Brackish Waters

I won’t stoop so low as to say that “she so uuuuugly a freight train would take a dirt road just to get out of her way!” No I won’t stoop so low.  God has a little extra grace for fools and drunks. I don’t know how she drinks so I will settle with her observable behavior. Like, she was on point when it came to rabble rousing people to assault Trumpers in restaurants and on the streets etc. Words tantamount to incitement to riot or at least incitement to assault individuals. The grace part enters into matters when one considers what a couple of statements on the internet can get you if you make terroristic threats against the head of HUD.

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California questions Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin during a House Financial Services Committee hearing on Capitol Hill on May 22, 2019.

When one weighs the two in balance with IQ the measured quantity, the BRAIN SURGEON,  a gentleman of soft-spoken eloquence and immaculate manners, is a good bet for all-around better human being. 


To Stand as an American

Congressman Jeff Van Drew, is either King Leonidas or Benedict Arnold. The identity history will assign to him will hinge on who prevails in the  impeachment Carnival  of President Donald Trump.  The winners write the history. The losers, of course, just sue for reparations. It takes courage to stand your ground when those around you, the spineless ones, are  falling in line behind popular opinion. When my children worry about the consequences that follow their beliefs I don’t soften the blow of truth. I just tell them it is harder to be good, and that the road less travelled is often rough, and  the desire to take an easier way compelling. As an individual from the right side of the isle I offer a tip of the hat to Mr. Drew. When I see him suffering the slings and arrows of mass opinion as he stands his ground against his own party I know we have one good thing in common, one vital element that binds us. We are both American.

Then-Rep.-elect Jeff Van Drew (D-New Jersey) speaks to members of the media outside a closed House Democrats organizational meeting at the Longworth House Office Building on Nov. 28, 2018, in Washington, D.C.



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Yeah I Got Him Fired but I Got Friends in Low Places

At this moment congress  is interviewing a witness who states he was present at the time of the “Ukrain call”.  This call and some vague intimation that Trump pulled a quid Pro Quo arem twisting to have Congressman Biden investigated, and son as well for possible corruption. The Ukrain, famouse for corrupt oligarchs running and owning just about everything is a good place to shop around for some extra cash if you know the right people. Joe Biden secured a job for his son Hunter Biden with a utilities company in Ukraine. Hunter does not speak the language,  Hunter has never worked in the energy field, Hunter had no observable skills that could get him a job above the level of custodian in a energy company. Yet he was drawing down a salary of more than 50,000 dollars a month. For doing nothing. The BIdens had thrust themselves  into the center of a den of thieves and started throwing the U.S. weight around, trying to cut a cash deal of some sort with the ever corrupt Ukrainians. They had made themselves the targets  of any corruption investigation that might happen by. The vid below is Joe Biden bragging about doing what they are trying to pin on the presedent with this show trial they have simmering right now.

Again. Our President is suffering impeachment over the very thing that Joe Biden is bragging about. Apparently without consequences.

A Star is Born

Please forgive the sluggish posting of late. I have been stalked by writers block (burn out) for several weeks. But though I have but a handful of loyal readers, I must respect their time, attention, and generosity in spending a moment with me occasionally and press ahead. Thanks fellow Jackhammers, your time and attention is appreciated.

A most wonderful sun has breached the eastern horizon this morning. A new star has risen in the Republican party, Elise Stefanik, Republican representative, has taken the pinkos , in the impeachment farce to the woodshed, and with the weapons of strength, dignity, intelligence and thorough research, she has faced off against and eviscerated Democratic opposition. In particular, chairman Schiff with the goo-goo-googly eyes has found his comeuppance under Stefaniks  steely gaze. She is a Valkyrie tried and true.KLIKDAPIK for more……..

Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York speaks during the testimony of former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch before the House Intelligence Committee on Nov. 15, 2019.

Ms. Stefaniks recital of Shiffs multitude of promisis to expose his………..whistleblower who still has not   presented himself for testimony. Ms. Stefaniks confrontation was airtight and Schifs reaction was to assume a dear-in-the-headlights, paralysis that I found deeply satisfying. 

KLKIT and enjoy his obvious discomfort.



White flight from areas that are becoming more ethnic is one of the older complaints against the alleged systemic white oppression in America. A quarter century ago a family friend, asserted she had moved from Washington escape what SHE regarded as the violence endemic to the black community. She spoke with the gravitas  of a black woman, working to keep the Ramen Noodles and cheese coming for the kids.

My Baby Does the Hanky Panky

Kelly Conways husband,, who ‘happens’ to be an unmitigated ass is never at a loss in providing those charming ‘Billy Beer’ moments for his long suffering spouse, Kelly Conway,  to buff out.  In the interview segment below Wolf Blitzer is force fed his own failed bushwhacking of Kelly.  It was a thing of beauty! Kelly slipped each punch, and cruised by each taunting, presumptive trap laid by Blitzer. At one point his drubbing became so poignant in failure, Kelly stated that she was ’embarrassed’ for Wolf.

My own history with Blitzer was spawned during the nightly ‘reports’ he gave when our people  were being held captive by the Iranians. in ’79. The first title for his evening  reportage was ‘America Held Hostage’. The Ayatollah,( who held the hostages), didn’t like the title of the program.  The name  of the show was changed to ‘Nightline’.

Thus was born Blitzers evening news program. It ran several years after the hostages were released.


Upon entering boot camp, the military begins breaking down the recruits civilian belief system. From the moment the recruit steps off the bus he is being re-parented by the military. This ‘re-parenting’ is focused on installing a belief system based on duty, discipline, and honor. All lofty aspirations. But only if they are a dynamic in the life of the soldier. There must be no saying one thing and doing another in the military. That kind of hypocrisy is not just accepted and shunted aside, a tall talker who is actually a coward must not get by saying he can piss fire, and then, at the critical moment turn and run like a bunny. The words and beliefs of the soldier must match. He must do what he says he will do,…..he must do what he is ordered to do. More and more men are continuing the exodus from the family. For young MEN in particular, it is vital they be given a strong, righteous  male model to learn how to be a man in a moral manner. Otherwise the results can be very destructive. In short,; A spoiled male child will become a spoiled adult (physically) male with muscle enough and anger enough to become a truly dangerous adult. Men, as a group, en masse are needed.


Author and former television host Mike Rowe makes a Veterans Day appearance Monday on "Fox & Friends."


              AND THAT IS A GOOD THING


Some died on fire, in their car seats. The mystery of what flows through the veins of a monster, who can commit such atrocities on women and children still flows cold. The culture that cradles such monstrosities draws a critical focus as well. But to investigate a culture is politically forbidden, it implies I might be using an approach based on good ol’ empirical evidence. It is feared that such thinking might speak a negative truth about a country and/or culture. It could be said, with some confidence, that en-masse judgments are unfair and often wrong.

But after a few decades on the planet, and a considerable time in the company of Mexican friends , I have developed an instinct about the mind-set of Mexican males. About Mexican females I know zip,…except they are formidable opponents when provoked.

Mexican Ambassador to the United States Martha Barcena pictured in a file photo from June.

Martha Barcena, Mexican Ambassador to the United States puts the blame for the massacre of nine innocents, (3 adults and 6 children) square on the back of the American consumer. ……..KLIKDAPIK for more……

The two miscreants pictured here, wanted for murder after a jailbreak and successful escape to Mexico, were apprehended trying to RETURN  to the U.S..  Why?  The scuttlebutt says they are from rival gangs. Could it be a Romeo/Juliet type thing or did they land on somebody else’s turf and it was to flee north or die?  Mexico, is teetering on the brink of devolving into a failed modern state.  Anything goes when almost anyone  has his price.  

Jail Escape Murder Suspects






Below is a heart rending interview with the husband and son of one of the adult fatalities. Not much need be said about their grief. Nothing can be said that can beguile the heart from tending the wreckage of a life shattered and the questions to be answered next. The message is clear in the last few words of the father and husband, “Where do we go?”



Little Omar Makes a Wish

The Ottoman empire, after centuries of dominance in the area that is modern turkey, began divesting itself of territory with division of middle-eastern land to the British in 1917. The areas that changed hands included what will become modern day Israel as well as a couple more areas soon to be designated as Iran, Iraq etc..  The Ottomans, with a bit of the homicidal infusion from Muslims, hated ethnic Armenians and went about destroying their culture in Turkey. Divestments of possessions, mass murder and death march’s effectively eliminated Armenians in Turkey. Only recently have the Armenians began coalescing as a unified culture.  Our little Omar wants to equivocate. She wants to start pointing her little fingers at the crimes of others to take the heat off  Islam’s murderous history.. The article that this pic of Omar is connected to explains in simple clarity, the situation of the Armenians (and Christians) during this bloody period.

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