Four thousand years ago the Babalonians destroyed the Jewish high temple. At the coming of the common era, the romans dismantled the rebuilt temple  and sold the treasures therein to finance construction of the colosseum. Through the ensuing ages the persecution of the Jews followed the diaspora wherever it was and persecuted the Jews untill the “final solution”  imposed by Nazi Germany systematically murdered 6 million Jews en masse.  

With antisemitism on the rise in Europe and incidents of violence spiking in the states, the influence of “The Squad” is a clarion call the weak-minded Democrats and all creeds of limousine liberals who are more than willing to join the anti-Semitic chorus.  “The Squad” (pictured below), is siding with Hamas, the terrorist group now in power in Palestinian areas from which about 4 thousand missles have been shot at Israel in recent days. .”The  Squad”. are CONGRESSPERSONS… Some useful idiots think, “”The Squad” knows something. … and. “The squad” thinks it knows something…. LYNCH MOBS HAVE SUCH DYNAMICS.. See the source image

Israel Speaks

Arutz Sheva a major news outlet in Israel provides a statement concerning the slippery slope that this fine young cannibal is pushing the democrat party down. Watch out boys. Blood is at the end of this road. Of course the Jews are particularly sensitive to anti-Semitic tripe from the American left. 

It appears that Omar is much more interested in being a militant Palestinian  than in dealing with any problem that would concern an American. Have the newbies done anything with the first year of their stint in congress?NOPE!  Not one bit of the peoples work has been done. Except a pay raise………for doing nothing!!!!    

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Our cute little Congressional troll,  Ilhan Omar, has been working overtime getting the word out and making sure that her Jewbaiting gets spread around the middle east.  In Interviewing with Al Jazeera, a muslim news outlet, she chose well. When our troops were fighting and dying in Iraq , Al Jazeera led the cheers for the terroists; in particular, praises for the fighters in Fallujah, a stronghold so rough it took two campaigns by our marines to pacify the town.

It sounded like they were reporting the last stand at the Alamo and we were Santa Anna and his army. Unbiased reporting is not a long suit with Al Jazeera. Her venomous Anti-Semitism and hatred of all things American will be safe. She can rest assured that  from Iran to Morroco all will be informed of her briallant work in the halls of Congress.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington on Jan. 24, 2019. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Why Wouldn’t You Support Israel ?

Ignorance is bliss. Or so the old sampler goes. Ignorance may be bliss to the ignorant, but it is a pain in the ass for everyone else. Rashida Tlaib or rather Congresswoman Tliab has , of late, proclaimed the soft and gentle welcome that was offered the victims of the holocaust that fled to the region, that is now known as Israel. Steve Harper, ex-prime minister of Canada presents reasons we should support Israel in a simple, clearly defined video that hopefully will put some of the negative propaganda that the left has been disseminating. When the Jews of war torn Europe got nothing like a soft and welcoming landing. 



Another Head in a Jar

When the carnival came to my tiny town in the wheatfields of northwestern Oklahoma, I would first seek out the “Cranes” which was a game that offered a little toy steam shovel in a glass box littered with folding knives that looked very much like real switchblade knives, fuzzy dice, tiny cap guns etc.. I don’t know whether they were real switchblades or not . I never was able to get the steam shovel to stop over the knives as it slammed wildly around the glass box with each turn of the crank I made.  So, with my last tickets I would move on to the darker corridors off the midway, lined with garish murals of mummies and sea monkeys and occasionally, if you were really lucky, a severed head in a jar!

In  Washington D.C., if  you were to walk away from the lights and carnival calliope music, of the midway,  step into the shadows of the tent called congress and take a peek, you would see the Democratic party, sticking heads in glass jars and wrapping mannequins in gauze bandages to put on display as “mummies”.  Anything to cull rubes off the bright midway to the darker corners, where pie-eyed country boys would put their dollar down.


Democrtic congressmoman Eddie Bernice Johnson invited Omar Suleiman to give the opening invocation in the U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTITIVES

Further down that dark corridor of the midway is the Ilhan Omar tent. In this tent is a Star of David sitting in a jar of piss right next to another jar of urine, with a crucifix floating around. Her corridor is the longest, she has discovered the gutless allegiance of American liberals. She smiles a lot because she has never found a group of supposed grown-ups so easy to push around. When offered the opportunity to censure  her damaging words they have been nothing more than Omar lackeys, willing to sing chorus for anti-Semitism. .

Ilhan Omar Nancy Pelosi (J. Scott Applewhite / Associated Press)

Thus it goes in the halls of congress these days Omar, dancing with fellow Muslim Rashida Tlaib, who has garnered attention from her comment “We’re going to impeach that motherfucker!”     No link here, nuffs been said…..

Tlaib at her swearing-in ceremony on Thursday. Pelosi rejected Tlaib’s profanity and her impeachment promise


Ilhan Omar, useful Idiot

Ilhan Omar’s ignorance about what is really happening at the Golan Heights is quite evident. Maybe she should read this blog and get educated. With the collusion of the Mainstream Media, the thugs that violently wrested authority from the Palestinian Authority a few years ago, are using civilians in what are known as CNN operations. A “CNN Operation” entails the promotion of collateral deaths on Israeli reactions to attacks. The positioning of innocents near rocket sites and installation of rockets in hopitals and schools is a common tactic. Casualties among the innocents will garner sympathetic images. Only a fool would believe Israel will knuckle under to such violence. Only a fool would suffer the delusion that Hamas will gain anything from further rocket attacks.

They have been tossing rockets at the Israelis for years. To no avail. They do know, however,  they can win absolutely every public relations victory with random attacks that must be met by Israel.  Random rocket attacks, and pics of dead Palestinian children will win the press pass, and  keep the Iranian money, rockets, and cash flowing.  With useful idiots as Ilhan Omar, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC,  (the alphabet soup of death), Hamas enjoys the money of Limousine-Liberals, brain dead American Jews, and  millennial snowflakes of many races, creeds and colors!

The openly anti-Semitic Ilan Omar, recent addition to congressional roll calls, has been spouting hatred for all things Jewish for the 7 months of her career as a congress woman. This person is  on the Foreign Relations Committee in Congress!


CAIR has a Crush on Ilan!

Ilan Oamr, freshman congressperson, anti-Semite, and the darling of the Democrats was protested at a gathering sponsored by CAIR  which has been designated a co-conspirator in shunting funds to such terror organizations as Hamas and Hezbollah. Ms. Omars involvement with such organizations would be comparable a white Republican male hanging  with the KKK. Yet not a peep from the Dems in condemning such damning behavior.  Omars involvement is not surprising. She has prevously tested the boundaries with blatantly anti-sematic statements and come up smelling like a Democratic Rose. The Dems could have condemned her behavior but they ended up condemning being “not nice” rather than even mentioning Omar in their reaction to the blowback from Republicans and  enraged citizens’ after her most recent anti-Semitic comments.


The article linked lays out a CAIRs involvement in terrorist organizations, Omars behavior and the reaction of citizen protestors to what is apparently a large portion of the Democratic party coming out of the closet and revealing Anti-Semitism as part and parcel to belonging to Democratic ranks.

Representative Jihad

When you walk into her office you will see a map on the wall. A post-it covers the state of Israel on the map.  Palestine is written on it (no space left for Israel).  Rashid Tlaib, our representative from the  great state of Islam is pushing to sever educational ties with Israel by trying to end the “Study Abroad Program”  Pfizer College shares with the Jewish state. The college president Melvin Oliver, rejects the vote as prejudiced.

Tlaib, known for announcing that she was going to “Impeach the motherf—kr”, (President Trump),  is getting involved with international politics rather quickly after having been elected to congress. And it seems international means anything that hurts Israel’s relationship with the U.S..


OK  We will change the dress code for congress so our shiny new Muslim congresswoman can wear religious headgear while legislating. While swearing into her new job she swore on the Koran rather than the Bible, as has been the venerated custom of our country for a couple of centuries. In ’12 she proclaimed “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.”

Her latest zinger went as thus: “I chuckle whenever Israel is called a democracy.”   As part and parcel of her pernicious package,  Omar likens Israel to Iran, the worlds greatest financier of terrorist organizations around the world. Insisting  Israel be considered  no greater a friend of America than a country where  “Death to America! The Great Satan!” rallies are held every Friday.



Palestinian Authority in Congress

Our representative from the great state of Palestine has opened her gob and uttered the second remarkable statement in her baby-fresh career in Congress. Rashid Tlaib, accusing Americans who support Israel of having “dual loyalty” resurrects an old anti-semetic tack of questioning American fealty if said Americans support the very existence of Israel. The now that I’m here we can “impeach the motherfucker” hubris in her first week coupled with an utterance of unmistakable anti-Semitism in her second week in office lets us know that she is not here to represent the people who voted her into office (Michigan is her straw-man)……Palestine is the state she really represents.

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