The Anointed Fall

The DNC, all the operatives of the Obama crew and the mainstream media beat the bushes for a damning fact and came up empty handed. Salt of the earth, the man too nice to win the election, Mitt Romney declares Hillary corrupt!

The Young Jerks


NannaSkovmandDenmark , a western culture in conflict with a population of immigrants who have overstayed their welcome, is scene to yet another Islamic melodrama.




MSNBC in it’s amusing style, has named one of it’s so politically diverse programs (the Hosts are real Turks) “The Young Turks” I guess it’s OK when it’s Muslims geocoding Christians. Those MSNBC’ers sure are smarter than the rest of us! That’s Cenk  Uygur above.

Different millennium, same perpetrators.. Over a million five massacred in a genocide the Turks still deny. A group of particularly violent criminals agaist humanity were known as the “Young Turks.”, who took it upon themselves to kill as many innocent Armenians as they could (men, women, and children.


What is a Conservative? Pt. 1

A few principles of  conservatism are defined below. Bare in mind that this is not a long list.  Just some ideas about the modern conservative,  with videos that support the text and make it a bit more interesting.

Conservatism is evolving. You either change with the times or you become history. The point of greatest change nowadays lies not in the question, “What is a conservative?” but rather, “Who is a conservative.”  The modern conservative movement embraces diversity. Many minorities, once thought “‘owned” by the Liberal side,  are coming over to join the conservative movement. Conservatives are makig progress in putting forth a party that looks young, diverse, and maybe a bit edgy.

A Dictionary  definition  of “Conservative” explains: One who is disposed to support cultural traditions, established institutions, and  long standing values.

Well that explains almost nothing. Ask a dozen “experts” on politics or society; “What’s a Conservative?” and you will come back with a dozen different definitions. And if you try to cover it all in a single definition you get vague crap like the definition at the beginning of this paragraph.

Limited Government: All conservatives are for limited government. They believe in self-reliance  and personal autonomy and reject  encroachment of government in their lives. Conservatives try to avoid becoming dependent on the government to fulfill our needs.

 Family values:  Concern about the survival of the American family in it’s traditional role as the foundation of western culture. These conservatives  promote “family values” as a guiding principle.

Capitalism: Is the belief in the free market as the healthiest engine of progress in a society. In fact it has been said that capitalism has lifted more people from poverty than all other known systems.

Conservatives see a limited role for Government in their lives.

Liberals/Progressives see big, intrusive government as the caretaker of everyone.

Progressives reject competition to protect the feelings of any potential losers.

Conservatives see failure as a valuable part of life.

Coservatives think competition heathy for society and the economy.

Progressives/liberals, reject individual achievement for acceptance to the group. And ultimately reliance on the government for their needs.










The Iranian Mole in the White House

A boat overflowing with migrants, which survived a violent storm, arrives in the port of Tripoli March 29, 2009.  Libyan authorities have recovered the bodies of 100 migrants trying to reach Europe who drowned after their boat sank off Libya, officials said on Wednesday.  The ship was one of four migrant boats which had sailed from Libya between Saturday and Sunday, apparently heading to Italy, Libyan officials said.  Picture taken March 29, 2009.  REUTERS/Handout (LIBYA DISASTER SOCIETY IMAGE OF THE DAY TOP PICTURE) - RTXDH96

Christians Thrown Overboard from Refugee Ship

Obama’s  “Girl Friday”, his closest adviser and confidant, is an Iranian expatriate. Admittadly, her family relocated to Great Britain when she was 5 years old, but her political crib is festooned with left wing  connections. Mother, Barbara Bowman, author and progenitor to the Chicago based , Erickson Institute Tom Ayers was on the board of trustees and Father to BIll Ayers, Obamas favorite Weatherman bomb thrower. Mrs. Bowman sported many such left wing credentials. Her professional history is a guide to the Chicago school of socialist thought. Winners such as Bernadine Dorn and Louis Farrakhan spice up the list of aquaintances and influences in her life. 

She is, in fact, a political doppelganger  to Barack Obama, who sports a social registry that includes virtually every old Marxist who ever punched Chicago’s dance card.

Then there is reverend Wright. “How do you spell arrrgh!?”



Sometimes we get the hero we need….rather than the hero we want.. Who will save our saviour?  THe Christians had possession of the middle east  for 600 years when the “Jamal-come- lately”, Mohammed, came along. Definite dibs on shotgun for the Christians  on this particular pilgrimage.  And “Hell followeth after him.”   The hell that follows is a holy land populated with nothing but Muslims. A “Caliphate” so to speak.




Can You Take a Hint?


A client once complained to me how difficult life was getting since they stopped drinking and drugging. He had a crowd of complaints about his job, his spouse, his kids, etc.  It was snowing heavily that night. So I suggested that he spend the night sleeping in his car,  (just like the “bad ole’ days) so he could get a more realistic idea of what a true difficulty is as well as have him revisit the kind of accommodation booze had provided in the past and, if he didn’t find some spine, would again arrange for his future.

He quieted down about his difficulties then. And felt better. Two days ago there was another movement to jack the minimum wage to  fifteen dollars an hour. Yesterday Wal Mart closed the stores. No  real warning (about two hours). Could this be a reality check? Could they be recipients of a hard lesson from the founders of the feast? HMMMMM?

The more fanciful angels of my nature really believe the timing was just a little too timely. Again, HMMM?