she pipelined over 200,000 (two hundred thousand dollars of campaign money through her boyfriend.)

Through the drip, drip, drip, of the water torture of revelations about her personal and campaign life she spices up the quiet moments by spraying her anti-Semitism over the social network. to every one who listens. Her blatant hostility to Israel has had her blocked from visiting Jerusalem, and her adherence to the BDS movement that is bent toward the elimination of Israel is well known.


Americans are dying of fentanyl overdosing from sea to shining sea in record numbers. Private, municipal, and Federal computers and  every major online site has been hacked, and  our trade relationship is one of China cornering us and demanding our lunch money…….

The Chinese connection that pipelines illicit drugs through Mexico has had a reputation as a connection for a few decades..  The recent bust of 52000 pounds of fentanyl of Chinese origin is shocking.  But not a surprise. Sometimes it seems that we have  been beguiled into being a conspirator in the execution of our own demise. What are the long term effects of such monumental insults to the integrity of a society. How much drain cleaner can  you pour into a my potato soup  before it can be called an act of attempted murder.   When one nation pillages  another, when is it an act of war?

The conundrum is that short of a blockade, a termination  of the diplomatic relationship, or a declaration of war.  But what can be done when a large and powerful sovereignty is misbehaving?  KLIKDAPIK below for a word about one huge fentanyl bust which is the latest blow thrown in Chinas’ insult to the well – being of our nation.

A display of fentanyl and meth seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Nogales Port of Entry at a press conference in Arizona on Jan. 31, 2019. (Mamta Popat/Arizona Daily Star via AP)

Failure to act is appeasement. Discovery  is not an issue, we have the information and we know the particulars of the hacking and it is an open-and-shut case of electronic espionage. There are some who believe that a world “apology tour” may help our international  interactions. Maybe we should give them enough cash that it needs to loaded onto the transport to (Iran) with a forklift. Ultimately the billions made it into the hands of terrorist groups who look to Iran for patronage. It bears repeating….We gave billions of dollars to fund terrorists. That,  in the final analysis was a the  essence of American diplomacy under Obama. It didn’t work for us but the ball bearing and C-4 market was gleeful to see so many bomb vests subsidized by America.

So what do we do with several tons of fentanyl dumped on us by the Chinese?

It is a good thing that we have elected Trump. He is the right man for the job. He is the most beautiful example of the “ugly American” in the perfect position to champion our interests. Ruff, tough, unembarrassed patriot, and unafraid of incurring the wrath of the world in service to American interests.

It seems that we have hired a president who knows just how hardball our world  is.  And the shift toward the right that the western powers are taking is a good example of American leadership by Alpha-Dog  diplomacy.  .It is good to have a bold man as the leader of your country. They make  it safe so the Unicorn riders won’t have to worry about reality.


The Urbane Wit Of OAC Unleashed on the Fly-Over States

The losers hate the electoral college. In my memory I have seen hatred of the electoral college as one point of bi-partisan agreement……for the losers of general elections for the presidency. For the winners, regardless of their stand before the election, the electoral college isn’t even mentioned. Below is a cartoon that lends a graphic clarity to the effects the electoral college in a country of jour size.

When you KLIKDAPIK below you’ll see what AOC thinks of the electoral college. Of course her pick for president Hillary, lost her bid for the white house.. So she hates the electoral college.

During the rather involved interview a bit of APC’s video sarcasm was revealed. It was a remarkably flat area behind a barbed wire fence, that she referred to as the “Electoral College”  A couple of decades ago you might see me walking across one of those fields. As a child of northwestern Oklahoma, I feel the rich red earth beneath my feet, I can sense the distant smell of the prairie breeze. I hear the beguiling whisper of winter wheat ready for the combines.. The simple fact is, that not only does this land feed America, the land she finds no value in, feeds the WORLD. KLIKDAPIK it’s a long one but worth a look. .As a fellow who worked wheat harvest for many years, even to the point of having my right leg pulled apart in a grain auger, I have a rather intimate acquaintance with where the wheat and parts of me are going. AOC’s sarcasm about the fly-over states and the electoral college is further testament that our educational system is falling down on the job in teaching our children about the workings of government. KLIKDAPIK for a VIDEO DISCUSSION OF AOC AND THE ELETORAL COLLAGE. Its rather involved but worth a few moments attention. 


See the source image

You Can Fool All the People Half the Time……….

According to Zogby, one of the premier polling analysts of the day, Trumps minority numbers are better than one would think, owing to the dismal portrayal in the main stream media. He is but a thump away from being kicked out of office according to CNN. MSNB,NBC et.al. Just Klikdapik below for a more fleshed out word on the numbers. But the “coupling”  of his name and racist words has not had the impact desired by his detractors. Coupling is the paring of a persons name with the crime or misbehavior they are being accused of. Such as….white supremesist+Trump, racist+Trump etc..  Eventually that person comes to be identified with the word their name is pared with to those who trust the source without exorcising critical judgment (as they should). Well the numbers indicate that the average minority is not as stupid and gullible as the left has assumed in the past. KLIKIT !


Alass, mine is not the only “voice in the wilderness” to be heard barking about the Mulslim Brotherhood yipping in the neighbors yard. For years I spouted my so-called paranoia alone. Now there are others to join my chorus and suddenly, I am not alone!


Since its hatching in 1929 the brotherhood has a kept a low profile while expanding it’s influence throughout the middle east and all points Muslim. It’s surreptitious expansion, like cudzu, quietly covers and captures whatever it comes  into contact with. While other organizations, such as ISSIS, et.al. are up front about their terrorist actions and even welcoming as much air time as it can muster, the MB works from within the target culture. Our little contingent of noisy Muslim town criers are just the beginning. One can take a moment of time and imagine 50 or 60 Muslims in congress, all whaling in discordant chorus to get their way and vilify  Israel to  a new generation of neophytes, empty of head and hungry for an issue to rebel over..