Spitting on Jews. The pertinent question is why is it acceptable to spit on Jews?  The spitters were Muslims. And there were no arrests, no crowed management in response to the assaults, no reaction by officials at all. Spitting on someone, (in particular in the age of AIDS) is considered assault in most venues. If I were Jewish I would see this incident with grave concern. What other times could the powers that be expected to help protect Jews….but didn’t.  By deliberation, they were abandoned to the tender mercies of the mob .For more KLIKDAPIK below. 

A similar sentiment was expressed with reference to the annihilation of Jews on protest signs that pointed to an ancient battle in which many Jews were massacred. Reference to the return of a Shia leader that would return to help dispose of the Jewish population was also included.

The Jew on the Ground

The pic below links to an article on the Islamic standard for relations with non-Muslims in Muslim-majority countries. The second class citizens, (anyone who is not Muslim)  “should be made to feel” their subjugation to their Muslim masters through deliberate humiliation. Whether it is kissing the feet or taking the floor while the Muslim takes the bed, the Koran states this is proper treatment of “dhimmies”. A dhimmie is a non-Muslim living in a Muslim majority society.

The “dhimmie” shown kissing the feet of his Muslim tormentor, does so because of the several Muslims who are not pictured but who have threatened to attack the Jew on the ground if he doesn’t humiliate himself.

We see the treatment of women as furniture, marriage as a disposable amenity, and fellow humans of a differing belief system humiliated as second class citizens. What is there in this “religion” that compliments our society. Where does Islam dovetail with Christianity or Judaism, our founding religions. It doesn’t. Simple as that. There is no way the full blossom of Islam can thrive in America or any area of  Europe.

Marriage For the Muslim on The Go!

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I was a bit disconcerted when I heard of Ilan Omars marriage to her brother, while simultaneously coupled with her most recent coupling called marriage. But when you are trying to identify ir define Muslim Marriage you have many forms and dimensions to investigate. Mutaah maariage is a form of temporary marriage that can last 99 years or just an hour, depending on the need of the male participant. I eschew the word partner because that implies some form of loyalty that would bind the partisipants . This binding of the marriage contract is not a part of a Mutaah marriage. It is truly a marriage of convenenance. So when you just get some stange looks from Ms. Omar when she is asked about the legitimacy of her former and present personal unions it is because muslims have a very different concept of marriage than those in the west do.

Marriage as a contract to the millians who “tie the knot”  that is legaly binding in all of athe 50 states. Marriage to the muslim is for the convenience of the male who does not want to break the rules and sin. So this pseudo marriage format, extent plrior to any of the monotheistic religions, is to protect the soul and legiatimate marriages of the other wives he has who might retain a more permenant place than she does. She attains the status just above that of sex slave and just below that of “permanent wife”.

For the sake of my own credibility I add that the big-time marriage ceremonies with many guests and much AK firing into the air still the mainstay of the muslim marriage..

How important can the vows be when it is a marriage of convenience.

How vital can it be when divorce can be had by the man repeating the words ” I divorce you”. Three times.

Slaves as war booty are nothing more than possesions that can be dispensed with in any fashion the master choose. The captive of the “right hand”,  a slave held specifically to be raped by her master (whomever owns her). I am not sure what happens to these females once they are past their prime in appearance.

You can have, on Mohammad’s word, have as many as four wives. He can have 11 wives because god told him so.. (God told Mohamed it was ok to eat honey mixed with milk) . when his wife, Aisha complained of his breath, he just left the room and came back in a while, with the story of how Allah had spoken to him, reassuring him that it was just OK that he drink milk and honey. She was always dropping hints on how conveniently the lord interceded when Mohammad wanted his way. Relationships are a different thing in Muzland. jThe have no measure of where human beings are of equal importance. From the snap, women are said to have been of a lesser stature than men by Allah. It is the Muslim mans burden that her pays their bills and feeds them


Why don’t we get upset about sub-Saharan Africa?  Mozambique lost a few people to Jihadists in the last few days. If you care to take a moment to look you will find that such reports are a weekly if not daily event for the darker part of the dark continent. There is no mention in the Mainstream Media.

Atrocity of the Week

One must ask the question; Why is the wholesale killing of Africans something that doesn’t rate full coverage by the main stream media.? Massacres like the daily violence found in African states would merit headlines filled with tragedies that would shock the world.  Why are African lives expendable?  Boco Harum  in Nigeria, Janjaweed in Serra Leone or wholesale genocide of Christians in northern Uganda,  getting killed by Muslim death squads is  a  daily hazard of living. .


                                        From the death bed of Mohammed


Her Cleavage Made Me Do It

The poor over civilized Swedes have a bit of a problem on their hands. In another case of be careful what you pray for the Swedes have been very generous in allowing unrestrained migration into their country.  The level of  reported rapes has had an increase of over a thousand percent. Putting Sweden at the top of the rape stats world wide.

There are some disturbing trends noted,  as constabulary is now giving advice on keeping a low profile on dress and behavior to victims and potential victims. This smacks of placing the onus of the rape on the shoulders of the victims. The rapists blame their religion, the cops and the rapists blame the females and the females are out of luck.

French Toasted

Things in France feel a bit unsettled. There are areas that pose a threat to the police, ambulances and other first responders who are growing more and  more wary of conflicts with Muslim expats when they are called into service in migrant enclaves. Rather than adapting to the cultural imperatives expected of French citizens, migrants are coalescing into defensive ghettos that carry a chip on their shoulders, ready and eagerly waiting for ‘infidel’ French involvement to trigger another conflict.

We don’t worry about dragons under our bed. We don’t fret that we will spin down the drain when the bath tub empties. We don’t lose sleep worrying about ball  bearings penetrating our bedroom walls. We are in the civilized west. We don’t worry. We are in “Fortress  America” and our moat (the Atlantic Ocean)  is a couple thousand miles wide.


We should feel safe. But the sense of safety is a fragile thing. A snap of a twig in  the shadows is enough to shatter our serenity. The flash of eyes in the darkness can terrify a whole boy scout troop in a second.

18 years ago yesterday terrorists of the Muslim variety went to work one morning. Just one morning on American soil. The action of suicide crashing three planes into the World Trade Towers and Pentagon in  just a couple of hours, precipitated two wars, one  of which we are still fighting, and a general mobilization of our military throughout the world. Thousands beyond the three thousand lost on that first morning have fallen fighting the Taliban creatures, and Al-Qaida, the Fedayeen and  their cute Toyota technicals and  ultimately, ISIS.

Our world has been changed. The changes have been forced upon us. When I walked across the street to Longfellow Public Grade School as a young miscreant, having to pass through a metal detector was beyond my experience. But our world has been changed,………forever. Keep an eye on Europe….get educated.



It is amazing what the Mainstream Media can ignore. It is amazing that there is almost no discord in the harmonizing of the media. They seem to miss the same stories, and even use the same verbiage in describing events that reflect on their pet political points of perspective. If it walks like, quacks like and waddles like a common front for progressive opinion, you probably have what I refer to as a soft coup. By my definition, a soft coup happens when a culture loses its sense of self and actually assists another cultural perspective in taking on the position primacy  The long twisted set of facts that speak to this little Somalis past criminal acts has been quietly shunted to the side. , for the most part, by the mainstream media. OF course if a conservative had revealed a pattern of law breaking they would have him keel hauled in a minute. Only the events that can be cobbled into a story defaming the Trump administration is put in the spotlight for shameless promotion.


MS. OMAR IS NOT ANSWERING FOR THE JIHADI RECRUITMENT IN HER DISTRICT. FBI findings paint a vivid picture of the of the  machinations from which this gentlewoman has crept. Hit the pick below for the word on her political genesis.

Congressman Omar was angered and defensive when asked if she would condemn Female Genital Mutilation, (FGM). Omar has signed off on legislation against FGM in the past. Her reaction to being questioned  is the point of discussion here. It appears that she feels that she is unfailrly being held accountable for her religion, and looks upon such questions as singling her out because of her religion.  Her attitude is one of a nabob losing patience with errant subjects and she should be exempt from the probing all  other politicians must endure. Of course she is being questioned about a religion fraught with bloody infighting between the Muslim sects, Sunni and Shia, and bloody terrorist activity on non-Muslim people every day.

Her assertion the question is inappropriate. She wears a head covering at all times, and supports sharia in doing so. Her religion has been outstanding among all others on the planet at committing acts of terrorism and war unerringly through the last 1400 years. Baptists, don’t detonate themselves in public restaurants. Methodists don’t go on automotive homicide rampages, the Amish don’t kill at all  (lazy I guess), and Catholics have been behaving themselves nicely for the last couple hundred years. Hindus don’t seem to explode and the Buddhists just don’t care enough to kill I guess. A question or two about this twisted belief system is an essential obligation of anyone who wants to keep Americans safe.

. One would think that she would enthusiastically answer the question, often and loud. She is a woman from a religion that states in no uncertain terms that women were made by God to be inferior to men. You can bob the ear of a cow or put a big ring in its nose. No questions asked because through the benefit of our superiority we do as we wish to livestock.  WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 23: Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) participates in a panel discussion during the Muslim Collective For Equitable Democracy Conference and Presidential Forum at the The National Housing Center July 23, 2019 in Washington, DC. As a member of a group of four freshman Democratic women of color, known informally as 'The Squad,' Omar has been targeted by President Donald Trump with controversial tweets during the last week. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)As a woman she is obliged to address this question as often as necessary But her vision of her position in the American pecking order is different than  that of  an American.  She exudes a sense of royalty. She is unfamiliar with the fact that her questioners could truthfully make the statement….”Ms. Omar you work for me”. You are my employee, my water bearer. Not my potentate and RULER. .



My first staffing during my practicum for my counseling masters. Chose to open my mouth and make suggestion in relation to a clients treatment. I advised that a certain diagnostic test be administered. The entire room just sat and stared at me in complete silence. They gave the test in question to every client upon admission! My lak of experience shined in bright garish neon lights above my head.  DUMMMY! But I did learn to shut up! Listen to the old timers who knew something. And maybe learn something.


The underlying rage that she seems to struggle to restrain from a full scale rant, speaks to a  thinly veiled hatred for America and a desire to make her accountable for real or imagined crimes against humanity. She stands recalcitrant for her Jew hating tweets a few days ago. Her non-apology reveals an inability to maintain a professional restraint in her behavior. She strolls in the door, wafting in the perfumes of  contempt for America and perceived crimes and as she is blinded by adolescant  hubris.

NOTE On the flip side, when this video is finished an even more strident brow beating of a witness is pursued by  Ms. Sheila Jackson Lee.  It is unpleasant to watch but does reveal the caustic nature of todays political left. 








The Weeping Woman Down the Hall

The wholesale subjugation of women in the muslim world has been going on for 1400 years, unbridled by western objection. Once upon a time the west could stand aside and ignore the abuse. Arabs were a distant people in an unfathomable society. The west could leave them to tend to their own while we look away massaging our denial. Oil, however, a brought us to an uncomfortably close relationship with a culture that has not advanced an iota since its birth in the seventh century. Our best bet to come away clean is to become energy independent so we can climb out of the pig pen before we end up covered in pig shit. 



Shalom! Linda


Linda Sarsour, a brand new congress woman is a self admitted anti-Semite. She is in Congress now and is a defender of Sharia law.

I include a short interview with the gentle spirited Ali Hirsi whom I have followed for several years. She is a victim of female genital mutilation and very vocal critic of Sharia Law.