An Ode to the apathetic


QUESTION FOR THE LADIES: If i, (random male) walked up and stuck my finger in your cleavage.  I would  probably end up in the slammer. for sexual assault……which is as it should be, If any sexualy explicit ACTION IS TAKEN AGAINST A CHILD IT IS EXPONENTIALLY AGGRAVATED, So why has there been no popular hew and cry over the sick and cruel crime of female genital,mutilation? Sorry I can’t answer that query, why has no one come to the little ones rescue?….KLIKDAPIK for a good article. the only request I ask  is that you read it to it’s conclusion. It is a gut wrenching read. but force yourself. maybe, someone who is in a position to do some good will step forword,


Tricked into a false gathering for a little preaching, 81 were murdered in NIGERIA,

REMEMBER AFRICA? why does it seem that the world has so little concern over the plight of the sub-sahan nativs


Islam says it’s just peachy that young girls and children can have their genitals carved on by somebody. Who? Who does this kind of thing? Your grandma?  An Imam? What doctor would, in  good conscience, perform this travesty?  Well they call it “female circumcision” but it has nothing to do with circumcision. Not when it includes the ablation of the clitoris. That is just wicked. In this world,  in  this age, should there be more than  a moment of debate on this insidious act? KLIKDAPIK for a word on legal action  that has been proposed in dealing with  this quaint traditional Muslim practice.


It is amazing what the Mainstream Media can ignore. It is amazing that there is almost no discord in the harmonizing of the media. They seem to miss the same stories, and even use the same verbiage in describing events that reflect on their pet political points of perspective. If it walks like, quacks like and waddles like a common front for progressive opinion, you probably have what I refer to as a soft coup. By my definition, a soft coup happens when a culture loses its sense of self and actually assists another cultural perspective in taking on the position primacy  The long twisted set of facts that speak to this little Somalis past criminal acts has been quietly shunted to the side. , for the most part, by the mainstream media. OF course if a conservative had revealed a pattern of law breaking they would have him keel hauled in a minute. Only the events that can be cobbled into a story defaming the Trump administration is put in the spotlight for shameless promotion.


MS. OMAR IS NOT ANSWERING FOR THE JIHADI RECRUITMENT IN HER DISTRICT. FBI findings paint a vivid picture of the of the  machinations from which this gentlewoman has crept. Hit the pick below for the word on her political genesis.

Congressman Omar was angered and defensive when asked if she would condemn Female Genital Mutilation, (FGM). Omar has signed off on legislation against FGM in the past. Her reaction to being questioned  is the point of discussion here. It appears that she feels that she is unfailrly being held accountable for her religion, and looks upon such questions as singling her out because of her religion.  Her attitude is one of a nabob losing patience with errant subjects and she should be exempt from the probing all  other politicians must endure. Of course she is being questioned about a religion fraught with bloody infighting between the Muslim sects, Sunni and Shia, and bloody terrorist activity on non-Muslim people every day.

Her assertion the question is inappropriate. She wears a head covering at all times, and supports sharia in doing so. Her religion has been outstanding among all others on the planet at committing acts of terrorism and war unerringly through the last 1400 years. Baptists, don’t detonate themselves in public restaurants. Methodists don’t go on automotive homicide rampages, the Amish don’t kill at all  (lazy I guess), and Catholics have been behaving themselves nicely for the last couple hundred years. Hindus don’t seem to explode and the Buddhists just don’t care enough to kill I guess. A question or two about this twisted belief system is an essential obligation of anyone who wants to keep Americans safe.

. One would think that she would enthusiastically answer the question, often and loud. She is a woman from a religion that states in no uncertain terms that women were made by God to be inferior to men. You can bob the ear of a cow or put a big ring in its nose. No questions asked because through the benefit of our superiority we do as we wish to livestock.  WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 23: Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) participates in a panel discussion during the Muslim Collective For Equitable Democracy Conference and Presidential Forum at the The National Housing Center July 23, 2019 in Washington, DC. As a member of a group of four freshman Democratic women of color, known informally as 'The Squad,' Omar has been targeted by President Donald Trump with controversial tweets during the last week. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)As a woman she is obliged to address this question as often as necessary But her vision of her position in the American pecking order is different than  that of  an American.  She exudes a sense of royalty. She is unfamiliar with the fact that her questioners could truthfully make the statement….”Ms. Omar you work for me”. You are my employee, my water bearer. Not my potentate and RULER. .

Little Girls, think about it……..Little Girls

Dress them from the crown to the heel and no covetous eye will find them. Castrate them and they will not betray the husband for pleasure. So  it goes in the Oh! So! Politically Correct England, where 113 cases of female genital Mutilation have been reported in the previous year. 113 cases reported, 7 arrests made, no prosecutions. Female Genital Mutilation is a rather vaguely defined cutting of the female genitals. Labia and clitoris are most commonly cut with the point being to deprive  the fledgling female of the capacity for sexual pleasure.

Below are pictured the “Tools  of the Tirade” for the Female Genital Mutilator


Surgery With a Sharpened Spoon

A Michigan court is evidently entertaining the thought that genital mutilation is a medical practice. Or at least that is the idea defense lawyers are trying to float. It will be interesting to see which way this goes. This sweet young lady is the victim of this barbaric Muslim practice aimed at depriving the victim any sexual satisfaction. It involves the ablution of the clitoris, among other things shredded in the genital area. I have never heard of two legal systems working in tandem like this. There appears to be no reference to Sharia (the Islamic legal code) in the U.S. constitution. I hope there is no accomoation of the defense in this legal exchange. Great Britain already has several Sharia courts working and I would hate to see it happen here.