Adolph Hitler’s re-occupation of the Rhineland (Austria), was an invasion that wasn’t. The political boundaries had been imposed by other countries in the “Treaty of Versailles” at the culmination of World War I. This was an invasion that no one strongly objected to. It was an invasion to which no one came. Austria had strong cultural as well as familial ties with Germany. So nobody came. Unless it was to bring a little strudel to cousin Max. Max was on the German side, or Austrian, whatever. No one was angry. No more angry than a Kansan at another Kansan for moving to Oklahoma to find work.

When asked to picture war, the average American thinks of country against country, army vs. army. When a sovereignty exceeds it boundaries and in so doing invades another sovereignty. Sometimes religion is a factor, sometimes not.

The war between Muslims and modern civilization is a war that coalesces around adherence to the Muslim/Bedouin sociopolitical belief matrix.  When queried as to whether taxes should be paid to the occupying force of  Romans, Christ pointed to a Roman coin stricken with Caesars visage and  said, “Render unto Caesar, that which is Caesars”  Thus the Christ defined the distinction between the secular obligations and spiritual life.


Islam makes no such distinction between governance and religion. The sheik is embued with mortal moral authority. As a matter of fact, every Muslim male, every local mullah issuing fatwahs for death and familial honor murder based on nothing but an ill thought on the part of a sundry Muslim male. In Islam vengeance is not just the Lord’s privilege.  THE LICENSE TO KILL, RAPE AND BUGGER any group or individual who belongs to a group judged to be an “out” group (non-muslims, gays, apostates, etc.) ad-nauseum. Or people of lesser status, pre-pubescent children males of a lesser age than the male perpetrator, (father, uncle, older sibling etc.)

. In my many long-term relationships with Muslims I have never got one to put America before Islam.  All belong to that great “Caliphate to be” that is the end to all Jihads. As yet have I discovered one man who would not give up the Constitution if given the opportunity.  Very few muslims do not have split loyalties at the very least.  Islam is a belief system fueled by aggression with only one fountainhead  and one place it can culminate. War.

The elements, or the folly of man will scrub the earth clean of monuments to our greatness. Our most magnificent edifice will one day be a cluster of broken stones.

Because all things born of the ambition of man will one day be no more. It is belief that stands eternal.  Reference a poor carpenter who roamed the arid boondocks of the Roman Empire a couple thousand years ago. Referance an Arab Warlord 15 hundred years ago. Their respective influences have lasted through the travails of millennia

Right now, in the hood called earth, two powers vie for dominance over the entire planet. It is a simmering resentment of a war. Obama has lleft a vacuum and the area.  A ball of snakes has taken up occupancy in what could have been Iraq.  But it is a war nonetheless. It has been brewing since Mohammad started selling snake oil in between massacres back in the 6th century.

We are at war. Right now it is ISIS vs. western civilization. Eventually it will be seen as a religious war. Islam vs. all comers.



I once had a prison Mullah lay the word on me. Non-Musllims were a pest, like cockroachs.



PSSSSSSST….. I am an apostate on a good day!


Mortal Incompetance

Hillary Clinton's Libya | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for ...


In a failed at attempt to mimic the strategy of her cold war predesessors in the CIA Hillary of the State Dept. worked with muslim brotherhood insurgents to oust Mubarak of Egypt. She forgot to take Egypts 60 years of  fighting the Brotherhood into account while conniving Egypts “Arab Spring.” Hillary backed the terrorists.  The army kicked them out in short order and restored rights that the “father of all terrorist” organizations had prohibited. She has definably  gone above and   beyond!

MUAMMAAR GADAFFI once a bad boy, got scared straight during the Iraq Invasion, came to Jesus, (so to speak), and has been doing a lot of foot work and finger pointing for American benefit since. He had to go! Hillary was instrumental in his removal.

 Klikdapik for a rather extensive treatment of Hillary’s disastrous nation de-construction that resulted a failed shooting gallery where a nation once muddled along.  

Hating….the Truth


If a person cannot find the courage to look deep within themselves and take arms against the darker angels of their nature they are doomed to remain incomplete. If a people cannot look at their reflection they will be doomed to remain slaves to their ignorance.

A good example of a nation that took stock of its character and came up wanting is Americas Civil war. As a nation we committed 600 thousand souls to settle the question of slavery in our land.  SO, put away the chip on your shoulder and learn about yourself Mr. Muslim.



Muslim Slave Trade

The  greater share of human history has been spent with the institution of slavery thriving. Of the several destinations for the retailing of slaves, north America  was the smallest consumer of human trafficking in the western hemisphere. The lions-share of slaves on the Atlantic side going to south America to harvest such items as sugar. The Eastern route for trade, from sub sahara to points east was controlled by Muslims.

The following flik is fuzzy and the presenter is labors under a thick middle eastern accent. But it is good information. The Koran makes no bones about slavery. Big Mo himself had rape slaves at his disposal. It tells the story of the twelve centuries dominated by Muslim slavers, (longer than any other group). Millions dead of dissipation on the long desert roads of sub Saharan Africs to  the middle east.  Virtually all males (the popular myth was their unrestrained sexual appetite) more castrated. Virtually all the females were sold as rape slaves for harems.


If telling the truth is an act of hate. Then I have been guilty of hating wife, children and pretty much everybody I have met on my path through life. Funny, but I don’t feel angry? I usually become exhausted when I am actively feeling hate for somebody. It becomes the center of my life and all spiritual growth ends. This is too high a price to pay and I am too short on time to waste a day hating anybody.


Good Form for the New Norm

The Mullahs Favorite Momma, Valerie Jarret  assists POTUS in instructing Ms. Clinton in the proper greeting when entering Iran-U.S. negotiations.

      I just thought this would look good on the page.    An official “Obamabow” blow job was cited as a good ice breaker with these intimate little meets and greets! (Hold the back bacon boys! )……………………..>>>>>>>


Tiny Trees



We used to gather round the ol’ black and white T.V. near Christmas and all watch the Peanuts Gang. We had three networks and four channel selections, So what might be a Christmas special among a crowed of other such programs actually became a family tradition. Each spring, when the tornados tread, “The Wizard of OZ” was the family bill of fare, In the fall “the Great Pumpkin made his spooky appearance on Halloween.

It’s Linus who delivers the goods…. simple, sweet, full of love and spiritually inspiring.



These days, with countless channels and viewing options, we get to see the most embarrassing bit of ‘special education’ I have ever witnessed. I can’t contrive such idiocy as  proselytized by our first couple in their comments about the show. So here ya go………. It’s almost impossible to see this and not cringe a couple of times……




“Is the Legacy Burning?”


POTUS confronting the San Bernardino shooting.  At first we didn’t know what to think. Just another disgruntled nut-job  or  Jihadi assault.     Pres. opted for the whacko model and let the 2nd amendment have with both barrels. BUt as information painting a picture of a couple of  Jihadis began to obscure all other Motis Operendi  the caterwauling from the Oval Office became distinctly muted. ‘Bamas erstwhile beaming countenance has sunken into a preoccupied, slack-jawed stare.

Look at the vid below. The mood is not the recent rather combative persona evidenced by ad hominem  lunges at the GOP in virtually every news conference.  Now he sports the look of a man who just saw his legacy blown to bits. His name will forever be in an eternal death dance, coupled with these two murderers.





Samuel Clemens aka Mark TwainKLIKDAPIK…

to read a very balanced article describing Sam Clemens observations of the Ottoman Empire. Clemens narrative reads like an opinion piece one might find in any contemporary newspaper of repute. The New York times the exception of course. Nothing has changed in the world of the Muslim since Clemens wrote “Innocents Abroad” in 1869. People change things they find fault with. People strive to keep things as they are when they are happy with the status quo.

So why is there this protracted confusion about the true culpability for the expansionist bent of the Muslim faith. They have, since Jefferson kicked their ass at Tripoli, been quite happy with their religion. 

Remember the story of the frog and the scorpion? The scorpion wishing to cross a small stream , asks a frog to give him a lift on his back to cross the stream. The frog said no. “If I let you on my back you will surely sting me!” the scorpion replied. “Oh! No! If I sting you I will surely drown with you.”

Thus reassured the frog let the scorpion crawl onto his back. About halfway across the stream he stings the frog. “Why ?” Asked the frog as both sank into the water, “You will surely drown now!” Why did you sting me!” “Because it’s my nature.” Replied the offender as they sank beneath the water. “Because it’s my nature.”




Pedophilia?  Exhibitionistic Masochism?   These children have grown to majority in an artificial environment.  We watch very carefully, (like a slobbering Uncle Ticklemewhere?) as these children grow to sexual maturity. But when they are ready for consumption as a nubile young masturbation objects, they themselves reveal their ‘charms’. They are journeyman entertainers and they know the formula for celebrity. A fenderbender will get a few people to gather….but a train wreck will get you a ex-post ‘Disney kid’ career.