Kathy Zhu disgraced beauty pagent winner now works for Trump. OH ! THE SHAME!

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As a psych. therapist I have noticed the negative impact of families without fathers. When male children are reared without the modeling and values inculcation of the father you have, quite frequently, spoiled male children who can do little harm, turn into young males who can do great harm. What was a tantrum becomes a spouse abuse What was a hand in the cookie jar becomes a strong-arm robbery. . What was a tantrum becomes a murder.

Tweets of the sort presented below are what got this winner booted from her throne by Michigan ‘blue noses’.

See the source imageBut Ms. Hu made a fatal mistake. She stated the facts rather than the talking points of the left. Any statement directed toward the positive aspects of intact families flies in the face of the “men are vestigial” and not needed in the rearing of children tripe we have been inundated with for the past 40 years.