Presently IS and Iran are quarreling over just who attacked an Iranian parade in which five attackers killed 24 and wounded many others. Iran also created videos showing ICBM attacks on Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. The feuds in the region have been going on for some time. And, a present, the area is a shooting gallery. The Sauds have forces in Yemen, Syria is of course killing it’s own citizens in civil war.

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“IS” CELEBRATING IT’S SUCCSESSFUL ATTACK ON A PARADE IN IRAN It is still unclear as to whether the IS is just claim-jumping somebody else’s terror attack.

I little humor is OK, but the grave importance over the possession of some very un-funny missiles and warheads in the hands of the worlds greatest bankroller of terrorism, who is basing it’s threatened annihilation of Israel and America when certain religious signs  initiate Armageddon with Israel first in line to be destroyed.


The Oldest Whore on the Block just Turned another Trick

You have to admit that Feinstein can put together a lynch mob quicker and better than anybody else in congress. Upon learning the name of the POTUS pick for supreme court justice , she put together a non-for-profit organization bent on derailing Kavanah’s confirmation as a Supreme.

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In the old nursery rhyme “Three blind Mice”, the farmers wife “cut off their tails with a carving knife.”. Too bad such swift and sure consequences can’t be applied to the bushwhacking that is happening in Judge Kavanaghs confirmation hearing for the supreme court. After the body of hearings is complete and just before the votes to confirm or reject Kavanagh for the position, a couple of very weak allegations concerning the judges behavior in high school have been sniped from the shadows of the Democratic minorities desperation.  In an act of supreme cynicism Dem. senator Feinstein withheld the allegations of sexual  impropriety till the eleventh hour. Throwing the women’s movement under the bus with events that may or may have not occurred during an alcohol-soaked dorm  party among teenagers over thirty years ago, Feinstein and fellow Democrats are using fuzzy recollections from two uncertain witnesses to paint Kavanagh as a sexual predator.


Neither of the two witnesses accusations reach the level of reasonable doubt or even a preponderance of evidence in impeaching the candidates character. The “not quite certain” accusers do not support each other and neither have any other validating witnesses to back claims that have characterized as a repressed memory on one hand and a not so sure it even happened recollection of another who claimed she may have a memory of such events only after much questioning and coaching by Democratic operatives. Even Sigmund Freud himself admitted that repressed memories are often manufactured by the questioners bias.  

More Witnesses Deny Kavanaghs’ Accuser


The better angels of our nature were revealed when more (named)  witnesses deny knowledge of any sexual abuse by Judge Kavanauh. These denials come on the heels  of written depositions of other witnesses denying any knowledge of Dr. Fords accusations of sexual abuse by Kavanaugh.


Here is a rather odd timeline of Muslim conquest fought during the so-called “dark ages” of Europe. Mentioned at length is Vlad  III who has been considered a ghoulish figure, a modal of the Monster Dracula. He, In fact. Did serve to make incursion a difficult issue for Muslim expansionists.

Marchs into Vlads territory made by the Muslim Armies of conquest were a fearful affair by Vlads  demonstrations of extreme violence. One example was the impaling of several thousand people across a point of entrance used by Muslim intruders. The Muslim army went home. To this day the locals do not vilify Vlad, they hail him as a national hero.

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Three hundred years of frequent Islamic aggressions preceded Pope Urban the II’s  first call for a Crusade to recapture the Holy Land. Atrocities were committed by either side, but the  invasion of the holy land was not an entirely unprovoked aggression by the Christians as revisionists would have history recount.

The finest point that can be drawn by this posting is that the same movement east since Sparta’s King Leonidas, stood at the head of 300 Spartans and 1200 other Greek defenders resisting  the incursion of Persian  invaders at the pass atThermopolis. Now Greece, again, serves as a  stepping stone to the back door of Europe for eastern Migrants fleeing the violence inheritant in their own societies.


In my most incessant vacillation between believing in a omnipotent power behind the veil of this reality and advocating a good healthy cynicism there is one constant that always is present….. Christians are the best architects of societies that I like. Namely, the whole western culture, as it stands.

Whether you envision the higher power as some old man with a beard and white robes or a big fat Buddha  smiling his way to Nirvana, certain religions lend themselves to a more or less comfortable working relationship with secular society.  Keeping things on an even keel and moving forward, without fear of learning, technological, and/or social advancement.

The relative success, in stabilizing human behavior and in turn, stabilizing cultural behavior, seems wedded to the foundation of values and beliefs  in the deepest place of each individual. Society suffers when there exists spiritual issues that foster, both internal and xenophobic dissent, as in the heart of Islam. The  carnage of the middle east, with the exception of Israel and a couple of the more secular societies such as Jordan and Egypt, is born of a vision of violence. When Shia kills Sunni, sects born a milllenia and a half ago at the deathbed of Mohammed a basic a congenital defect is revealed that has not been resolved.  The rigor that set in at birth dictates that Islam will not, or cannot, move to accommodate change in human nature…..

Islamic law, set down in the Sharia”.  written 1500 years ago and has not evolved one iota since.  If you are in a Sharia court, say, one of the several  working in Briton RIGHT NOW, you can have your arm amputated for stealing a jar of baby food. For real or merely suspected marital infidelity, a woman can be stoned to death. Sharia, the adopted child of the harsh desert world of Bedouin nomadic culture, will not or cannot give way to the law of the lands that allow the Islamic diaspora to squat on  western territory.

The misogynist foundation of Islamic culture opens the gate to such horrors as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) with each male at the head of the nuclear family given the status of nabob and final arbiter of right and wrong in the family. When I have confronted this position of each man the ultimate power in the Islamic family, I have received the rather lame apologetics (I don’t agree with it but ……I CAN UNDERSTAND HIS MOTIVATION). Denial…….. with a whisper of consent?

Separate laws call for territories of jurisdiction. Thus the growth of self made Ghettos of Islamic immigrants, the “no go” zones, where even police are reluctant to tread. Integration to host countries is not the point….regardless of how small or large the territory in question is, omnipotent Caliphates untouched by the umbrella of western culture, are the end game..





Diaspora by the sword

Back in ’79 this fellow came to power in Iran after he and a few angry followers kicked the Shaw of Iran out of business, (and the country). With the mission of creating a Caliphate of a genuine Theological society. No Harams and Dhimis need apply, it’s a regime excusive to the “superior” Muslim insurgents. Even as they flee their warring and failed states they carry with them the teaching, ingrained since birth that all that is not muslim is halal (forbidden) and that all infidels are of lesser nature (like cockroach’s) than Muslims.

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To this day, thirty years later and a bunch of nuclear centrifuges later there still is a large number of Iranian that feel held hostage to the Mullahs who run the country. International the Iranian are the enemy of any peace loving country and fund every terrorist group they can. They shout every day that Israel should be pushed into the sea with none allowed to liveSee the source imageIn accordance with Sharia. (Muslim law.) a thief of a candy bar could have his hand amputated. There are approximately 8 Sharia courts working in Great Briton right now. Is this an abdication of authority? Is it giving in to a problematic minority..

Life in Afghanistan

It is a habit of enemy combatants to label the opposition with various demeaning monikers that crowd the enemy into a singular group, denying their individual identities and making it much easier to kill, maim and plunder them with emotional impunity. The Burkah,  as illustrated in the pik below, deprives the females of Islam  an individual identity, making it easier to deny their humanity. The linked article to this pic discusses, in general, the activities of a relatively small number of IS terrorists  in a turf war with the Taliban over control of Afghani territory. The abuse of women and children is illustrated in putrid detail through victims statements……