The election is over. This vid was recorded before the election and it reinforces the truth that  America dodged a bullet with the election of  DonaldTrump. Pat Condell, the gentleman you will see on this vid. is an excellent wordsmith. I never fail to learn something from him when I take a moment or two and listen. So take a moment and listen.   

I always have something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving. But this time I am humbeled to my apostate knees and compelled to thank God we have a good ol’ fashioned bully boy in office. Just as long as he keeps his guns pointed the right way! 


First Europe, Zen America, Zen Ze Vorld!


Most towns of the past used to have “town criers”.  Someone who would prowl the streets each night making sure things are as they should be as the townsfolk slept snug in their beds. It was their stated job to warn the good people of their community of anything unusual or dangerous that might be headed their way.

The point is that Europe is our town crier now. What happens on the east bank of the pond will soon migrate to the west side…. Our side. But rather than snatching the ol’ flintlock from above the mantle, we invite them in. Then as they rape, pillage and generally get back at us for the crusades, we fix them a snack (No ham and it should be a Kosher kill).




Values. You can define the landscape of a culture and religion by taking notice of what they covet and are willing to protect and what they are willing to sacrifice. For our Muslim buddies it appears that at least in this instance, the actions of a lower primate can result in the death of 16 human beings…….think I would rather be a Methodist.



The problems of just what to do with granddad when he can’t take care of himself anymore is solved by Islam……not many nursing homes in the mid east………




Obama tried to be a compelling force in the junta attempted by the Muslim Brotherhood on Egypt. Then when his little take-over was soundly rejected by the Egyptians themselves, he, and the rest of the world left the wounded and foundering Egypt ignored and left to their own devises.




What We Already Know



So now that the smoke is thinning out a bit. After the fray, after their candidate lost, the Grey lady and her ilk are gagging up to the truth. The truth that the foundational principals of news reporting were not even touched upon by the press. Accuracy, balance, and above all objectivity are not taught in journalism class any more, (evidently).

The picture of the world the Main Stream media presented had been triaged, honed, distorted and presented as fact to a public programmed to accept news stories as gospel.