Pictured is the perimeter of what was referred to as as a “Fortified Hamlet” in south Vietnam (circa, Viet Nam War) The sharpened stakes were referred to as Punji sticks. Dipped in human excrement and sharpened to a point that would penetrate most boots they would cause any assaulting force a moment of reflection before risking the joy of a penetrated limb ballooning to twice it’s size and killing the injured party from sepsis in just a couple of agonizing days…. (sans adequate treatment of course.)

At the time, it was thought that if we woo the local villagers and offer them protection in such componds we could split up areas and spread our influence throughout South Vietnam

Didn’t work so well. Too many of the folks we were protecting put on black  pajamas after the sun went down. This little transformation meant those who were pointing toward the jungle during the day would be pointing their guns at the village instead. But given time and incremental expansion, the fallow gaps between Hamletts would be filled with enemies till the sun rose next morning.

The difference between such compounds and present “No Go” areas in France is minimal. Such tactics are nothing new to the folks in the disputed areas. The whole middle east has been won by such tactics.                      Klikdapik for a good little article on this subject.

PM Macron of France addressing the problem of no-go-zones

….”Trumps Family Separation Policy?

THE TRUTH………….This is how it goes 1…… Progressives, now out of the closet socialists, found out that they had no message that carried water with Americans. 2:……The Progressive voter base is mostly those at the bottom rung of the economic ladder. The more needy citizens, the more votes for Democratic candidates. And most refugees are pretty needy. 3: Closed borders = end of Democratic party…….

Open Borders= a flood of new Democratic voters!!!!!  Progressives don’t want a wall or any other hindrance to the acquisition of more voters for Democrats. So dead-body-obstructionism is the only thing an organization bereft of a message can do to get anybody elected! (any progressive that is)!



In 409 A.D. a Goth army crossed the northern borders of Italy. After running a muck assaulting communities in the outlaying countryside,  Alaric, at the head of a Goth army, entered Rome.  Alaric occupied the “eternal city” for only three days and with very little plundering in his wake, he moved on.  Alaric himself, died shortly thereafter from natural causes.  His incursion, into the very heart of Rome, signaled the end of an empire that ruled from Britain to Persia for 1200 years.

iSee the source image

There were many hungry, destitute people north of the Roman borders. Utilized as spear fodder in the Roman army at the forefront of many battles, they were used and abused to the point where children would be traded for dog meat as a bid to stave off starvation.    More than Rome could feed, cloth or employ, they crossed into Italy and took what was needed.  Thus was the beginning of the descent of Europe into what has come to be known as the “Dark Ages”.

KLIKDAPIK for a short but illuminating read

Beyond the southern border of the United States there are many who live in poverty, hungry for a better life and ready to do a little border jumping to get a chance at a piece of the American dream. Please take a moment to click on Lady Liberty for a good little article on the mass migration of the southern hemisphere,  north (here, where you LIVE dingus)!

HMMMM…..That’s not What They bin telling Me!

The Legion of demons in the mainstream-press have been quite shrill, in pillorying Trump for separating children. The practice of separating underage children is outlined in the linked article, so that they would not be thrown back into being  unknowing mules for drugs or merely being used as an anchor baby for a slew of awaiting “relatives”. . The article describes a rather complicated set of circumstances from innocent children just pointed north and pushed to those used as mules for various amounts of contraband. The practice should be very public and oversight should be added to advocate for children as they are encountered. As far as the “mental cruelty” aspects of children being temporarily removed from their parents,…how can this discomfort be compared to walking through the desert in 105 degree heat with your parents or a mule, mile after miserable mile day after day.  An air conditioned environment, where you are reasonably safe for the first time in a while would seem like Shangri-La. Detention may be the most humane environment they have encountered in a while. To be sure there is a problem with the catch release program, and no child should be separated from their loved ones for any length of time.  But the present administration inherited the set-up and I believe they are waiting for non-obstructive involvement from the Democrat side. However cold-hearted it might seem, the present dilemma may be being used as leverage for more legislative action to alleviate the present dilemma from the Democratic side.


THr pundits sit morose, staring at the camera lens but staring a 1000 yards byond like punched out palookas they offered up their various criticisms; “Ahh it wasn’t specific enough” “ahhh Trump gave up too much” and “let sung un slither through his grasp”.

See the source imageGuys who are disappointed their country didn’t fail……..THEY ARE SAD BECAUSE THEIR COUNTRY, INCARNATE IN DONOLD TRUMP DID NOT FAIL.




As basic, foundational values of  America deteriorate,  the self concept of her citizen’s begins to become distorted. Not knowing exactly what you are describing when you say “I’m and American”.  like looking at your image in a carnival mirror,the toxic personality will always see a vision of a distorted self. So it is with a culture that has lost sight of it’s basic values. BELOW, should you choose to venture a look, is an old trailer from a film by Fredrico Fellini, “Satyricon” which shows the distortion of the self image that happens in the decline of a cultureless culture.

Such is the distortion of the human image in pre-war Germany as this still from the movie “Cabaret” illustrates Germanys reaction to a dismal economy and multitude of political opposites all vying for power. A single clear image of what it is to be a good citizen are lost in a world of mercurial reality, where right and wrong are ill-defined. See the source image

And so it goes……not certain of their identity, angry because they look down upon themselves for achieving nothing are compelled to present a twisted façade and demand you accept and validate them.   

See the source imageSexual activities I can neither show or describe here, happen at will at LGBT pride parades as participants pitiably mimic their inner self concept  externally. Such it is with the dis-integration of a culture. When nothing is wrong…then nothing is right.  

The Progressive Agenda in Briton

Briton has been the custodian of all things western for about 1500 years. To see her  display  masochistic, self – scourging is always disturbing. It’s like seeing a loved one slapping themselves around after each error, regardless of how small or insignificant. Here is a little rage about the effects of having the Muslim influence grow in great Briton. 


 We, in our callow youth and exuberance We pronounce,”Well. lets go talk some trash” (to females, for reasons I won.t get into now). Basically, it means abandoning any semblance of honesty between the sexes. On rare occasion such philandering would score, but most of the time it was just embarrassing in the end. But it seems ol’ Mo came up with a little trash talk to justify playing with boobies!  Mohamed had a habit of talking to God at times when he wanted something and needed a good lie to get what he wanted.  The funny vignette following is and example of talking trash to get what you want while leaving truth in your dust. 

It is a problem. This ignorance of the finer points of Islamic life. Let us not be steeped in ignorance.  Lets refer to a history of Islam, the Hadith, in order to discover about breast feeding.  It is an interesting but slightly stimulating story.


Israel, the only functioning democracy in the middle east, must be saved. We cannot stand by the sidelines waiting to see what will happen. Most victims fall to the hands of their attacker because they are in denial about what is or may happen to them. Even to the point of imminent destruction, they lay there and wait for a miracle. Israel, standing at the frontier between the middle east ( the sixth century) and the present, cannot afford such self destructive delusions. Israel, where Arab residents have more rights than anywhere else in the middle east, now taking refugees from Syria, is the wests first point of defense against middle east hostilities. Documents, part of a coup of a hundred thousand or so “acquired”  by Israeli forces, describe Iran’s nuclear program. Leaving little doubt of their active nuke-building activities.

BREAKING: Netanyahu Presents Iran's Own Documents to Prove They Tried to Build a Nuclear Bomb and Lied About It

WE MUST HAVE ISRAELS BACK                                            KLIKDAPIK FOR A SHORT ARTICLE