Into the Arms of Stupidity

The books are open but where is the reader? Klikdapik to learn what you probably already know. In our great land stupidity indicators are on the rise. I don’t know who said it but an educated public is the greatest guarantor of a free society and it seems that stupidity is “cool” in America these days.

First Sign

It is wise to become concerned, at the FIRST crack in the dam. The one thing that assists in a denial is the lack of a definite tipping point in taking action.  That is why we are amazed when we see victims of mass carnage so sheepishly run to their doom at the demand of their destroyers. The fact is that most victims die cowering and waiting for a miracle.  Just remember America, “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” It is past time to take the millennium long (and longer) Jihad that has been foisted upon the west from Islam

Vlad the impaler was not as much a monster as he was a convincing defender of Christendom from the Turks who threatened and made a living out of various forms of extortion of the eastern European frontier. In many ways the man Dracula was patterned after was as much a hero as Charles “the Hammer” Martel who stopped an invasion of a Muslim army marching through Spain and southern France in Gaul (France).

The Pledge


About a decade ago one of my daughters asked me for some assistance with her homework. Upon a cursory glance at her  history text book I noticed mention of the first European contacts with native Americans. The text was quite clear in stating that Europeans (the Spanish in this instance) had deliberately spread disease among the Mayan population by giving them infected blankets. It was also pointed out quite clearly that Europeans were dirty and the Mayan population more hygienic than the conquistadors.

 At no time was it mentioned that the Mayans cut the beating heart out of hundreds of thousands of  fellow natives in gruesome religious ceremonies that included the bouncing of human heads down the steps of the pyramids they built. It also seemed odd to me that the Spanish knew about germ theory a few hundred years before it was discovered in the late nineteenth century. 

To say the least I was shocked by the revision of history by the inclusions and exclusions of the text. It gave the impression that an idyllic Eden had been plundered by bloodthirsty villains from across the water. Well they were killed in droves by the Spanish as was the custom of conquering and killing at that time. No denying the villainy of the Spanish. And at that time the spread of disease happened from ignorance as much as anything. My objection was the deliberate manipulation of information to  present a skewed version of the reality of the times in order to support a desired world view of the educators who had my child in their clutches.

The linked article discusses one Educators attempt to indoctrinate children to a particular world view by eliminating the pledge of allegiance from classrooms.  

The pic below links to an article concerning  parents who rejected a school boards decision to take another step towards global indoctrination of our children. AND WON!

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To Serve and Protect

A few years ago my wife, (heretofore known as Deb) and I moved her father to Colorado Springs. His health had been failing and he felt he needed to be closer to us . He did need help. He was suffering a worsening dementia and could not manage his life without assistance any longer. Of course we did not know he had dementia at the time. We were soon to realize his diminishing mental condition upon moving him to Colorado Springs. Enlisting the help of his two sons, both in their forties and physically able-bodied men to help with the move and share a home with him.

During the initial search for a house for Ivan (father), it became apparent the only thing the sons were capable of was fighting with Ivan. Deb and I took the lead and found a most charming home in an out of the way gingerbread neighborhood for the three to rent.

In short order Ivan, who’s symptoms were worsening, made the pronunciation that life with the two sons had become unbearable and that he was going to move back to his hometown of Coffeeville Ks. which is a  ten hour drive from the Springs. Could not and should not happen. So Deb and I moved in with the father and sons to settle the situation and possibly bring peace to the group.

One son we knew had a history of alcoholism and was himself fairly brain damaged. The other son, employed and seemingly stable, revealed himself to be addicted to methamphetamines and had abused many different variations of drugs, including the infamous “bath salts”. He was carrying on relationships with a large number of people that included  first lady Obama, the FBI and other friends that only he could see. He had apparently fried his brain on bath salts and home made Methamphetamines. He was a “tweaker”.  He had to go.

He moved to a trailer he owned that he had parked in the alley behind the house. For the next two months he carried on a campaign of terror in retribution to our rejecting him and asking him to leave.

He would gain access to the house at night. We would awaken with our electrical outlets filled with butter and thermostat filled with bits of wadded up paper. Attempted assaults on neighbors and us with weapons that included crowbars and baseball bats, along with  his dancing in the street, calling for us to come out to fight for hours each day took a toll on the perfect little neighborhood. He told us he would cause us to be evicted. That he would “take us with him”.

After fifteen (no exaggeration) police calls we were asked to leave by the landlord who was as understanding as she could be but could do nothing to move him. The neighbors had had it with the attention getting displays in the street. Deb and I found ourselves living with three people with brain damage and all of them angry. On each call the police acted increasingly angry that we had bothered them with the call. All they would  say was that they had no right to take either son  into custody regardless of their bizarre and often threatening behavior. As a matter of fact I was more likely to get arrested than the perpetrator jumping and dancing in the street spitting epithets at our house.

At one point I asked what happened to the promise to “serve and protect” that is often painted on police cars. I was informed that they had stopped painting the promise on police cars  years ago. My question pissed the cop off so bad he threatened to arrest me!

We moved and the sons drifted to the streets, the damage was done. The confused and angry Ivan went with us, We found a beautiful home in the front range Rockies. In amoung the clouds,  pine trees and snow capped peaks we spent Ivan’s last days letting go of his life one painful bit at a time. I guess we can feel closure by considering that he spent his last days in a place he often referred to as “Gods country” that all promises had been kept and he was among family to the last.

Thank you for your patience in reading this rather detailed story but it introduces the photo below better than anything I have experienced.



And Now a Word from the Trump Haters.

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Through several layers of plastic surgery, Steve Tyler demands Trump not play his music. Of course such duct tape repairs are the single greatest sign of a fellow who has changed his address to Has- Been City. For some, reality is not pretty enough.

Here are a few people who suffer under the delusion that they know something.










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Of course when you can get away with playing one role (Yourself)  repeatedly for your entire career, saying “fuck you” to the president  is best you can do.









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OK so what if he left a career making billions to become the most powerful man on earth AND ALL WE GET ARE THESE DUMB SIGNS. By the way, what do they say?








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“I would rather be fat and stupid than vote for Trump!”

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I hate Trump. Now do you want to talk about my vagina for 90 minutes?


I carry. Open carry is legal in Colorado and when I am out and about  you may see the prettiest Colt .45 on my hip. The figure in the picture below isn’t me. I am a guy. The girl in the pic is an Israeli soldier. With all the “lone wolf” attacks on civilians of late, Israel is loosening it’s carry laws to allow more civilians to carry firearms. They believe some of the attacks on Israelis will be thwarted if the good guys carry firearms.  I agree.  

Klikdapik for an interesting little article concerning Israel’s decision.

It interesting to note the comments I have received from others have been positive. Usually they say “cool” and mention the second amendment. Only one old codger, visiting Colorado from Texas, said anything pejorative about my carrying a gun. REMEMBER: IT IS BETTER TO CARRY A GUN AND NOT NEED IT THAN NEED A GUN AND NOT HAVE IT.


The score for this weekend is 60 shot and ten fatally.

I have a few questions.

Where are the national guard troops?.

Where is the demand for  Matrial law?

Why is Rob Emanuel still mayor?

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The streets of Chicago KLIKDAPIK FOR MORE CONTENT.

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ROB EMMANUEL IS HOLDING HANDS With a celebrity at the moment and can’t be bothered

Could it be the ego of the current dictator Saddam Emanuel?

Why does he make such a big deal about “his Chicago” being a sanctuary city when the legitimate residents will soon be immigrating to a safer place to live for themselves? Why do these strangers from different countries get such passionate air time and he seems strangely silent concerning the plight of his own citizens?


Personal note from me. The preceding posting concerning one of Harvey Weinsteins victims should not be construed as a statement against her accusations of sexual abuse at the hands of the pig Weinstein. I do not wish to diminish the severity of his actions in any way.

But I do have to be honest about the genesis of my mixed impresson on the issue of sexual harassment. As a surviver of the Phil Donahue era. Phil Donahue was the white counterpart to Oprah during the early seventies. He was a very popular talk show host who specialized in the vilification of men. His program was nothing more than a cattle call to a long line of man-hating females with terrible things to say about the male gender.  Donahue was not the only Elmer Gantry of man hating. You couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone with an ax to grind about men and their abhorrent behavior. The culture as a whole fell hook line and sinker for the notion that men were irredeemably vial and in need of immediate castration.

TO my horror I saw men’s lives ruined on the basis of accusations. Just accusations, no evidence, just the word of a pissed – off female. No due process. No consequence for false allegations. Just charges that ruined careers, marriages and reputations.

Soon the sensitivity of the public was screwed to the sticking point and just opening a door for a female became a despicable act of sexual insult.  Soon any touch or suggestive words were categorized as some form of abuse. The word rape lost it’s impact and those poor women who really were violently violated were put in the same catch-all as the dumb-ass spouts, “nice rack” on the beach while the victim of REAL RAPE layed up in a hospital bed, with knife wounds and her teeth knocked out.

I have five daughters. That is why I carry a 1911 A-1 when accompanying my girls or wife Deb (she’s a girl too.). I dare a father try to go to a park with five beautiful females. and not draw chumps in clusters,…some with less than honorable intentions. And of course it is my job to provide the security.

I thought that my girls would be angry at me scaring there new and used boyfriends. But the opposite is true, they encouraged me to scowl a bit and clean my .45 during boyfriends first visit just to get the ground rules set.

As a counselor of over twenty years service, I have received exactly 0 complaints of inappropriate behavior from clients. It’s not hard, just don’t say anything stupid and keep your hands to yourself.

A recent study of high school sexual harassment incidents two facts were found.

  1. If there is any groping, beware, you will likely “stand before the man”…….except…..
  2. If you are a hottie…..then it’s all cool.

I have one daughter who has been victimized by real rapist on two occasions. One involved her being held against her will while being violated repeatedly. Please, as a culture, let us begin to make vivid distinctions between rude, crude behavior and real assof sexual assault.ault and sexual violation. He pain and her scarred life should not be tossed into the basket with all the other trivialization of sexual assault.



Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…..Weinstien is a pig. Weinstien should do time for some his coercive sexual assaults. But if you are going to throw stones, be sure it’s not in a glass house.

Asia Argento, Italian actress and Weinstein victim, has since paid hush money for her own sexually inappropriate behavior….. Klikdapik