She should know….

Sometimes the real expert is of the most humble of us.

There Really is a Difference


The piklink below shows a rather ironic shot of the riots at Ferguson Missouri. During the nights of riots Obama, shamed at doing nothing for several days, invited reps of the rioters to a parley. During this sit down the salient quote came from the POTUS when he advised the rioters to “Stay the course.” Let me repeat that last statement. He told the protesters/car-burners to “Stay the course.” What course? To continue to loot and burn until the town is a flattened field of ashes?

Representatives of the city of Ferguson were NOT invited. 

I have come to expect liberals to caterwaul and perhaps knock over a trash can or two when they lose an election. In my half century of life I have seen this behavior a couple of times…But I have never seen a president encourage such destruction and cultural discord. Hatred is having a party in America, and the founder of the feast is Barack Obama. He had many opportunities to cool down several incidents of civil unrest and downright rioting and chose to do nothing at best….. or fan the flames at worst. But could you expect anything else from a man whose resume’ has “organizer” as his area of special expertise? Getting people stoked and pissed off at each other is his thing. He has never endeavored to build anything, fix anything, or help anyone. The article the pik is linked to is but a particle of the hateful acts that have persisted since President Trumps inauguration. It is a list of violence perpetrated on conservatives by the gentle souls who refer to themselves as” liberals.”…….Teeeheee


Poland Knows

Hubris, arrogance, grandiosity. The self absorption and believing your own press releases. Such are the imbecilities of the European union.  A region that depopulated itself in 1917 with the meat grinder of WWI then within 30 years, these countries  combusted again as Germany invaded it’s neighbors, one of which was Poland. ….”.FOOL ME ONCE… you know the rest. Klikdapik for recent developments I am proud of Poland for not falling tor the politicily correctoids strong-arm of shame.



get on welfare,

commit an inordinate of crime,

Stress the culture.

Impose Sharia Law as a solution


In the Heart of Darkness



As a youth I would occasionally run into the type of family that seemed a bit rougher than mine. The first time I met Randall, the older of the four male children in the S…..ton clan was on the occasion of watching a fly walk of the edge of his school desk. He pulled it’s wings off. His brother Clifford was known to tie cats together by the tail, hang them from cloths lines and set them on fire. Just to witness their death struggle. One day I stopped by their house as Randall waved me to come and play pool on his new pool table. While I was upstairs, on the second floor of his house, Clifford stole my bicycle. The fact of the matter is that they were raised hard, hard language, hard feelings and a hard vision of the world. Like the culture of Rome, compassion was a dirty word. With the Sutton family, I doubt they even knew the meaning of the word compassion.





This is where it all began. 1979 and the fall of the last Shah of Iran. France gave him sanctuary and a platform for the exiled Ayatollah. Whoops!!, The socialistic birds has come home to roost! Now we have a sovereign ready, willing, and thanks to Obama, STINKIN’N RICH!!. The ton (not exaggerating ) of money now syphoned off to various terrorist cells…..Isis, Hezbollah, Al-Qaida etc. Basically’ they fund anybody who is not Shia.

All I have to say is thank God for Obama!


Sort of a “Meet and Greet” on the streets of London



No panic. No tears of shock and fear, no bomb blasting. The protesters taking selfies to commemorate the event. The tiny group of Muslims, directed to the right place to stand and holding their signs for CNN cameras. CNN choreographed the peace demonstration (or whatever). This is called FAKE NEWS





Even the “Church of Satan” is backing away from Kathy Griffin. CNN dumped her.  And backlash from all quarters has penetrated thick layers of self absorption. Such putrefaction of soul ,once exposed cannot be forgotten. She may be a funny woman to some, but there are many who are offended. Just for fun, compare the two piks below….. 


Both images are from the same vile place. Although one is real and the other as close to real as could be mechanized, the two share the same pit of rage.  The motive: to insult the better angels of our nature, to demonstrate hatred, to show that societies boundaries are meaningless when couched in such hatred.

Both pictured decapitators live in a world where all of their personal associations  support their primitive thinking, both live in a world of bitter fantasy, where up is down….. if it gets them what they want. Both live in a state of regression, incapable of thinking in a mature fashion.

But when one pauses and considers that Griffin is a comic, devoted to making others laugh. How could she think such a horrific image is funny? Who is her audience? How many are there among us who give such behavior a pass?