A Primer Of the Birth of Israel

A primer  modern Israeli History. The complicated history of the state of Israel would not be complicated were it not for the vested interest in disinformation by so many with skin in the fight. This is just a simplification of that history so that we can  all keep our loyalties straight.

The Ambassador of “Palestine” Ilahn Omar…….

…….our little terrorist apologist Ilahn Omar massages a hatred that she is incapable of denying or moderating. Her thinking is shallow, and in a weird similarity to a histrionic personality disorder, she speaks in broad strokes and primary colors that paint a garish picture of Israel and the world she despises. Her references to Nazi Germany, circa 1940, are a study in contortionist equivocation as she compares Israel with the NAZIS who murdered six of the nine million Jews in Europe. Her message  is a justification of her fealty to the BDS (Boycott, Divest, and Sanction) movement, a validation and pledge of allegiance to Hamas, Hezbollah, their Iranian backers and Jihadi cadres around the world.

Eating Your Own

Gaza, of late the point of historical focus after POTUS  recently recognized the Golan Heights  as Israeli territory, is consuming itself. The story is an old one. Money is poured into the Palestinian problem and that money is seen as war booty for those in charge. Hamas, the current governing body in the Palestine, is cracking down on fellow Palestinians, Mass arrests, beatings and torture are humming right along, uninterrupted since Yasser’s days. And for the foreseeable future it seems the oppression of their own will continue.

. The millions skimmed from monies that should have been spent for the development Palestine went into Yasser and his cohorts pockets. Twenty years down the line, the issues for the average Palestinian are still the same. It is just that Hamas is their Big Kahuna rather than the PLO. Hamas is stealing their money now.