300 Rockets

Hamas has just fired three hundred rockets at Israeli Neighborhoods. Not aiming for anything remotely military, they were dedicated to killing civilians not combatants. A cease fire has been agreed to by Bibi Netanyahu much to the chagrin of other Israeli leaders, who follow the dictum “Never negotiate with terrorists.” Israeli retaliation has focused on hard targets in the Hamas organization. The stunning silence from the international community is disturbing but expected. Anti-Semitism is the safest stance to assume in the United Nations security council. No national leaders short of the white house have said a word of condemnation for the rocket attack.

Hamas Just Launched More Than 300 Rockets Into Israel, International Community is Silent


Possession of disputed territories is not the aim of the terrorist organization. Palestine is a red herring. 99% of disputed territories were handed of over to Yasser Arafat and he refused them. Now that Arafat is no more it falls to the Palestinian authority (Hamas) to negotiate with Israel but that is the rub. All they want is every Jew dead. They do not fight for the possession of territory as the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is, as it has been defined in the Koran for fourteen hundred years. Kill Jews. This command  was carried as the last message on Mohammed’s dying breath.



Back in the Saddle

Hamas if firing missiles at Israel again. When will the Main Stream Media come to the obvious conclusion the Israel has actually restrained themselves in dealing with the so-called Palestinians. They are the only real democracy in the middle east. Arabs, (one of which is in the Knesset.), have more civil rights in Israel than any other state in the region. Israel, called brute and occupier by college girls and the Limousine Liberal Jews  who  grouse about the “plight” of the so called Palestinians  


I would gloat but it doesn’t take an Einstein to reveal the pattern of behavior in the democratic parties barking for a borderless U.S.. It has been projected that Caucasians will no longer be in the majority in the U.S. by 2050. It appears the stats call for a large Latino population in the mix. Dems see these as potential voters and have been working to loosen the requirements for voting as well as eliminating the main force in dealing with illegal aliens, ICE. Votes!  A whole new population to make dependent on government services and money. The article may feel biased a little left but it is informing and deserves a quick read. KLIKDAPIK

But as a person who has run with Latinos, worked with them and actually have a son in-law who is a DACA. I can report that there is a strong work ethic in the Latino community,  conservative values that can be nurtured in the whole population if  the American conservatives will merely reach out to the Latinos. I am paraphrasing badly here, but W. Churchill once said of political maturation “When you are nineteen and are not liberal, you have no heart. At 45, if you are not conservative, you have no brains.”  People can change their political leanings. Values that mark Americans can be promoted to a population with strong family values and go ‘ole machismo to prig to action. If the Republicans want to stay relevant they had better pucker up and spoon with the Hispanics here legally..    


The Palastinians as a cohereant social group have not existed in the land now occupied by Israel. The closest we have come to defining this group archeologicaly is to venture a word about the “sea people” that rampaged through the mediteranian area, felling long standing societies such as the Mesopotamians etc. AROUND 1200 BCE They have been tied to Goliaths group, Phillistines, by many historians. 

After their escape from Ramses, Moses and his people entered Canaan, annihilated or set to flee the entire population. In most Rikky-tic fashion the only people in Canaan were Jews.

As a matter of boring old fact, only the Jews have a written history of residence in the area for 3K years. By most stringent standards the Jews are the inherent indigenous peeps. The article this simple little pic is linke to is simple and highly educational…Klikdapik….   . 


The midterm elections are over. In past elections, the sitting presidents party tends to lose a couple of seats in one house, while gaining a few in the Senate. Basically nothing unusual happened. My partner, Deb, switched from Fox news to CNN and then MSNBC. After taking her vital signs, a quick neuro check was called for just on the basis of weirdness of behavior. But she tested out fine and professed to being curious about the Main Stream Medias opinion of the rather uninspiring election numbers.

It took a couple of seconds to see that Chris Mathews was suffering greatly from the droop of a petulant countenance. HE WAS DISSAPPOINTED! Soon other pundits chimed in. One expressed how he was disappointed that the, “Blue Wave” of inspired Democratic voters did not wipe out what one gentleman referred to as the “infestation” in the white house.

Epiphany: I had no idea how deep the MSM (Main Stream Media) had plunged into a fantasy world that was populated by mobs of like-minded Americans who would arrive like the cavalry and save the day.  My epiphany was that I had been underestimating the delusional capacity of the left. They live in a world where they not only preach to the Choir….they sing in the very same choir.  The election is over. But the wringing of hands and tearing of hair that should wind down as we get back to the business of living life. Right?


What happens now?                                  KLIKIT

The “Grand Left” stands outside cherubic Tucker Carlson’s house and scare his family. Chanting and even attempting to break into the house as evidenced by a broken front door.. ANTIFA Unwilling to accept the result of both the ’16 election and now the midterm elections, was the self-proclaimed perpetrator of this act of domestic terrorism. Yes, terrorism. The tactics are the same, they just need to add vests full of C-4 and ball bearings to complete the picture!

What’s next?

Mysteriously 'found' ballots in Dem strongholds in Florida, Arizona threaten Election Day results

The Democratic lawyers are on their way to Broward county Florida (again)……… Goin’ find those votes we left under the bed………….. OOPS! Are we bad?

Whats next?

The simple fact is that the left are terrible losers. They haven’t recovered from the presidential election over two years later.  The midterms didn’t change much but the left has already defined plans to pile on the law suits. Rather than legislate (the job they were hired for) they will expend their energy grabbing Trump by the ankles and crying foul as they see how many crying Democrats he can drag as he goes about trying to do the job he was hired for..

Nothing gets better, nothing is reaffirmed, nothing gets done. Yes, they are filing a plethora of law suits, and yes their friends in the media will be there to assist them in attempting regime change through incessant  whining, while slowly acclimating the public to ever increasing acts of aggression as a political tool.

Surgery With a Sharpened Spoon

A Michigan court is evidently entertaining the thought that genital mutilation is a medical practice. Or at least that is the idea defense lawyers are trying to float. It will be interesting to see which way this goes. This sweet young lady is the victim of this barbaric Muslim practice aimed at depriving the victim any sexual satisfaction. It involves the ablution of the clitoris, among other things shredded in the genital area. I have never heard of two legal systems working in tandem like this. There appears to be no reference to Sharia (the Islamic legal code) in the U.S. constitution. I hope there is no accomoation of the defense in this legal exchange. Great Britain already has several Sharia courts working and I would hate to see it happen here.

Americas Anti-Semite Ex-President and Congressman

You know him, you love him! It is Jew hating and white person hating Louie Farrakhn!

Now our favorite Photo op for Democrats

As a photo op he is not my first choice. Plumbing for his consistuants would be like me going to the local whore house to diddle the “women’s vote” for Trump. But, then again, I have my limits. And an active gag reflex.

See the source image


LBJ wanted to leave a “Great Society” as his legacy. The plan was to pay the American black family just enough to keep them quiet but not enough to give them real power.

Here are the quotes from Lyndon B. Johnson (warning language):Lyndon Baines Johnson 1963… “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference… I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years”

As time passes the American black is awakening from the crack-pipe dreams set forth for them by the arrival of the first “Great Society” slave ship in 1963.

Just pay them some…but not enough….more for each child born, with the father forced out of the home out of fear of losing benefits for the mother and children. Such a program is a formula for destruction of the black nuclear family. The “Great Society” has not been mentioned much as the progenitor of black dependency on government assistance.  But it has been a 800 pound Gorilla in our living room for decades.

Now they want a “Great Society” for Hispanics flooding the southern border.