The Art of Delusion

The friction between reality and fantasy is greatly reduced if you can convince the chump population that we create reality independent of any substance. Modern art is no more than a cognitive exercise in creating quality out of whole cloth. The concept of modern art would be quite ridicules if only one person believed that the modern art was actually art. It takes a little team work to sustain the delusion. So a whole caste was cultivated by the architects of modern popular culture. This “cognitive exercise”.is one of many mantras of the left, targeted to fill the void left behind the wholesale flight of maturity from the American scene. Adolescent idealism and knee-jerk oppositional stance against all authority is a scatter-gun morality made of sound and fury and no more. To live in the lap of luxury and not lift a finger in effort. Meaning without meaningful struggle.

Authority that demands commitment is out. Authority that demands sacrifice or service to a greater purpose is out. Doing what you want is the mission statement of Gen Z. We are lucky it is the last letter in the alphabet. Art is what I call it. Right and wrong is what I decide as I go. So crap is art. Urine is art. Insult of traditions is art. Insult of authority is art. Anything and everything is art.

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