It appears I am stricken with the flu today. I am retiring to bed. Where I will remain until they come to get the body. Until then so long.



The Texas Tribune/YouTubeFinally! Civilization responding with an appropriately inappropriate act.  It seems to be creeping through the cracks a bit. For the greater part of my young life of 59 years I have heard of the silent majority. I haven’t particularly heard them. I heard of them. Because…..the silent majority is silent,    ya nudniks!

I have been aware of the “silent majority” for about fifty years. They have won quite a few elections but they never are caught howling at the moon like the progressives. They are without charm.  But they are a bit of a soft-spoken bunch. Unless your sitting in their living room. Then just turn on Fox and you’ll hear a very well thought out diatribe from your host. Well  Hammer says the “Great Howl” from the silent majority is long overdue.

The corrosive effect of the gradual loosening of  moral/ethical strictures have changed the landscape of the American character.  With 43% of American households on one form of Govt. assistance or another.  It is going to take a virtual counter-attack to begin reconditioning our society to the work ethic that built our nation, the greatest nation in history.


 The use of the word “tainted” expresses the foundational  beliefs of Huff and her ilk.

Capital Day “Tainted” according the “Huffy Post.”

Just cuz I like the look!

Taxi Drivel


Hammer took a cab yesterday. My  drivers country is falling apart and he is smiling. I suppose because he is over here and Nigeria is over there. Sub Saharan Africa is a bit of a mystery to me. It is the ‘Dark Continent’  ya know. Stories like this are becoming more common. They are a trend that is related to but not the same as the high profile media grabbing ISIS, Al-Qaida, etc. actions. Such anti-Christian bigotry is more a thing of the masses. And the general sensitivity and combustibility of local conflicts between Christian and Islamic populations is increasing.  Some boil and some simmer, but the heat is on all over the globe.

He Would Never Belong To Any Club That Would Have Him As a Member…

Towering narcissism is revealed in the first paragraph of our presidents statement in Greece’s’ “Republic Day” celebration. When he informs his host of the miracle of having such royalty as he in Greece for a visit. Vast narcissism. .A limitless vista of narcissism. Narcissimus Maximus, El Massimo  Egomaniaka, well, you know bad daddy….. Obama. 



I was looking for some acceptable war-porn for my “Gun Camera”  page. But the clarity  and the quiet demeanor of the two war fighters is impressive. I felt  it warranted  a home posting. The use of what seems to be white phosphorous is a little extra special effect as well.




She’s an American Girl! And She Just Can’t Help Herself

Little Deb,  was darning some holes in a chain-male codpiece I used to sport during family gatherings  and such.  She was agog and thunderstruck at Michelle Obamas behavior during a handshake line at the Saudi’s digs in Saudi land. “You go girl!” Deb barked at the T.V.

I instantly assumed my beloved had sprung a leak. I fully expected to get sprayed with spinal fluid at any moment.

MICHELLE OBAMA REFUSED TO COVER HER MELON FOR THE “HOUSE OF SAUD (SAH OODE).” And she stood in the greeting line, not having her hand shaken by the misogynist Bedouins  in charge.  So! I must maintain my intellectual integrity and admit when my spiritual foe has stumbled into behavior I, (and Little Debbie) approve of. Ya done good Michelle.

One of the guys is staring at her hair. (just to her left). I don’t know where his left hand is. HMMMMMM? He does, however, have a rather silly grin on his face. (Double Hmmmmm?) Is he playing “pup tent”.



AP Photo/CZAREK SOKOLOWSKIHow can a guy over sixty look so cute? There is something wrong with that. But Herr Spielberg’s natural Jewdar is indeed picking up a resurgence of anti-Semitism throughout Europe. Tet.20 has begun. Up through the cracks in the fading façade of agape from the  9/11 THE MALIGNANCY AWAKENS TO DINE UPON THE BODY OF MAN.I agree with Krauthammer in his opinion that Europe has always been deeply anti semetic. The  years of tolerance following the second world war has been the anomaly, not the norm..  The reassertion of Jew hating is actually a system reasserting homeostasis.


Socialism has a dismal record of relationship with European Jewry. In particular, the Soviet union literally eradicates  whole Jewish communities in pogram throughout it’s history.   


I can imagine a scene where a loved one, dear to Bill Mahers heart is held hostage. Just when the sniper appears to save the day Bill Maher says no!  Don’t do it! As a matter of fact all, you cops with those dangerous guns go home! 

Of course this is just pure fantasy. No sniper would waste a bullet to save a bottle of Jack Daniels. Klikdapik


AP Photo/Carolyn KasterOf course he has to use the jet. To fly the great progressive to Hawaii for a golf game! He just can’t get it  less than 2000 miles from D.C.. I wouldn’t bark but there are a lot of coal miner families going without because the great carbon counter don’t like burning fossil fuels!

No More Lebensraum….for Abdul



Have you heard about the massive demonstrations against Islamization in Germany? Probably not. Much is left to the psychics concerning issues that are held in disdain by the left.  Germany is no exception, Greece ponders it’s possible exit from the EU,

640 LEGIDABritain is treading water in a rip tide of government dependent  Muslim immigrants as well as periodic violence and “no-go zones.”  Spain is at 24% unemployment, Greece is edging on financial oblivion and the story  iterates through virtually all European states.

Europe’s Future Digs (pun intended)

PAPAL BULL ON WHEELS! (Don’t get me wrong, He’s a pretty good Pope)