New York City had become known as crime central for America until…….. Rudy came along. If you were an “Out of Towner”,  beware. You could get mugged, or drugged or plugged at any New York minute. NYC carried the cute but slightly shaming….. “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!”  Gee-whiz daddy,  Rudy Giuliani may speak harshly to our mob!  They may be traumatized!


The former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani at Trump Tower.








Word is that the tough New Yorker will be joining Pres.Trumps legal team. After being the sheriff who cleaned up “The Big Apple” his rep is deadly!!


99 LuftBallons…….


……..AGAIN?  About 70 years ago, Berlin streets were pretty dangerous for the man with the yellow star sewn to his jacket. Male, female, child or adult,  all  guilty of not being Nazis. All sentenced to a penalty of death for being Jewish. Somebody threw the first stone. So why the hint of fear in his features?



Saved from the Nazis….


During world war II Brits gave the last measure of courage tears and blood to save their precious homeland. Now a different generation is handing it over to just about anybody who will take it.

                                                London during the “blitz” of WWII

Just a crooner in a dying democracy.  As a lifetime Anglophile I back Morrisys comments. My feelings lead me dread that  England is becoming the “land without a nation” as a long history of open arms to immigration promises a second “Battle of Briton.”  In particular, those countries once held as colonies by the Brits are  given a pass. Guilt? Fear? Denial? or along American lines, stupidity. Klikdapik belowlondon morrissey sadiq khan violent epidemic bloodbath


The Deciever


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The great punishment for living is dying. We are all doomed to a relatively short time here and afterword an eternity we can only guess at. It seems quite reasonable we should believe in a time after this just to keep putting one foot before the nextEvil is really out there though, always waiting for that weak moment to grow and take more than it’s portion of pain and suffering.


I could weather the storm in relative comfort if I engaged in some “comfort denial” and adjust my attitude to one of regal indifference. After all, I am An American by birth. So what if a UK: Police refuse to investigate death threats to Islam critic because they claim she is “inciting hatred”

a large part of humanity is held hostage by psychopathic males who believe misogyny and familial tyranny (founded in and guided by the blood soaked Sharia.)is the law of the land. And the law of sharia’s land is strewn with bloody body parts.  





BUTI cannota turn away any longer. I see too many of our world who are so obsessed with their own genital dramas.

And thus Code Pink was born. And  the lord of flies laughed as he saw so many trivialize the jeopardy of women. OTHER WOMEN!. The  Teachers Union passed notion of the eternal student. Most of the intellectual development of a child indoctrinated into public school. THen ,generationaly, the notion of values hovering in a cloud above the head of a mellenial are best understood by a  prepubescan child. I come from a time when lying around your parents house till you are 26 was shame incarnate. The abandonment of the the work ethic and several generations of teachers taught by teachers WHO TEACH THEIR BRIGHT LITTLE CHARGES THE BLESSINGS OF SOCIALISM.  The underlining message is the dependency  on institutions dedicated to making people dependent. It is a race that can’t be lost.

If a border officer sees a woman across the Rio Grand, on the Mexican side. She is being assaulted, the officer is armed and the water is shallow. He could save her with a breath. But he doesn’t, she is an alien in her own country.  The officer turns to walk away. He could be walking to his vehicle to call for help, or, he could just drive off and forget he saw anything at all. The question is….where is the pale to mark the point at which we no longer care. Where does that fateful boundary lie that absolves of responsibility?

In ancient Jerusalem when Romans ruled the land. You couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a messiah or prophet of some sort. So being another radical Rabbi was not unusual. It is his thunderhead of a message that blew hot hellish winds up the Sanhedrin’s robes. For at a time when moral values were different, Armies ploughed under and buried for eternity, any village and villagers in their path. It was a time when might, did not make right, might was right. Gladiatorial blood games were the big draw of the day and compassion was a sign of weakness.

Then came a Nazarene named Jesus. His message eclipsed all other messages with it’s radical assertion of Peace and Love as paramount values. His message was a record breaker. Yet even a divine soul had a red line that could not be crossed. This limit was demonstrated  when he whipped the money changers from the temple.

Such a time will come to all of the strong. The choice is simple., either stand against evil, admit it, identify it and make war upon it. Or be the next victim.Ahlam  

Evil is quite smug these days no only do they get to kill innocent babies…the victim population blames themselves! OH! If we could only be more understanding.







These dangerous individuals have had their site on Facebook shut down. The reason given was that they are a danger to the public ! Of the few billion Face bookers out there these two particular conservative black women pose an actionable threat

This kind of sour grapes on the part of the Snowflake brigade makes Snickerburges algorithms calibrated to ditch conservative speech. This may seem a petty thing. But it was important enough someone took action to ban the two bloggers.

Is that censorship????





Please Mr. President don’t repeat your lib predecessors error of telling them what you are going to do. You have done great at pushing your agenda through a crowd of “Drag your feet” Dems and celeb detractors. Keep up the good work and hobble that bitch Assad.

I don’t envy your position but you took on the job, now put a finish to it! 


Diamond and Silk


Image result for diamond and silk

Remember when cola machines would pump your dollar bill back out when it couldn’t read it right and its tiny electronic brain suspected foul play? Well my little organic sensors are spitting this article back out. Is there really a grand liberal plot to take down this president or am I just reading the facts wrong. Cause my brain is pushing this bill of goods back out at such a velocity I have this picture of “the girls” flying around the room! Klikdapik for this little nugget!


A Simple Truth of Bricks and Mortar


Please discourage breeding


I was raised in an era of winning or losing. The Parents were parents. They disciplined but rarely abused. There were a few screaming quarrels connected to my fathers alcoholism.  My mothers anger at seeing the man she wed slowly disintegrate before her. But in all, our family had  a  true moral compass and strength of character.I had, in all, a happy youth.

Parenting is giving…… It is three A.M. in the morning at the counter buying childrens cold medication,  as well as taxi service, cheerleader, doctor, counselor, cook, and maid are among the pro bono services a parent provides. It is a hard, ever-demanding job.

You can love your child, you can be close to your child, but…… You cannot be your child’s friend. Of all relationships the role of parent is special. It is a relationship that requires both the most tender and committed caring and times when you must harden your heart and discipline. When they are young children can be angelic little packages. But when they reach puberty, your sweet little angel  can morph  into an oppositional demon. Both these conditions can be easily fixed by giving in to the demands and bad  behaviors. Your children will love you and be your friend, (until you say no). “Do as I say not as I do” will not make it. Live a life with equal measures of love openly expressed and discipline founded in fairness and your children will grow strong and capable of coping with the vicissitudes of life

You are the manifesto; the mission statement and ten commandments for your offspring. This “I shot an arrow in the air, where it fell I know not where” falderal implies the product of parenthood is random chance. If this is the case why try? If no involvement at all is as good as intense attention to the needs of the child; why not just kick back and party on and let the little bastards take care of themselves!

Since the debacle of Lyndon Johnston’s “Great Society” was installed in the mid-sixties as the seed of the socialist state, the gradual deterioration of our culture, with the best of intensions, has coasted into a morass of subsidized poverty. Cash, and a legion of services are a dead-lock cinch. A cinch, in particular for liberal politicians, who want a solid semi-pro voting block in the poor of all culture, creed or color

As our little monsters leave to greet the world we  install a homunculus in each child.  It could be evil Snidely Whiplash doing bad things or the restraining force, you know, those Better Angels of our nature. Without the inner restraints, society will provide external restraints. In the form of jail time. Without these inner restaints, (guilt, shame, etc)  the spoiled male brat grows to a spoiled brat  who can  do real damage…….like robbing a business or shooting up a grade school. You can bark about gun control all day and confiscate them all. Estimations of the genocidal mass killing binge in Rwanda, range from a half million to a million. The main weapon used was the machete. More to the point the main weapon was the mind of the killer. The person most likely to take a  life will be a the product of defective rearing.   As the old computer geek learned a long time ago, GIGO, (GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT).

Sigmund Freud once stated “Raise one generation right, and the worlds troubles would end”  if you want simple answers, there it is  . It would be nice to confiscate all firearms and thus end the problem. Yet this is a no more than a cardboard stalking horse, all show and no meat. Abe Lincolin was heard to say, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” The walls, stacked one on another and bound with mortar, must hold fast or fall to pieces.