Weeping for Oneself

New Jersy has aided and abetted the escape of two pedophiles from justice. Aiding and abetting known felons in escaping the authorities is a crime in itself. New Jersey, in refusing to cooperate with ICE, proclaimed intent to commit the crime, then proceeded to do just that.   No one is held accountable.  Two sexual predators walked away from the consequences of their actions, were released back to the streets to perpetrate crimes, create more victims, pour another cup of misery into the stream of life, and  no one is held accountable.  In the final cut, sorry folks, no authority at work here. You are on your own.

The weirdest thing is the total lack of reason to resist. No injustice has been done, and no authority abused. The straightest line and shortest route point to the loss of the 2016 election to the GOP. It has been on one long marathon wail and whine since the Dems watched the ’16 election floating away form the dock…..without them.   This appears to be greatest tantrum, in chorus, ever thrown in America.  Jack is holding his breath till he passes out and Jill won’t stop tearing up her bedroom….. until she gets what she wants.

What about the victims. Anybody ask the children who have had their innocence stolen?


Why don’t we get upset about sub-Saharan Africa?  Mozambique lost a few people to Jihadists in the last few days. If you care to take a moment to look you will find that such reports are a weekly if not daily event for the darker part of the dark continent. There is no mention in the Mainstream Media.

Atrocity of the Week

One must ask the question; Why is the wholesale killing of Africans something that doesn’t rate full coverage by the main stream media.? Massacres like the daily violence found in African states would merit headlines filled with tragedies that would shock the world.  Why are African lives expendable?  Boco Harum  in Nigeria, Janjaweed in Serra Leone or wholesale genocide of Christians in northern Uganda,  getting killed by Muslim death squads is  a  daily hazard of living. .


                                        From the death bed of Mohammed


An Alamo Actor Speaks

Below is one of the group of what I call “Alamo Actors”, conservatives  living in the rarified atmosphere of liberal Hollywoods anointed imbeciles. He is a straight shooter and courageous to stand behind what he knows is right.

When Voight  says “This is war.”  he is probably right. With no other avenues through which the coup conspirators can stopped in their repeated attempts to invalidate the 2016 election, I fear an uprising. My minds eye sees it in burning cars and broken  glass. I hear it in cartridge casings hitting the pavement. The smell off fear and rage fill the air these days and it is scary.

Otto Preminger, director of such fare as “The Longest Day” and “Anatomy of a Murder”, equated actors with cattle. He knew many actors were not too bright. It seems so foolish that anyone with higher brain function would give an ounce of credibility to people who make their living playing dress-up. Occasionally an actor exhibits some intelligence and a deadly panic runs rampant through the dress-up rank and file, and like apes who find a soccer ball in the jungle, if they can’t screw it they kill it. Stupidity en masse is scary. It is the stuff of lynch mobs, torches and pitch forks.

Jon Voight knows the lay of the land. He knows the vilification he will be hammerd with. He is willing to pay a price for supporting Trump. In todays world, such a price is the red badge of courage. Kudos to Mr. Voight, his words have iron in them.

JESUS !!!! On the Floor

I BEING TITTULATED BY JESUS. The historical place of the miracle of the multitude fed by Jesus may have been discovered recently. Or not. That is the titillation part. In a concise and balanced article, a mosaic found on the floor of a church burned down a couple of millennia ago depicts the five fish and baskets  of bread allegedly used to feed a large  group gathered to listen to Jesus preach.

From the vantage of an apostate non-believer this find causes an uncomfortable cognitive dissonance. It would be nice to have an unimpeachable proof of the mosaics veracity.  Regrettably such is not and probably never will be the case.

But it would be nice. But belief without proof is the fabric of faith. It is not that easy and it never will be.



I posted on this last week. Joe Biden bragged about doing what Dems are hoping will support an impeachment of President Trump. In a brutal thrust to save his crooked son from the attention of a Ukrainian prosecutor, Biden threatened to withhold a billion dollar loan guarantee if the aforementioned prosecutor wasn’t fired. He was fired. Biden paid up. But Einstein Biden couldn’t let it go. He had to brag about it.

It is disturbing to note that Biden is prancing around with a grin. Why is he not concerned about his own situation now that his admitting to committing high crimes and misdemeanors has been revealed? Why no hew and cry from the pundits in the Mainstream, demanding Bidens  head on a pike? My own instinct to eschew conspiracy theories adds to my consternation.

Her Cleavage Made Me Do It

The poor over civilized Swedes have a bit of a problem on their hands. In another case of be careful what you pray for the Swedes have been very generous in allowing unrestrained migration into their country.  The level of  reported rapes has had an increase of over a thousand percent. Putting Sweden at the top of the rape stats world wide.

There are some disturbing trends noted,  as constabulary is now giving advice on keeping a low profile on dress and behavior to victims and potential victims. This smacks of placing the onus of the rape on the shoulders of the victims. The rapists blame their religion, the cops and the rapists blame the females and the females are out of luck.

How to Beat Your Soul Mate

Slapping the word “lesson” up against a word does not soften the consequences that follow when the “lesson” is put to work. If your aim is generosity and the betterment of mankind then Godspeed to you sir. If the results of your lesson bring pain or unhappiness to others, you are merely a advocate for evil.   For the1390th year running Islam has been rated as #1 in  the kindness and merciful catagories……. WHO HAS BEEN KEEPING TALLY ON THIS STATISTIC ALL THESE CENTURIES?   Place incredulous question mark here { ?},  because this crap is past unbelievable and has hopscotched right into the twilight zone!

The terrible, unvarnished truth is that Islam  teaches that women are inferior to men and  that men can treat there women in any fashion they wish without a thought of consequence from any regulating authority..


The relative stability for Islam’s people comes through the straight-line pecking order that runs through the rigid patrilineal social order of diminishing positions of authority that begins at the top,….Ayatollah, to sheik,  Imam to father/husband. The system has something for every male,  every male has someone to lord over therefore dissatisfaction is kept at a rocky minimal,  with the male ego somewhat satisfied.

So a nabob wanted peace among his followers. In keeping his thrown, and his foot on the neck of the average Muslim male, you give him his own little thrown from which to exorcise his power. Life and death are in his hands.Even though he may be the lowest in the pecking order,  he is the ruler of his own little sovereignty, just to keep him happy, compliant, and  well behaved.

The woman has a role. She is the scapegoat for the religion,  taking all the anger and providing the powerless male a body to dominate and beat. She is the gyroscope for the society, keeping things in balance for the survival of the system. Should the role of the female ever be changed toward greater stature and power in society, the rigid patrilineal system would shatter.



Daddies Home !!!

I am the parent of five daughters. Therefore I have been involved with  physical confrontations with as many as three young males on the same occasion. But, of course you don’t come  in between a daddy lion and his cubs…………. or you die.

The knife below is just a random pic. But it is linked to a fine little article.


Human behavior can  be broken down to just a few primary colors. The four “Fs, feeding, fighting ,fleeing and fornication encompass the basic survival drives of most warm blooded animals.

In situations that occur without warning and require quick action to ensure survival, the decision may come to fight or flight. In certain ways this decision reveals deeper levels of the persons character, depending your choice of action.

A trained warfighter, comfortable with guns and schooled in handling them, will probably choose fight if threatened. The average citizen, is a toss-up as far as reaction to threat.  Some may flee and some might stand and fight.  This is why you hear of absolutely no massacres in a police station or military base…..”I guy could get shot!” A century or so ago any boy of ten would be considered a pansy if he didn’t have his little .22 caliber pump rifle to shoot skunks squirrels and bunnies. As a basic tool for supplying the families need for protein, guns were common, in sight and kept handy. I keep a colt 1911 next to me most of the time. There have been a few visits by those who are not familiar with me or my lifestyle habits who react to a pistol in open sight like they just walked onto a rattlesnake.

The fellow who confronted Beto on his REAL intentions at a town hall recently, spoke from the perspective of one who is comfortable around firearms and who assumes others, if they were as trained and familiar with firearms could take responsibility for there own defense at times when the choice of fight or flight is a decision to make.


See the source image

To this question I am quick to advise that if flight poses the best chance to live then take that action. But what about those who are caught in a situation where retreat is impossible? They must fight or become trophies for the killer.

What would be the impact on society if things were turned around. What if the shooter knew he had to face armed security at the outset and then go about their grizzly business, room to room, with each intrusion a question of whether he was walking into a classroom with an instructor who could shoot him dead? Room after room, hall after hall, dangerous territory. What would happen  to the shooters motivation, if the first shot brings  out, a crowd of staff armed and ready to protect themselves and their young charges?



Joe Biden confessed to influence peddling on camera,  to the world, with no retraction,  remorse or apology. When the NBC people were finished with the last article I read they pretty much had convicted Trump,  but finished the article by saying,  in no uncertain terms, that no connection  between Biden and the Ukrainians was untoward in the least.

You can quit the vid after Biden barks, but Hillary Clinton gives a little bonus insight into business as usual a little later in the vid. Otherwise,  the  pundit aint that great and Biden sinks his own boat rather nicely on his own thank you very much!

    YOU BE THE JUDGE !!!!!