Too Bold for Comfort



We have only been rid of the Ottomans for a little under a century. Turkey, the cradle of the Ottomon Empire is  presently killing the Pro-American Kurd population on the Iraqi/Syrian  borders. Long considered more advanced than it’s neighbors, a fundamentalist rip tide has developed undermining Turkeys’ true progress toward modernization.  Turkey has always  dogged the heels of the Caucuses, even to the point that we had to enlist the assistance of Dracula in stopping Turkish/Ottoman aggression.

The fearlessness is a little disturbing. Even a hardened criminal plays it cool till he knows the territory. These fools come on like they have nothing to fear in attacking their host countries. Idiots are dangerous. These idiots are doubly troublesome. They inspire other Ottoman wanna-be’s  to idiotic action with their “music”







Criminal behavior is an area of specific training and experience for me. I always got a chuckle  thinking about how creative and spiritually dedicated many of the long-term convicts become when they are incarcerated. I have some art contrived by inmate hands that shows real talent.

Time and incarceration puts butts in the chairs for A.A. meetings, art classes, dog training etc. The creativity of incarcerated people is endless.

Until they are released. Then all the good intentions get dumped in the trash can as they leave.

Spiritual indoctrination is hot and heavy behind bars as the “captive audience”  is evangelized by other inmates. In the course of many conversations with Muslim recruiters, (usually black gentlemen) I learned much of the attitudes that prevail. 

When queried concerning their relationship with non-Muslims. We are, as Kaffir (non-Muslim), a pest that should either be converted to Islam, be made a Dhimmi (lower caste citizen with no rights),  or be put to death. One gentleman interviewed asserted that until conversion or death, we are categorized along with cockroaches and need “exterminated”. Of course, for the lions share of convicts,  most they have learned in jail goes right out the window  when they hit the streets.  They go on with their lives as criminals. The world gets a bit more dangerous.



Is it real?


This video gives good insight into the problems with migrant males in Western Europe.  I am certain part of the sensitivities expressed by Berlin residents has been a strong reaction to new bodies in their space. There is a real problem, however, that will only escalate if there is not a large scale intervention on the part of German authorities.

Horrible production values in the video. But I was riveted by the first hand descriptions of concerned residents. 



The “Invented” candidate


Bless ya’ Newt. New Gingrich spoke with his usual eloquence in pointing the fickle finger of fate at Fox News for its priceless assistance in giving free press to the  “Ugly American.”   He is the Cathode cowboy, the love child of the “running dog lacky” press who have been virtually promoting Trump with millions in air time, anytime, all the time. Now that is just ugly now isn’t it?



Sweden-refugees welcome“And they will be given to drink a cup whose mixture is of ginger, a fountain within Paradise named Salsabeel. There will circulate among them young boys made eternal. When you see them, you would think them scattered pearls. And when you look there, you will see pleasure and great dominion.” — Qur’an 76:17-20 YEAH BABY!

Sanctuary for Satan


Fire fighters try to extinguish a fire at a former hotel that was under reconstruction to become a home for asylum seekers Hey! You have heard of “buyers remorse”. How about “rescuers remorse”.




Can the back bay bayou butt bouncing’ babes be banned and booted out the back door? Signs of a back (door) lash?

TwerkingThey resurrected an old law just to combat pantomime sex performers! BACK LASH !




The ultimate answer suggested by this article is that working with any side of a Muslim on Muslim conflict is pointless and dangerous. So what if you don’t like Syria’s Assad. The so-called insurgents he is fighting are just as bloodthirsty and brutal as he is.

You cannot safely referee a bear fight. In the final analysis they are still both bears…and you are still just lunch.The essential message of this article, however, is that Islam is a stagnate system of belief that cannot be made to accommodate  living in the modern world.




Hemn, a Kurd migrant, keeps warm next to a fire on a makeshift camp known as   [Klikdapik]

And when I close my door, “I have become death, destroyer of worlds”. Or so it was, at the last point of no return. When R. Oppenheimer saw the first blazing mushroom cloud. And it’s the sense of inevitability that digs deepest in my bones. Are we worthy of our own salvation.? Or has western civilization run its course of en masse dissipation. Is it over?  They, the “Evil ones”  are doing more than diddling nuclear dreams. Our enemy thinks salvation is when I die and the good life begins when he dies killing me. You can’t beat that.

The mess at Calais is the backwash from “the Tube” That underskirts the English channel, linking France and a real prize in every immigrants heart…. Britain. Cuzz they cannot wait to set you up with a life you have no hand in creating! “Bes’ dang welfare in the world!” says Uncle Ibrahim, already ensconced in his 1.5 mill. flat in “Jolly Old England”.

And as comely and fecund a dame as Britain is, I sense America “The Great Satan” is the ultimate destination in the dreams of Jihad bound baddies. Can liberal democracies ever get their act together enough to prevent the BIG one from being set off in New York or Houston or such. Can we somehow neutralize the nuclear “inevitability”. Or is it,.. “if it can happen it will.”