Little Omar Makes a Wish

The Ottoman empire, after centuries of dominance in the area that is modern turkey, began divesting itself of territory with division of middle-eastern land to the British in 1917. The areas that changed hands included what will become modern day Israel as well as a couple more areas soon to be designated as Iran, Iraq etc..  The Ottomans, with a bit of the homicidal infusion from Muslims, hated ethnic Armenians and went about destroying their culture in Turkey. Divestments of possessions, mass murder and death march’s effectively eliminated Armenians in Turkey. Only recently have the Armenians began coalescing as a unified culture.  Our little Omar wants to equivocate. She wants to start pointing her little fingers at the crimes of others to take the heat off  Islam’s murderous history.. The article that this pic of Omar is connected to explains in simple clarity, the situation of the Armenians (and Christians) during this bloody period.

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Call it Karma. Call it justice. Call it a warm puppy if you  like but there is balance in the universe. Call entropy if you want to get fancy. I always feel a little better when a bully gets their come-up-pence. Rashidda Tlaib, a bitter, gargoyle-faced female congressperson has thrown her prodigious weight around and insulted, (obscenities) the POTUS before she was elected. She opposes nearly everything both Israel and America stand for and is acting as a sleeper for  the Muslim brotherhood..KLIKDAPIK for more….

Islraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, left; and Rep. Rashida Tlaib, right.

She is a ardent supporter of the Palestinian lie as well as supporter of the BDS movement (Boycott, Divest and Sanction) aimed at the destruction of Israel. A few months ago Ms. Tlaib was banned and then admitted to come to Israel to visit her grandmother on the condition that she do no politicking for the BDS movement while she was there. She refused the invite with great hew and cry. And of course we all remember the charming moment captured on video before she was elected to congress, “I’m going to impeach that mother f….er.  It seems the need to badmouth  Israel was more important than seeing her dear old grandma.

China……………………. Dachau born Again ?

Slowly items put together in the USA are finding the shelves due to the aggressive dealmaking emanating from the Oval Office.. But the corner on the market of cheap goods still is Chinese territory.  Why are the goods so cheap?

Well you won’t find too many labour unions in China. Like zero, zed, nil, none, no mas, not one union. You will see a huge work force, paid scraps from their government handlers The wages paid to the Men, Women and Children have been cause for protest by fair wage advocates the world over.. I personally experienced  peeling off $110.00 for a pair of “Doc Martin” sandals that sported the “Made in Thailand” brand. The recipient was my middle daughter who simply would die if a pair of these slave labour flip flops Not only do the workers not have control or even a suggestion of influence over who much they are paid. THE FILM BELOW IS ABOUT THE PLIGHT OF THE UYGHURS WHO,  AS  SPLINTER-GROUP MUSLIMS,  ARE OFFICIALY DESPISED BYTHE CHINESE GOVERNMENT. It appears to have little to do with the price of items in U.S. stores. This assessment is false. The Uyghur’s treatment at a the hands of the Chinese majority is designed to destroy the unity of the Uyghur’s society and brainwash them into the communist party against there own deeply held wishes. The film below is long but very interesting in it’s revelation of Chinese tactics in manipulating large groups of people. So get some popcorn and a bottle of wine and relax.

The Chinese government, maintains an age-old tradition of keeping their cards very close to the vest. The centuries old secret of the source of silk, a secret apparently never breeched by the thousands of Chinese who worked tending the little worms and spinning the silk into thread never said a word. It is a good bet that it was fear and not patriotism that kept the secret. That was a couple thousand years ago. It is a tradition and skill that is still serving them well in the 21st century. As the Chinese government controls the lives of it’s citizens like toy soldiers in the sand.

What Country is This ?

Has  Omar lost track of where she is at these days?  She hired on to represent the people of Minnesota but it sounds like she is preaching from a soapbox parked in Mogadishu, Somalia. Omar, an open anti-Semite and self-proclaimed socialist is still allowed to jackass in front of any microphone in the area with no consequences. Either the American public is apathetic or just down-home ignorant.

In recent interviews the question of just where and why Obamas presidential library will be built was answered when Michelle Obama asserted that anyplace in the world would do, because just everybody in the world felt that he is “their president”!  I guess if you want to have the economy and international pull of a backwater like Sierra Leon you may want to elect, as commander in chief, an individual who, as his first significant presidential action,  circumnavigates the globe apologizing to the world for Americas success?

Former first lady Michelle Obama speaks to guests at the Obama Foundation Summit at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago on Oct. 29, 2019.

Just where is the colony they keep bitching about? Is Obamas Library in any of the countries we have liberated? Is it going to be erected in any of the countries where countless millions  have been brought out of the darkness of poverty and ignorance by the engine of capitalism, cultivated through a relationship with America? Why are all that have warred with us, (and lost) during the last century, flourished after the conflict and in spite of extended U.S. post war military presence?  Should the two women cited in this posting rent an apartment in Cuba?




Iran wants Israel dead. The world didn’t figure it out. The Ayatollahs that run things in Iran never cease to tire of braying about destroying Israel! Israel, the last outpost of civilization and the first to take the punch if things go ballistic in the middle east. The IDF reveals a long term strategy of encirclement  Iran in  positioning missiles, (guided) and rockets (unguided) on the three sides of Israel not facing the sea. They intend overwhelming the Israeli defenses, “Iron Dome,”  “David’s Sling” and “Patriot batteries” when their masses of weapons are in position as well as their poitical will to open up a can of Israeli Whoop-ass.

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Pompeo Reassures Israel After Trump Sold Out the Kurds

Pompeo reassures Bibi Netanyahu that we will not cut and run on Israel at a critical moment and screw them with our erstwhile allies the Kurds.  There are always witnesses to our public crimes, and with America, the entire world is watching., I cringe at  the abandonment to this group, who have been supportive, engaged and effective fighters supporting our efforts in more than one military operation .

Honor when lost, is almost impossible to mend., When you have broken your word in war, and the results are many deaths, …..possibly annihilation of a culture that has existed in the region for many millennia. We owed the Kurds. We abandoned them at a critical moment. To most people in the area you are foolish to trust a superpower that will turn their back and walk away as the wolfs can be heard gathering in the shadows of the tree line

Free Speech in Trouble

It isn’t a matter of fashion,  it isn’t a problem with aesthetic sensitivities, it is a matter of free speech.  The article linked to is a good bit of reportage, but the point to be made is Islamization is getting a leg up as Democracies inexplicably trash their own values. Freedom of speech, the most fundamental value in the structure of western freedoms is under assault. Following statements by a French senator,  that women in Hjiab looked like “Halloween witches” many in opposition called for sanctions against him.

The very idea of sanctioning someone for expressing their beliefs would never have been raised a few years ago. KLIKDAPIK

Why do westerners allow themselves to be pushed around by Islamists? What happened to the sense of right is right and  wrong is to be confronted without fear. Where has that assurance gone? Why have issues such as religious freedom been reignited?  In the west we have been able to absorb every religion, from the pantheism of Hindi faith to the rejection of all things twentieth century by the Amish, all have been welcomed to the big tent of western civilization.

Why, if most other belief systems have been able to adjust to living in a secular world, do we have problems with Muslim integration into modern western civilization?

Could it be that from birth on, Muslims are fed a steady diet of superiority over other beliefs, that violence is a  legitimate form of punishment, and above all, that there is US and THEM, and we (them) are considered inferior and worthy of being not only known but shown that we are inferior to the Muslim and that the in the final analysis Islam is destined to rule the world. In counseling recent converts to Islam, I very frequently heard non-muslims refered to as pests that need to be eliminated, like cockroaches.

With this as a credo who needs mental illness to fly a plane into a building?

AND HOW MANY SOCIETIES WOULD FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH THIS GROUP MOVING IN NEXT DOOR? There is a repulsion, like a drop of detergent in oily water that sends the oil expanding away instantly. The very nature of the two substances seeks to escape the presence of the other.

So it is with good and bad.  It is abusive to require a human being spend most of their life out of the light of the sun. Hijabs are little more than torture devices to a women of the world culture. The culture that expresses itself in color and shape, style and image and all the joy that being a part of the world of provides. .


The A,B,C’s of OAC !!!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the unabashed bigot is damaging the USA. The smirk below, connecting to an nice short article about Tucker Carlsons epiphany over overlooked Gorillas dwelling in our living room!  Part of the blind spot the public has suffered may be accountable to her manner of bursting onto the political scene in D.C.. While wearing two masks during the hijacking of the American publics consciousness, she delights and disarms the Republicans with assaults on the “swamp” and beguiles the lefties with attacks on the right and bold, (mind numbing) assertions of representing a new party (Democratic Socialism) on the scene. She comes off as the first Democratic Socialist  elected to office in U.S.  history. Any cursory knowledge of the structure of the American Republic, will send a chill of existential threat running down the spine and spawning spastic twitches not dissimilar to Tardive Dyskinesia in  full bloom. So, while our attention is on the angels of Marxism fluttering menacingly about our heads, she blames every ill known to man on the European colonialism of the 19th century.        She is the bigot hiding in plain sight. She is Americas Grand Dragon of  racism and hatred.                                                                          JUST KLIKDAPIK below for more……

Rep.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pictured in a file photo from an Aug. 23 hearing that featured Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Getting with the Feminine Jihadi


Taliban in makeup seems exotic. I recall a film of a group back in the early eighties,  then known as the ‘Mujahedeen’ as  they were preparing to fight Russians. I  was amused to see the care that they put their eyeliner on in one shot then snap a fresh magazine into an AK in the next.  Another strange cognitive contortion is the image of one of these Cinder-fellas sawing through the throat of victims with a dull knife, (sharpened if he was favored in one way or another. Back in the eighties they usually paused just to freshen their eyeliner before a battle. They seem to have evolved since then. Kind of makes you wonder if they have Marylyn Monroe impersonators that come in with a little Karaoke and sequined dresses once in  awhile.  Thomas Dworzak came across the photographs in the backroom of a studio and offered to buy them.

Kanye LEAPS !!

I would like this posting to function as an open letter to Kanye West.  It is that important to this author that he be supported by as many people as possible. In particular People who have not led the perfect little Christian life and never did anything wrong. (God how I hate those types.). Kanye has taken a leap of faith. His leap is  over a bottomless chasm of disbelief, ridicule and intimations  of mental illness, cultish programming or just down right un-coolness. Not being cool can result in your having your crystals repossessed.

I cannot imagine the courage it took for Kanye to take “the road less traveled”.  With the lack of civility in our culture, he is risking more than his reputation. He probably has fans mad enough to shoot him. The number of fantasy selves tht took a mortal blow when he came out of the Jesus box is innumerable.  Thousands of young black men have been abandond by what he represents to them about them.

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He will be walking in a foreign land, where truth and humility are the tools in ones daily tool box. The people he will be mixing with will sometimes have a values language he is unfamiliar with. Fun will have to be relearned. Loving with generosity will have to be learned. Above all , the power of giving will need to be nurtured.

If he makes it. I will truely believe there is a God and I will be changed as well. Most epiphhonies have a ripple effet. The effects of one man changing, changing the lives of everyone close to him.

Big responsibility. I hope you have found what you need. But I can tell you one thing. Christ said “Suffer the little children to come unto me.”  So, with the attitude you have right now. You will probably make it.