Sooner or later we all  “Hoist ourselves on our own petard.” and It is inevitable that the truth will find the light of day.  Ms. Rashida has already exposed  the thin skin and “how dare you say that to ME!” rage of a narcissistic personality.  Impulse control has been disguised behind an abrasive, anger façade which obfuscates her inability to contain her rage, even when she wants to. Her statements about feeling more Palestinian in the halls of congress than anywhere else is a confession that she is a card carrying member of the same group of miscreants who fill the ranks of the PLO, one of the granddaddies of the Palestinian authorities today.

It is no great bit of investigative journalism to find damning information on Rashida Tlaib. Below  is the vid in which she proudly brays that she has “never felt as Palestinian than when she is in the halls of Congress.”







Israel Speaks

Arutz Sheva a major news outlet in Israel provides a statement concerning the slippery slope that this fine young cannibal is pushing the democrat party down. Watch out boys. Blood is at the end of this road. Of course the Jews are particularly sensitive to anti-Semitic tripe from the American left. 

It appears that Omar is much more interested in being a militant Palestinian  than in dealing with any problem that would concern an American. Have the newbies done anything with the first year of their stint in congress?NOPE!  Not one bit of the peoples work has been done. Except a pay raise………for doing nothing!!!!    

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Our cute little Congressional troll,  Ilhan Omar, has been working overtime getting the word out and making sure that her Jewbaiting gets spread around the middle east.  In Interviewing with Al Jazeera, a muslim news outlet, she chose well. When our troops were fighting and dying in Iraq , Al Jazeera led the cheers for the terroists; in particular, praises for the fighters in Fallujah, a stronghold so rough it took two campaigns by our marines to pacify the town.

It sounded like they were reporting the last stand at the Alamo and we were Santa Anna and his army. Unbiased reporting is not a long suit with Al Jazeera. Her venomous Anti-Semitism and hatred of all things American will be safe. She can rest assured that  from Iran to Morroco all will be informed of her briallant work in the halls of Congress.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington on Jan. 24, 2019. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)


The occasional candidate that brings the comic relief to the arena is refreshing. Bernie Sanders is just such a fellow. He is one of those who are, by their nature funny even though they may not be aware of it.  Bernie came out for a new minimum wage and his staff is now putting his feet to the fire to get paid. They say their wages are abysmal, and that working as much as  60 hours a week is standard for his campaign.

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) speaks at George Washington University in Washington on July 17, 2019. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)



In these days , when the air is rarified by winds of condemnation and prejudice for all things American, I have a Man crush on Chris Pratt. Not that he is  “just too sexy”. He is, however unbowed by the Main Stream Media as well as the critical glance of politically charged celebs in  his orbit around LALA Land.

The controversy is sparked by his crime of wearing a T-shirt sporting the coiled snake of the Gadsden flag. The flag image, created during the revolutionary war, has been adopted by some on the far right of the political spectrum. By association, he is damned.

Of course, after outing himself as a conservative Christian a few months ago, his days as THE darling of  hip, slick and high production value movies are now numbered. I don’t think anyone who is wearing a T with a coiled snake on it, proclaiming “Don’t Tread on Me”. is going to cave to the pseudo righteous left.  For more KLIKDAPIK

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenneger

Playing Percentages

The POTUS is sitting pretty as polls offer a picture of party unity in response to his damning tweets concerning Ilhan Omar et al.,  and his suggestion they just leave the country (U.S.), that they apparently hate. Polls are confirming what most Americans already know. Most Republicans agree with his taunting of the Four “Nags of the apocalypse”.  For a look at the POLLS, KLIKDAPIK. below……
Remember the little incident in Somalia? You know, the little conflict a few of our military had with a little war lord who was seizing the food aid we were supplying Somalia famine victims.
Approximatly 300 thousand Somalians had perished of starvation when the events discussed in this vid as well as in the film “Black Hawk Down”. actually occurred.  Do you want to talk about selective outrage, and the death of rational thought? Over a quarter million dead, starved to death, at the hands of  fellow Somalians……and congresswoman Ilhan Omar asserts that WE are the evil intruders.


The sun appears to rise in the east each morning and then set in the west a few hours hence. Possibly, probably or invariably?  For fourteen hundred years the Muslim east, has been nipping at the heals of eastern Europe.

The Mayor of London is Muslim. Two of the most recklessly hostile, anti American, and anti-Semitic members of our congress are Muslim. Elected as Democrats, they boldly proclaim that they are “Democratic Socialists.” To bad this wasn’t brought to the fore while they campaigned for their jobs. The state of affairs in Europe always find their way across the water and land on our shores in one fashion or another. Pat Condell, featured in his vid below, has a clear vision of Europe’s present challenges.  Give it a look.

The Euro – Gulag Archipelago

The word socialism is a Communists way of saying Communist around the kids. Kinda like saying poopy when you hit your thumb with a hammer and  would rather just say “S..t!” The profile of the European Union has so many similarities to the Soviet Union, that from a distance, they are one and the same. The gentleman  in the vid below is a Soviet ex-pat. He has walked the walk and knows what he is saying. Rather thick accent but well worth listening to.


It Doesn’t Matter……..

There is a dog fight in the works over at the Democrat Plantation, between four upstarts and the old-guard. One wants to salvage a party, and the other is positioned to either take charge  or be drawn and quartered for mutiny among the ranks of Plebes and veteran politicos shuffling dutifully left at the behest of the “90 day wonder”  Alexandra Cortez.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, A firebrand freshman congresswoman and Self-defined Democratic Socialist? She is shaking the old bears cage with interesting results.

There's a civil war brewing within the Democratic Party, and it pits Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, left, and her progressive cronies, against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, right, and the establishment.

When the tissues of the body go astray and grow beyond their intended dimensions, it’s cancer. Cancer is the body becoming its own enemy. In a similar way such a malignancy is fowling the body politic of the democratic party as party leader Pelosi is trying to hobble the newbies before they endanger the standing of the party as 2020 elections appear on the horizon.

But…….It doesn’t matter. Pelosi is on the wrong battleground, and AOC just wants her to sit down and stay out of her way. Cortez is not fighting to benefit the Democratic party she as found it. She is the ice man and she brings the chill of changing times. AOC needed the political machine of the Democratic party to position herself for delivery of HER agenda. Dreams of Pelosis absence and the  power vacuum that absence would cause dance in AOCs mind. The socialist/communist system Cortez  promotes cannot happen without the destruction of the fundamental framework of American capitalism. And as cynical as it sounds, it  is true that Americas engine runs on capitalism. It runs on capitalism or not at all.