IF AN ENEMY SPEAKS THE TRUTH the truth will be uncorrupted. It might be hard medicine to gag down, but the truth is what it is…..Even if Beelzebub is the messenger. KLIKDAPIK

Living in the Sycophant Garden

It is no secret that the psychology of your basic pop -star relies upon the attention (possibly the adoration) of others. Without this adoration there is often nothing else…they feel that they would cease to exist without it. Privacy doesn’t exist and even tragedy is fodder for the audience. All is approval,… or you are fodder for the underside of the bus.  Even facts have no merit unless they add to the adoration, and consensus is the only validation for their view of the world.

The Poles Have It!


To the aggravation  of the EU, Poland is suffering a bad case of  rational thinking.. In boldly facing the EU down in refusing to open her borders to the Muslim Diaspora pouring across what were once thought to be  sovereign frontiers of Europe, they have grossly disappointed those who are still convinced that somewhere, somehow. there must be unicorns frolicking about.

The overarching strategy of “squat and undermine”  in Islamic expansion has served their intent to great effect in their efforts at establishing a world-wide caliphate for fourteen hundred years.  (KLIKDAPIK)


Is That Cleopatra Floating By?


CNN suggest Manchester jihad massacre was “right wing false flag plot”But Cleo wasn’t the only one that floated her boat on Denial, (The Nile….Get it?) Sigmund Freud  got it right when he stated that Denial was the defense mechanism of first resort for people who couldn’t accept the truth of any given event. “This isn’t happening.” Has been the call to arm by many a doomed soul, waiting for the inevitable drop of the headman’s ax.UK: Manchester mayor Andy Burnham says jihad mass murderer was “not a Muslim”




Touted as an enemy of Muslims by the perpetually hostile mainstream press and  accompanying chorus of braying liberal enemies, the  president was treated with a triumph that rivals those afforded the royalty of ancient Rome.

Saudi horsemen, some brandishing the American Flag, flank President Trumps motorcade upon his arrival in Riyadh Arabia. On the first stop of his first foreign trip as POTUS, President Trump was treated with a day of extraordinary pageantry and ceremony.










Melania Trump, sans head covering, carried herself with a  faultless regal bearing .


Egyptian president Al Si-Si tells Trump that he “can do the impossible.”

POTUS at the western wall in Jerusalem Israel

Trumps next stop, Israel, afforded a more humble a greeting but Trump and B.B. Netanyahu  have been close friends for a quite a while.   His next hit is Rome and a meeting with the Pope.  In his trifecta of the Abrahamic religions, thus far, his trip has been a raging success. His predecessor, in abandoning Iraq, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egyptian internal politics, and subsidizing Iranian interests to the tune of 400 billion dollars as well as his policy of non-interference in withdrawing from the middle east  has left a region (that has always been problematic) in flames.  The reaction of all parties, from Riyadh to Tel Aviv, has been a sigh of relief that  America is back to lead them from the fray. We are back.