Is The Financial Ruin of America Done yet?


THe economy has slowed from its characteristic snails pace, (Obama’s achievement), down,  to just .2 tenths  of a percent.  Peep it bro, Peep it good, Not two percentage points.  Just two tenths of one percent.   Leaping to the task of dealing with the fiscal crisis,  the president  postures  for another tax increase. Any tax increase installed when the economy is  at a stand-still is tantamount to snuffing a house fire with a bucket of gasoline.

Obama has been playing ‘Whack a Mole’  for years. Every time there is an upswing he beats it down with  typical Democratic “tax and spend” tactics. We are toeing the line at another recession and  Obama thinks thats just O.K.. The fundamental change is grown from a weakening of the economy. The best way to a permant cool down of the American economy is to establishing a new balance of demographics. A robust economy relies on a formula like this:

Small number of dependants (poor, disbled etc)  +  A small, (manageable) number of taxable rich  + A  large  taxable middle class = Healthy Economy.

But it is the existence of unfettered capitalism that is the enemy of Obama’s vision of a perpetually dependent, underclass of Democratic voters. The economy that Obama wants for America can only be made upon the bones of the present economy. Obama does not want a hotter economy, he wants to destroy the existing economy and replace it.  

Each so called “stimulus package” is just another injection of Botulism by our Munchausen by Proxy, Barack Hussein Obama.




Haram Christmas Y’all


The curious inversion of the very instinct for self-preservation is counter-intuitive to most men and all virtually all other species on the planet. All animals show some obligation to their own. It is an imperative that has been honed through evolution for more than a few eons.

Is it that the sense of an invidual identity has faded in the hearts of many? Usually those of the liberal/progressive/democratic/apostate homo sapiens (those who simply refuse to think), are steeped in angst for their parent culture.

Pat  racks points on the self-hate issue in this video rant…. The very gender equality that Condell touts in this rant could not exist without civilization. And history tells us that a culture which devests itself of it’s basic set of shared values is not long on the stage of history. Like Babylon of old, such a culture would fragment for want of a common thread. Kaput as it were. In that multiculturalism can be counted on to handily dissolve the common bonds. Andrew Klavin addresses this issue…..


WMD Forever After


I always objected to our invasion of Iraq. I like a good fight just as every true American does. I just felt there was too little connection between Iraq and 911 to justify an invasion. Of course I didn’t get too strident in my objection. And for that I am slightly ashamed.Woodward: Bush Didn't Lie About WMDs in Iraq

I arranged e-mail notifications should WMD,s be mentioned. I perused various news sources very day to find news of their discovery. Above all, I searched for validation for the war. But regrettably, none was forthcoming. The real difficulty has been hearing the discordant chorus of Liberal Jackasses braying about his ‘lying’ about weapons of mass destruction in order to start the war!

At the time every intelligents organization in the world, (including Saddem himself) was swearing he had the goods. From M-5 to the CIA, to Mossad of Israel  emerged a picture of an unrecalcitrant despot hording a secret stockpile of weapons that he would use and had, in fact, used previously.

I don’t believe you can swing those who have an ax to grind. But it is of some solice that a credible journalist with Woodwards historic  resume would cp it all with an exoneration of the Bush administrations decision to enter Iraq.



An Existential Imperative


The  publishing record of this blog has been non-existant for the past couple months. I return now with a restart, (comeback, what have you), and a fresh recommitment toward maintaining an interesting blog.

I and Deb (my woman) have been cast into the void so to speak.  Chicanery among those who were held in trust has lost us our home.We are basicly without an address at the moment.  We are  not refugees.   Game for the challenge and holding tight to each other as we tumble, Deb and I are emancipated.

We have, all things considered an excellent attitude for the existential pilgrimage we are making.  It was kind of like our prison burned down. and as we emerge from the ruins,we must shake-off the ambers and rinse the smoke from our eyes. As the initial shock subsides we see the horizon clear of the old obstacles,  and a road,  without signpost or guide, winding into the distance lies before us. With a smile of the “Old hand”we think back on all the times in 25 we have hit the ground running.John Mixon's photo.I am proud of my woman. And we are proud of ourselves as a couple. The crowd of leaches, sycophants, back stabbers, gold-diggers, petty thieves and incessant whiners  have departed and now, finally, we can see each other again. And to our delight we find we like what we see.

The existential imperative is this: A roof over our head. And thus we thrust in that direction.

We have rolled up our sleaves, and are rising to the challenge again. Tears shed and dried we run to the sound of the guns. Deb is my stalwart, my little Champion. She is good in a fight  and I would want no one else with me.

Well, I will post again as soon as it is physically possible to.   Getting a roof over our head will occupy no small portion of our time and energies.  I will post again soon. Thank you for your visit, See Ya!