I took a couple of tries to get through my undergraduate degree. First try….mid ’70s…. had to pause for a while to abuse sex, drugs and rock and roll. Then I woke up in a farmhouse in the middle of the night somewhere in southwestern Ks. Had no idea where I was and had never been to the address I came-to in. Fully clothed and in a  dry bath tub….. Snuk out into the night and went back to school in the mid ’80s.

My first attempt at higher education included a humiliating routing from a government course taught by an Iranian expat. Set on regaining my honor, I made certain to get him as a professor for try number two.  He sported a handlebar mustache and an attitude of utter disgust at American students so  ignorant of their own government workings.

I remember the flop sweat trickling down my temple when he picked me during one of his verbal quizzes. His “quizzes” were a sadistic affair during which he would ask questions about the Constitution and then, before a classroom full of students, humiliate the poor dumb American students according to their level of ignorance. We deserved it. Every American should have to memorize the constitution at least once in their life.

I fulfilled the requirements for the course. I memorized the Constitution and in particular, I memorized the bill of rights. I passed. Barely. KLIKDAPIK and take the test….BITCH!

Can you pass a U.S. Constitution test? (Shutterstock)

Republican Swings and Socialism Takes a Hit

Below is a campaign ad by Harrison Floyd. A Republican veteran who is launching his bid for congress with a vid that is short and devastating. It gives me warm fuzzy feelings to hear such unfettered honesty in challenging the socialist insurrection the most recent caravan of Dems. put forward as standard bearers for Marxism in America.


Jon Voight is a fine actor and I am impressed with his courage of conviction and willingness to speak the truth regardless of the social consequences. In this short vid he mentions Abraham Lincoln in describing his feeling about Trump.I hold President Lincoln in high esteem. I feel he saved the Union and without him history would have been drastically rewritten. But I appreciate Mr.  Voights courage and I am very impressed with Trumps achievements, so hard won,  with the entirety of the D.C.swamp disgorging its’ plagues and  minions of hell in trying to bring him down. But no one can compare with Lincoln!  Bless Mr. Voights heart, but I can’t compare Trump with Abraham Lincoln as he does. Trump is, in  his own way, saving America. His is a civil war of systems of government. Depending on his success or failure in defeating the socialist incursion that threatens our free market economy, America will be reformed as another anemic socialist banana republic, or set on a course for future greatness.

The Name of the Rose

By the stroke of the bards pen,…”.A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” 

When I miss and drop a hammer on my thumb I call the hammer many names. None of them meant to carry glad tidings and prayers for peace. I may call the hammer a rutabaga but that doesn’t change the feelings I get when I smash my thumb with a hammer called rutabaga.  I guess I could use the “operationally defined” method of identifying hammers by saying “that heavy metal nail driver.”  It is quicker to say “hammer”, and be done with it. Soon, with popular use, the name becomes the action.  Instead of using the heavy metal nail driver as a identifying factor,  the name “becomes the action.” I hammer the nail  with my hammer.

Such distinctions of name become meaningless when you change the action of the object. More and more the name Allah is transmuting into a synonym for terror, violence and death.  The operation of the named person/place/thing being referred to carries the meaning. Jesus, is a moniker that carries a deeper meaning of the name. The God of the new testament means peace, love, and generosity of spirit. When one speaks of the God of the Jews or Christians, ideas of understanding are born upon the breath of the word. Allah, however, drags a lot of negative baggage that stands in direct conflict with both Jewish and Christian beliefs.

What does an illiterate prophet do when he is certain his word of god will not match the written word of God when all you have to go on is stories you have heard transferred verbally, a multitude of warts and all? You simply state that all previous versions of the truth are distorted and that yours is the only text that got it right. Right?

One system of belief preceded Mohamed’s entry on the world stage by 600 years.  The other system of beliefs preceded his appearance by over 1500 years. Both religions that preceded the desert bandits  proffering  had been fully functioning by a large cross section of the middle east for a long time. Betting the farm on a belief system that is based on, but condemning of, two previously established religions is a bad bet.

So if what you’ve got Is brown and smells awful, it doesn’t matter if you call it a rose. All you really got is crap on a stick.





My spouse bought me a MAGA hat recently. I have had the haat for a cople of months but have not worn it outside the house yet. I don’t want  to endure the possible skirmish that might occur should the denizens of Beelzebub attack the hat, (while I am under it). This is proof that a minority can control the actions of the majority if they are willing to break rules and cross boundaries that others are reluctant breach.

Germanys Commissioner on Anti-Semitism  has advised that Jews shouldn’t wear Kippahs in public in Germany. It appears that less than a century past the deliberate murder of six million Jews, Jew hating has a strong hold in Germany again.

The vid below elaborates on the general assault on “all things conservative.”  But in searching out vids supportive of the issue of aggression against ideas, I discovered a growing mob  of young people who are hip to the guile and wiles of the leftists, and are willing to forge ahead and stand tall against the snowflakes and moon bats who would silence them.

The robust lads pikd below had their MAGA hats subjected to a bit of yearbook censorship. HIt the link the article is worth a quick read.



Two little Indians

Remember the 60’s and early 70’s? When liberals wore moccasins up to the knee and torn blue jeans? I do. Because that is a brief description  of me during those days of wine and roses. Now it seems that in order to hold the position of grand pooh bah of the grandest autonomous collective on the block, you must bring home a paycheck with lots  of zeros. I did a little background reading on Warrens legal career. She picked her cases wisely, focusing on defending mega-corporations with real deep pockets.

In spite of years behind the wheel of her own political career, Nancy Pelosi swings to the left as she gets the bums rush by a group of wilding plebes set on destroying a free market economy by replacing  it with a pyramid scheme called Democratic Socialism. This system is built with the wizard behind the curtains, demagoging disasters and rumors of disasters,  as the many, enrich the few, who “know better than we do”.

]Pelosi is having problems dampening the fires of ferver of her crew of Plebes who want to lynch the POTUS

Hillary and the Grotesque Pardons

Auntie Hillary is still here? I thought Bill was her keeper this month. And look, the little cutie has got hold of a smartphone. I wonder what she will tweet. A confession maybe? I just don’t think so. Maybe if five died? Well if there is anyone  who knows the up close and personal face of grotesque, it would be Hillary Clinton. She appears to think Pres. Trumps pardons are grotesque. At least the pardons he has granted military personnel seem to trigger a negative response in  ‘ol Hillary. You would think that the ex secretary of state would have a more generous heart when it comes to the men she sent to into the inferno on  that night in Benghazi. Of course, according to Hillary, “What difference does it make now?” 

Just a Little Bit of Sugar…..

I feel that I have a purpose. My blog is my little contribution to the eternal struggle against the evil that would see the west,  and all it’s history eliminated. But good news every now and again has a cleansing and re-vitalizing affect on the soul. So I include this vid of a recent reunion between a death camp survivor and her liberator. Klikit….. and smile….or cry…or both.


….No sir, I don’t Mean Maybe.

No, this isn’t a pik of Ringo Star in drag as a Pizza Hut tablecloth. It is the late great Yassar “that’s my baby” Arafat. Until his death in 2004, he was founder of the feast and principal negotiator for the Palestinian Liberation Organization. He is the pricncipale reason people are still dying and fighting in Gaza and hot spots all around the little state of Israel. After refusing a hefty 92%+ victory in negotiating at the 2000 Camp David Summit, he walked away from the table and into another Intifada with the deaths and destruction that come with it. Of course,  he never was negotiating for peace. His goal was never an agreement with Israel. His constituents would never have accepted peace. Palestine and the right to return were just red herrings to distract attention away from his real goal. The Death of Israel and nothing less.

The link in the pik below directs to a little article concerning the Camp David meet. It is short, clear and good to know in case someone wants to debate the issue using the same old “Israel  as an evil occupier”  bullshit most Muslims are inculcated with since birth.

Memorize it. Know it . Love it. It may save your culture.

Killing Christians

Hamas is thrilled……more Christians killed! It seems the Christian killing has either taken a sharp upswing in recent months or the Main Stream Media has decided to start coverning sub-Saharan Africa and came up with something like news.

When queried about  this lack of news coverage they just replied, “Well killing Christians is not a front page item.” No one much cares about Christians!

Five children were killed in an attack on Christians in Syria. Attacks on Christians garner less heat from the Mainstream press, as Syria stands as the 11th most dangerous area for Christians in the world.

Atrocity of the Week