The woman who referred to the President of the United States as a “motherfucker” lied about her residence and committed voter fraud in listing a false address in order to run for office in a district she didn’t live in. Of course you will hear nothing of this in the mainstream press.


Palestinian Authority in Congress

Our representative from the great state of Palestine has opened her gob and uttered the second remarkable statement in her baby-fresh career in Congress. Rashid Tlaib, accusing Americans who support Israel of having “dual loyalty” resurrects an old anti-semetic tack of questioning American fealty if said Americans support the very existence of Israel. The now that I’m here we can “impeach the motherfucker”┬áhubris in her first week coupled with an utterance of unmistakable anti-Semitism in her second week in office lets us know that she is not here to represent the people who voted her into office (Michigan is┬áher straw-man)……Palestine is the state she really represents.

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