First there is the brave stand taken. Then there is the courage to stand your ground when your stand is challenged. Then there is the wisdom that comes when you must live with condemnation. The NBA’s Johnathon Isaac took a stand and stood by his beliefs when cow-towing to the popular crap slingers would have been easier. Kudos to a real man. This country needs more like jonathan.



Built around 537 by Roman emperor Justinian, the Hagia Sophia served as the head church of the eastern Roman Empire and essentially, all of Christendom.  Turkey is rededicating the church to the role of mosque in P.M. Erdegons bid to assume primacy as the Sunni head mullah in the region. Russia and Syria have plans on teaming up to build a replica of the church as a thumb in the eye of the Turks. 

MSM and Racial Bias in African Tragedies

The triage that selects stories for attention by the MSM is compelled by greed for readers/audiences and the revenue such audiences attract. Some of the selection is based on political bias. In an election year the political considerations hold primacy above all.other factors. I have noticed , however, that sub-saharan Africa never gets the attention that other areas get. But i would bet the farm that if the victim looked like Shirley Temple, the marines would be called on to save her. regardless of which side of the sahara she was sitting on————– hmmmmmmmm?