Pictured below are the surgical tools used to ablate the girls clitorous. The linked article refers to these blades being “brought in” from far away with personnel in tow who will do the job for a fee. A razor blade, (rusty) and a putty knife that has been sharpened a bit are all that is pictured here. And in comparison to the bent spoons and such that I have seen pictured as FGM these tools are “state of the art.” 

Where is NORMAL? In other issues related to treatment of women they get quite screechy and unpleasant to deal with. But when it comes to the abuse and dominance that prevails in Muslim cultures we hear a few tired crickets.

I could be biased though, I have five daughters and could not allow them to be so humiliated, divested of legal parity with males and  subjected to all forms of physical and mental oppression like most good Muslim girls endure. Luckily none of my girls have been so lame brained as to convert to Islam. For more on this topic just click the pick below.


What Goes Around…….Comes Around

Upon happening onto a video of Nancy Pelosi being harassed by protesters, I turned and announced to my spouse “Baby you better look at this…Pelosi is getting some of her own meds!”

My immortal beloved rebuked my glee with a simple, “Yah but “we” are the custodians of culture now. We must act in a civil manner.”

Damnit she was right. But the vid is still a delight!” ……..TeeHee!

Don’t Worry, Maxine is on the Ramparts!

Yes little Mary, there is a right and left in European politics, just like in America.  Matteo Salvini, interior minister of Italy from the right side of the isle foresees a drastic change in Italian politics should the socialist left gain control over Italian politics. The fears are the same as here. The inception of a large group of dependent individuals, forming their own ghettos (no-go zones) where the influence is so hostile that local constabulary are reluctant to stick their heads into a hornets nest where beliefs and behaviors hostile to  contemporary values hold sway over the laws of the land.

After having dragged their pitiful asses out of some leaky milk carton bobbing about the Mediterranean.

Such could be your fate in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, etc. At least until a picture of Bassa al Assad shows up on a milk carton. Only a nuclear holocaust could destroy a culture more completely than having Islam move in. To put it bluntly, you cannot live successfully  when your plan for living is fourteen hundred years in arrears.

See the source image

Sharia based legal codes. You know, court cases that end in some form of dismemberment, right hand steals the apple, right hand is chopped off etc. etc.. Imagine a society where honor  killings and stoning were commonplace.  Of course Maxine Waters, (pictured below), would not be allowed to spray vitriol around with impunity in the Islamic culture just because she is a woman. That is one good thing. ……I guess.  (humor)   Just the billboard would be enough to scare most migrants back onto the boat!



Time to Man the Parapets

They are not welcome. Mostly, men looking strong and healthy are planning on pushing their way into the country. America, quibbling over what to do with the border is seen as  silly and of no consequence. They have dreams of just brushing the border agents aside and going about their business taking their pleasure with our girlfriends!








Apart from our miserable love lives being put in jeopardy, there is the fact that they have made themselves residents of the US against our will! In affect they have become home invaders who will throw a pallet down on our living room floor and then sit there staring up and shaking a Guatemalan flag while they have their way with the contents of our refrigerator.THIS IS THE MAP THAT WOULD REMAIN SHOULD WE DISSOLVE THE BORDER….IN A FEW DECADES, SHOULD THE POWERS THAT BE DANE IT NECESSARY,, KIDS CAN LEARN ABOUT A MAGICAL PLACE CALLED  THE “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. IN SCHOOL BOOKS.

After the last companies leave north America for the cheaper wages in China and New Delhi as well as countless other points on the compass, we can feed our huge population of unskilled labor just a little bit less.  It may be difficult because the socialist redistribution of capital will have either run the moneymakers away or prevented them from working hard enough to accrue any money. The ranks of the rich will naturally thin out through attrition.


As Margaret Thatcher said. “Socialism is great until you start running out of other peoples money”


Out of the Mouths of Babes

These young scholars want to have a word with you. It is about your lack of proper humility in the presence of your betters. If you are not a muslim, you still have a place in muslim society. DOORMAT. As a Dhimmi (non-muslim) you are to pay  the jizya, a special tax for non Muslims. And as a Muslim you are instructed to go the extra mile and humiliate Dhimmis whenever possible. One little story in the Hadith describes a traveler, (a non Muslim) who asks for a place to stay overnight.  The Muslim host of this weary traveler should make the Dhimmi sleep on the floor as per his status and the Muslim obligation to treat him like shit. This is NOT Baby Jesus religion. It is a belief system that lists compasson just between compost and corn holing.

Klikdapik fur more


The Day the Scientific Method Rode a Unicorn

The conquistadores invaded Mayan country and after wantonly killing as many of the  natives, they deliberately handed out Smallpox laden blankets to finish off the south American population through disease.. The  dirty Europeans (Mayan were squeaky clean) were the obvious villains in this story. OF course they spread these germ laden blankets a few hundred years before the discovery of germ theory. In one text brought home by my daughter all the above info was presented as ‘education’ for the children. The fact that the sacrifice of thousands of innocents by having their heart, still beating. cut and torn from their breast, was not even hinted at in the text.   Bad, dirty, violent Europeans, nice clean peaceful Mayans, Is the lasting impression of the lesson. Even though  estimations of the Mayan body count ranged up to over 200 thousand human sacrifices a year.

Hard Working Latinos

Below is a Venzualan protester….She had her mouth tape shut so that she wouldn’t blurt out the truth to the Democrats smuggeling them across the border.  These people are running from income redistribution, a large government that takes most of your paycheck to use as it sees fit. Medicine through one payer  takes months to get an appointment. The Open border Democrats were relying on a large group of dependent people to vote Democrat. The migrants, however, have experienced socialism and want no more of it. They are smarter than the Demos want them to be!

I have worked and lived with Latinos. They aren’t stupid. They are as likely to end up Republicans as Democrats. Someday, the message to the Demos will be “Be careful what you pray for.”


Calling for an Anti-Trump?

The gentleman pictured below has some advice on how to respond to the presidency of Donald Trump. It is an interesting little article that speaks to the desperation of the left when they find that you can’t turn back time and change the results of the last  presidential election. Of course none of this would be an issue nearly two years after the election…… if the lunalibs had put down their bongs long enough to vote.

See the source image

aRE YOU kidding?

The press nailed the first lady on her choice of pith helmut on one of her excursions in Africa. They said it was too “colonial”. THen they begin to conjecture on her relationship with her huspand the POTUS.

US First Lady Melania Trump is denying claims of strains in her marriage with President Donald Trump


The first lady quells the rumors by a very good non-denial denial.

She is eastern European and in the sense that she was reared in a culture where a little mistress on the side was the privilege of great men. The trade-off is that she is first lady and they are not. Its a European thing you bunch of yokels in the mainstream media don’t get!

Where are The Fathers?

SInce LBJ’s “Great Society was launched, back in the ’60s the dynamics installed have precipitated the destruction of the black nuclear family. Fathers left and male children were stuck with naught but gangs to model male behavior and a mother stuck on welfare below the level of poverty. As a therapist I am aware of the natural conditioning that goes on in intact families. The values of the father are transmitted to the sons through introjection. If a the father is hard-working and responsible, patient and humble. These as well as any value possessed by the parents will become a part of the sons personality, deeply ingrained and solidly set. Restraint, honesty, and abiding by the law are values that could be transmitted if the father is in the home. As it stands I have seen several generations of young black men, often pampered by their female parent, who become spoiled, angry and demanding, who end up either in prison or dead. Of course these conditions don’t apply to every broken family. Often a strong mother can raise fine young men who obey laws work for a living and honor commitments. But, as it stands, there are enough “king babies” on the streets  raised to ruin from fractured families to keep Chicago in funerals for the next millennium.

There are many young black men who are looking for a father figure. As an older male I have experienced this a couple of times, when my daughters African- American boyfriends, fathers absent from there lives for one reason or another, would start calling me Pa-Pah!….. and admitting that I served to fill the space their absent fathers left empty..