Dumb, dumber…then there is “American” Duh


Of late I have been thinking about how things were and how things have changed in the passing of a half century. It is a gift of having lived for sixty years. More has changed in this lifetime than I ever expected. In considering history I have always thought in terms of distant times and a slow slog one age to the next. But things have changed in my lifetime. A lot. More than I am comfortable with. And the one thing that I never even considered has happened; The character of the American citizen has changed faster and more profoundly than I ever anticipated.  I think we may lose the United States of America.

Something from out there; something from the shadows beyond the pale, smashes through to intrude upon our world. The world wars(ya know 1st and 2nd) were such a  threat. Communism posed an existential threat for 50 years.

We understand the threat from beyond. We know what to do. Strike out, away from the center, establish a perimeter and  protect the center at all costs. Someone somewhere said : “Nothing bonds people like a common enemy.”  Usually a good war reconciles America. In a flash we bond to an external threat. But, (and it,s a big butt! I never imagined, never looked, never saw the damning truth  as the confused cloud of cultural toxin formed on the horizon! Like  the red wall of an Oklahoma Duster it has rolled over the landscape, consumed all in its path and permeates every crevice.  And I don’t know if there is hope for the continued survival of America. The enemy is the popular culture.  The hull is rotten and it seems a step in any direction will sink us.

The ‘center’ of the American character, when brought into concert with others of like mind creates an indomitable spirit. The ingrediants always include: self reliance,  a sound work  ethic, (as well as a sound respect for recreation), fearless honesty,  generosity of spirit. As well as loyalty, and compassion (tempered with practicality)…for starters.  A more thorough meta-analysis of the American character will have to wait for another article. Suffice it to say the American character is vital, and can be held as the progenitor of the greatest civilization of all time…..USofA!  Nuff said fer now!

I see its putrid advance as it metastasizes. The growth of the “recreational culture” that blights the current American landscape is defined by: Self imposed ignorance  (aggravated stupidity). And of course the Hydrogen Bomb of progressive mind-set, (tension mounting)  the VICTIM EXCUSE!!!,   overwhelming self obsession, others-blaming , , ifinite etc.. A spiritual laziness has overwhelmed our people. Anything difficult or restrictive of selfish urges is labeled (uncool), and rejected. Learning is one of the un-coolist things out there right now. Ignorance You know “Ah bin gon down to da stow fo’ sum shit.” Is cool. The equation goes, (ignorance =  street creds). Education is too white, (for white kids too)  too hard or   too geekish,, etc. The language, values of education and work, the strive for excellence, the duty to a thing greater than oneself,…  hence the blessings of westen civ. today, beliefs held in utmost contempt.


We rank 17th in reading, 23rd in science and 31st in math among other post-industrial countries. It bodes ill for a bare bodkin! We are fat lazy and stupid. God it’s good to be an American!


An educated citizenry is the greatest guarantee of freedom maintained.    We are, by our own volition, becoming a nation of imbeciles….. Example::    Waters is a humorous guy and the interviews seem rather frivolous on first glance, but they clearly demonstrate the generation of imbeciles who have taken possession of the culture at large.


If you’re the village idiot you will find fault with education and educated people.  If your a lazy village idiot and on government assistance, (as are well over 40%) of the American public you are gaining on one out of every American on the dole to one degree or the other. That means: If you’re slow others will race at a walk, if you are stupid others will lower the standards for you. And don’t worry about failure.  All judgements, of good and bad, succsess and failure are passe’ concepts. As a matter of fact failure, as a valid concept, will be eliminated from the culture. 

Kliakdapik next to see an article concerning what we are teaching or children in Leu of readin’, writin’, and rithmatic! It appears our schools are a matter of social engineering. To bad they don’t mind a society of illiterate dolts.





The Great Garish Clown

Garish, heartless, selfish, money-grubbing, etc. ad infinitum.  That most despicable minion of Beelzebub,  CAPITALISM,  has apparently raised around a billion people from poverty in a comparatively short time. I shudder as the rush firing up my spine showers brilliant sparks from the top of my skull. Klikdapik for a nice little abstract about the numbers!



A germ of a story is coalescing around  doubts a senior EU diplomats belief has that Barack Obama is mentally unstable. The mental condition of any individual is nuanced with more facets than a dodecahedron. Many different kinds of mental discomfort from mere neurosis to blown out psychosis (total abandonment of reality). I do not believe our fearless leader is diagnosably mentally ill.


As a therapist (retired) I can submit that you can be mentally unstable and not be mentally ill. The diagnosis that most readily applies to president Obama is Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Virtually every presidential candidate now and in the past has shown signs of narcissism. Every human being has some aspects of narcissim. For a lack of any concern for self baits tragedy.

 What kind of person tries to be the most powerful man on the planet?  A narcissist of course! I doubt that you could win a presidential election without a good dollop of self consumption to fuel the fervor.

Such narcisstic types are very often attractive and charismatic  Charisma that  tends to wear thin as soon as it’s gets him what he wants. In general such a personality is interpersonally exploitive and real shallow in empathy for others. They will “feel your pain” if it gets them what they want. They will lie if it gets them what they want, and tell the truth if it gets them what they want. There is no distinction between truth and untruth in the mind of  the narcissist There is only the question; “does it get me what I want?”  Every criminal to a greater or lesser degree,has narcissistic aspects in his/her personality. All things are on a continuum in the emotional landscape of people. Nothing is cut and dried. This self consumption can be quite dysfunctional when the internal picture blocks out real-world.

Greatness often come to the man with the narcissistic bent, or a jail cell.  The sense that they don’t have to follow the same strictures as the rest of us, their lack of empathy with others, their love of power and control all serve to compel the personality toward what ever object is their desire. An aside at this juncture submits that many career criminals are caught during periods of ‘super confidence’ when they feel they have gotten one over on the “the man”. These periods of feeling invulnerable reveal that they are blind to the reality of their situation.

The POTUS is, as are most who attain that post, narcisstic. Sometimes he seems utterly disconnected from reality. But he sees that he is a night on shining armor, possessing of special insight and knowledge that others do not have. This thinking constitutes a “blind spot” where what he believes has obscured what is real.       A Russian general swaggered into an American Headquarters and announced that in an hour the Russians were going to begin air activities in Syria and that we are to “get out of the way” a week prior to this interview. It is obvious, Putin just slapped Obama in the face.

In the Redoubt

Thank God I am at this end of my life.  Thank God My partner and I got to see Europe before the fall. A shadow spreads across the eastern fronteres of Europe. Ole’ “Vlad the Impaler!” once left the impaled bodies of thousands across the path of oncoming Turkish armies as a warning about invading further. It worked. An Eon ago. Now the second wave insidiously insinuates itself thoughout eastern Europe. No Vllad. They are winning.

  The EU is going to have to accept responsibility for the destruction of Europe.

Australia, less beguiled by the self-sacrificial urges of our European brethren, has installed a successful program that turns back foreign invaders peacefully. Australia, capable of saying no, will not sacrifice the future to placate the present..

Soon, however, if the onslaught continues as it has, it will be “Put another infidel on the barbi! Abdul!”.

The American Script

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????This is an excellent interview all-round.

But the second half has a theme that points to the Neopuritanism that is being pushed by the progressive bowel movement. (uh, movement without the bowel part I guess). The script is there, being spat out and replied to like a litany to the choir since the 1930’s. “The Script” refers, not to a specific movie script, but to the progressive agenda of  the media industry on the whole.


Lionel Barrymore: He is the heavy in one of the classics in American cinema, “It’s a Wonderful Life” He is the quinisential bad guy; a white male!     OOOOOOOOO Evil

Christianity is on the short list of condemnable groups/activities/thoughts/etc. ad nauseum,… with white males, admission standards, winning anything, or judging negatively about anything. Succsess in business is despised and is given short shrift in the pop cult.

  As Churchill asserted  “If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”


Waterhole #3 where we learn that rape is ok if you’r cool. before and after you do it.

Liberals are, essentially, stuck in an eternal adolescence. And the mid-sixties advent of the “anti-hero,” brought forth such characters as James Coburn in “Waterhole #3”, a light hearted romp through the west in which a thief that is being pursued by the law rapes the female lead. This little impropriaty serves to set up the running gag of her trying to get her father, the sheriff, to take it seriously. Thus the birth of the anti-hero!  While he hilariously just keeps blowing her off  (tee hee, tee hee! How humorous!) But the standard had been met and the message was, you can do anything! As long as you’re cool and attractive it’s OK.

This morality of the teen-ager now permeates the popular culture. And, regrettably, these gifted youngsters have come to positions of power in the media industry. So we will stop using gas today and then we can fly on wind powered chariots! Because the cumulative wisdom of the “Popular Powers That Be” is, “Cuz I said so!”

The distinction between adult and child has become muddled. Without parents, dedicated to the rearing, education, and spiritual condition of the children, you get “The Corn Field”  The two parent home, with a mother to nurture and a father to set and uphold boundaries and behavior is fading into the dingy halls of the hoary past. Illegitimacy  and divorce are on the upswing. All this misbehavior and no villain? No devastating war or financial depression? No multitude starving. No government subsidized massacres? Stress? Xbox on the blink?

The hew and cry is deafening. A generation of twenty something’s, spoiled children, now angry young adults, just  lying on moms couch waiting for the 25 dollar an hour job playing video games walks through the front door. The great  pop cult script letting us all share equally in our misery, is our mother, father, savior and undertaker. If we can recite the “script” and not show too much variance from the accepted norm we will be approved of. We can play the hero again.

Taking Several for the Team

‘No Borders’ activistWhat is heroism? I have to admit that the young lady (a volunteer from the “No Borders” group), who took the gang rape and kept her mouth shut for the cause is a good candidate for the Nobel Piece of Ass. prize.  She can be expected to appear on “Opra,” “The View,” or the “Daily Show” as a special guest for her work in expanding the boundaries for appeasing thugs! 

Who just want a better life! Poor little immigrants.

We should take this as a lesson on preparedness. If such group activities bond the population and pose a outlet for frustrations, it should be provided at the border for those who have been starving for romance for too long. Either volunteers from the “No Borders” group or professionals (prostitutes), to handle the overload.Sexual slaves are provided with appropriate safety equipment for those impromptu bar-b-qs that might involve a lot of  love-slaps to help “get the message across”. (Whatever that might be).