Little Girls, think about it……..Little Girls

Dress them from the crown to the heel and no covetous eye will find them. Castrate them and they will not betray the husband for pleasure. So  it goes in the Oh! So! Politically Correct England, where 113 cases of female genital Mutilation have been reported in the previous year. 113 cases reported, 7 arrests made, no prosecutions. Female Genital Mutilation is a rather vaguely defined cutting of the female genitals. Labia and clitoris are most commonly cut with the point being to deprive  the fledgling female of the capacity for sexual pleasure.

Below are pictured the “Tools  of the Tirade” for the Female Genital Mutilator



Surgery With a Sharpened Spoon

A Michigan court is evidently entertaining the thought that genital mutilation is a medical practice. Or at least that is the idea defense lawyers are trying to float. It will be interesting to see which way this goes. This sweet young lady is the victim of this barbaric Muslim practice aimed at depriving the victim any sexual satisfaction. It involves the ablution of the clitoris, among other things shredded in the genital area. I have never heard of two legal systems working in tandem like this. There appears to be no reference to Sharia (the Islamic legal code) in the U.S. constitution. I hope there is no accomoation of the defense in this legal exchange. Great Britain already has several Sharia courts working and I would hate to see it happen here.