Too bad they don’t require a drivers License for a bank account. If they did maybe incidents like the bananarama this pic is linked to wouldn’t happen. 

See the source imageIssues like our values as a culture march through the mind of any thinking person when  they discover a banana taped to a wall is considered a ‘work of art’ and draws a cool 120k from some geek with soooooo much dough they have absolutely no idea what money is worth. KLIKDAPIK for the trip down bizarre street.


My last posting was concerned with two adult professionals treatment of Barron Trump, the son of President Trump. The apparent glee exposed in dragging the presidents child into the septic, sham impeachment exposes the lack of maturity and ignorance of appropriate manners of some on the left. As the parent and grandparent of a legion of female offspring I have had more than my share of crisis and compromise. As a husband and father for nearly thirty years,  I can swear to LOVE as the vital bond that welds the heart and soul of families tightly together.

This couple spent 68 years together, and at the end, spent less than 33 hours apart.


Child Abuse!!!!!! If the cause is worth it ………..RIGHT?

What kind of adult drags a 13 year old child into a congressional inquiry on  impeachment? Is no concept of ‘sacred ground’ in the heart of a liberal?  Is there no place where all the axes are buried and grudges put on the shelf? An area of specialty in my career as a therapist was criminality. I found that every criminal had their limits. You may find a car thief who would never be caught dead pulling a strong arm robbery, a murderer who would never hurt a child, or a drug dealer who refuses to sell to youngsters. These areas of restraint serve a purpose for the criminal, the criminal can feel like he is basically a moral person who happens to be in  the criminal business.

My old fashioned sensitivities (63 years old), increase the shock value of these two professionals chaining a barely teen child on the pillory because they hate his parents. Professor Karlan and Jackson Lee are or the genteel gender, the custodians of societies more delicate values and advocates for those who cannot advocate for themselves? KLIKDAPIK for more……

Stanford University law professor Pamela Karlan, left, and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, right.

When Karlan brought the presidents son into the discussion I was ahocked,…..when I saw Jackson Lee chime in with giggles I felt that I was witnessing a court of the inquisition, breaking a 13 year old on the wheel. I see a lot, but I do not see the “Better angels of our nature” as Lincoln said. I am witnessing the demons of power hungry hyenas. Not When Trump talks about “draining the swamp” I learn two things. I learn just how much I did not know about the ‘Inside the loop’ in D.C. I did not know the swamp would grow and ensnare all who were new to it’s dangers. silently and much quicker than one thought. Be active, find what you can to serve as a cutting or digging tool. Lets get to clearing out the undergrowth.





I have found nothing concerning bulldozers and their use in executing Sharia law. I am certain that they would have used them for that purpose had they had them back in the 6th and 7th century.  Very little has changed in the heart of the followers of Islam and the assertion that they are only following Islamic Law is a cynical justification for murdering people. The charges for the capital  punishments include “failure to follow orders, and blasphemy” among the crimes used to justify the execution of ISIS own people.

Now that they have been pushed back and dispossessed of the territory they claimed, it seems the murderous urge has turned inward. It could be the finger pointing that usually fills the air after a great military failure, or a realization among the troops that the jig is up and their leaders are bogus loser.  Recrimination and commensurate  violence is extreme and the methods of murder are becoming more gruesome. It is obvious that no ‘reluctant’  exorcise in punishment is being  thoughtfully and seriously applied. No staid protocol for the punishments exists,. only the limits of the imagination is the governor of their star chamber udjudications.. In the past, tanks have been used to crush prisoners and some have been caged doused with gas and burned alive.  It is obvious that the executioners are men who just love killing and inflicting terror in the hearts of others.






A term, that on it’s face seems rather sterile and Oh! So professional has krept into the public conversation in recent decades. “Rules of Conduct”. Rules of conduct are limitations  on  our warfighters set down as guidelines to actions taken in a firefight.  If these rules are broken the soldier is in trouble

. Trump said earlier this year that he was considering issuing the pardons.Rules of engagement change; sometimes day to day. This can be a confusing condition when one considers the fog of war and the rage, fear and aggression  makes considered and well thought out decisions a miracle. But that’s what we think we want them to do. We want our boys to make split second life or death decisions, and  get it right. Or suffer the concsequences of a common criminal.

President Trump is pardoning some of the more questionable cases of  miscarriages of justice. With the heart of Darkness we are fighting right now,…. Agonizing over every iffy gunfight will serve no purpose more than getting more Americans killed and less Americans of true grit joining our military. Americans are traditionally the good guys. Right now there are mobs of Hong Konger  citizens holding up American flags and singing our national anthem in their bid for  freedom from mainland China. The world well knows that of  all the wars we have fought and won, we have never claimed territory greater than enough ground to bury our dead.  But is all boils down to connecting with that masculine part of our nature fearlessly,  “walk the razors edge” and hope that we can behave ourselves, kick ass, and somehow find salvation for our fighting the good fight.     In the PRESCRIBED MANNER.

Thanksgiving……………..When they Discovered Americans

Ignorance is when you don’t know because you have never been exposed to the information. Stupidity is the inability to learn material even after you have been exposed. You can be willfully ignorant by not seeking out knowledge, and you can be deliberately stupid through the lack of use of your higher facility with logical thought and goal directed, focused attention. I have little patience with either group. Both groups are defined by VOx’s take on Bonnie and Clyde. They call it a myth that we have been getting wrong all these years. KLIKDAPIK for more…….                                        






The College kids on the beach will know something won’t they ? They will prevail! Our Nubile nymphs of  Higher ED. are special! Well It has been said, by me, that one of there greatest dangers to Democracy is ignorance of the past. As a Matter of fact, stupidity in general is the greatest danger this republic can face.

 It appears the American student is fast becoming a great Cornucopia of “Duh I don’t know.”   It is shocking to a sweet young soul (me) from the plains of western Oklahoma, to hear student after student stammer and develop flop sweat at the most basic question. I was raised to respect knowledge more than any other virtue. Books were treated as well a family members. A page corner was never turned to mark a place in a volume, paperback or not. On this THANKSGIVING I give most reverent request to my eternal parents. They have elevated me to my dying breath by inculcating me with a love of knowledge that has made my world a limitless place to explore.

Thx Mom and Dad



Do Tell Chappelle…….

Edgy….. rampant…. profane……such are the descriptive attributed to the humor and public persona of David Chappell. He would seem the last person who would be a staunch defender of the Constitution. The first and second amendment have enjoyed a few supportive words from the master of every-man comedy. The remainder of his social agenda is a mystery to me, but he does reveal a streak of pragmatism that brings him head and shoulders above his hollywierd colleagues. for more just KLIKDAPIK below


1000 Iranians arrested and 100 killed in protests sparked by sparked by gas price increases caused widespread demonstrations in several locations. Posters of the rulling Mullahs have been torn down as well and crowds have been chanting anti-regime slogans , “We don’t want an Islamic Republic!”  KLIKDAPIK for more

In 1979 the crowds filled the streets in the first ecstatic moments after the Shaw had been deposed and the Ayatollah took over. Since then the Iranian panel of pernicious potentates has followed the  three track program of turning back the years to the social order of the seventh century, acquiring nuclear weapons, and killing Israel. For the past couple of decades, however, the country, with the exception of the Mullahs and Ayatollahs, has been in serious buyers remorse.

A take-down on the regime by the people of Iran would be a welcome development. It would be better than dealing with a fully nuclear Iran. And the love affair with the freedoms of a secular society still haunt the Iranian everyman. He does not have to conjecture as to the benefits of secularism, the old timers tell the youth, and the youth feel cheated of their fair share of a free society.

Iran has been openly known as the biggest financier of terrorism in the world. They are developing nuclear weapons as fast as they can, ICBMs and hypersonic missiles designed to defeat Israel’s Iron Dome defensive system, and Iran’s destiny, as decided by the Mullahs in charge, is to be the regime to usher in the end of days with the annihilation of Israel. They are the most dangerous of enemies. They are true believers. And seeking their reward in death.

:Let Trump take great strides. Let him be the baddest ass in the valley. Sometimes that is what you need. In a region that still abides by the ‘might makes right’ code of ethics that was the prevailing social regulator of the day.

As for the regular Iranian on the street, bless and keep you. Give you the strength to kick your rulers out.

Strait-Forward Vernacular ?

As I write this posting I am listening to an intereview with a Trump friendly GOP operative and stratagist, Steve Bannon. A quote that stood bas-relief to other issues being discussed was that “Trump doesn’t speak in that vernacular.” Trump would never think to say the word vernacular. He is not a verbal gerbil, like Obama, who could sing the stars from heavan. He is the everyman super hero,

His speech is pedestrian and otfen awkward, and sometimes even embarrassing in  it’s adolescent stumble. But when one considers the amount of hell that has been shoveled on him as he fought the good fight to carry on the nations business as well as delivering things promised, his stamina, both physical ( age: 73), and psychological (open war waged from the DNC,  through the Mainstream Media) has been a marvel of human endurance. As the months of legislative torpor drag on, the contrived nature of his detractors impeachment becomes obvious. This banana-republic coup attempt is taking on surrealistic dimensions. The impeachment is a historic footnote, it’s most remarkable consequence is that it will be cited as a factor in re-electing Trump for his second term.



Archie Bunker has been reincarnated in the form of Rashia Tlaib. Fowlmouthed and firing indescriminatly while wearing her racist goggles is her specialty. In this exciting episode she is not damning the Jews or catching the KKK under her bed. She is telling a black chief of police his job. He on the other hand revealed himself to be a class act. Throughout THE MOST BACK- BAY- BAYOU BULLSHIT delivered by Rashide Tlaib,…. . Concerning white people not being able to tell one black person from another, he restrained himself and handled her without even raising his voice.  Tlaib attacks the use of facial recognition technology unless blacks are hired to identify blacks and whites are limited to working with white people identification.