Location baby, its everything!

OH! MY! Pardon me ladies and germs , but we appear to be experiencing some problems with terrorists gaining access to the kitchen via the wainscoting. Little Debbie spun a squakin’ banty Terrorist centralrooster. It sounded like a fat man popping his knuckles, a muted pop said the chicken was ready to pluck. The dead bird twitched and Little Deb said, “Hammer, just tell the pinko swine who runs the country to seven dust everything and then give us a call when the problem is solved.”

Taco Pete stirred, crawled from the walk-in closet. He pops two hundred clams a month for the closet, bathroom and kitchen privileges. “I’m not goin’ unless they are all deceased! Period”!

To this submission hammerman barked. “If they had set the venue in Siberia, at least the terrorists would have to be inconvenienced by having to travel a distance, maybe buy a plane ticket. As it stands they all could walk to the Olympic village on their lunch break to have a bit of a detonation before not returning to work.”

Sochi, her back against the Black Sea, is surrounded on all landward sides by Muslim countries heretofore involved in trying to kill Russians for fun, profit, and to get rid of all that old C-4 that had gotten mouldy. Allah Akbar!

It appears that there’s nothing but pissed Muslims for a thousand miles in any direction from Sochi. What the fuck was Putin thinking about ?

MSNBC interrupts Congressman for a Bieber update!!


This my darling children is an educational moment. What are the values presented by this broadcasts preference for an entertainment weekly piece in lieu of an interview with a representative? What type of people, in what demographic pool, would prefer a Bieber story over a piece on the NSA surveillance in statements uttered by a Congresswoman? Hmmmmmm can anyone say “Jersey Shore Demographics?


Deb found some old essays and such of mine while in a document search through some old boxes in our basement. I found this short piece on my two youngest daughters. It is an obvious first draft and cutting about 30% of it’s bloated text would be in order. But it returned to me after a few years and I felt I should let it see the light of day as it had been while in waiting all these years. I did not edit past spelling and repetition and such. Margi had a bit of the flu and her sister Alexandra was in attendance. About a decade ago .

At Age Ten and Five

The morning sun fell through the blinds on Margi, sick and lying on the east wall couch of our Sheridan Street house. Her baby sister, Alex fetched her water quickly. Little ALex fetched aspirins and syrups, blankets and pillows on pattering bare feet across the wooden floors. Quickly the little girl tended to her ailing sister. This was not the first time, both had done such things before.

   Alex cared for her sister as naturally as taking a breath or brushing the flaxen hair from her eyes. No guilt or embarrassment, no hesitation or doubt from either girl in giving or receiving love from the other. Both, had grown together since before the stretch of their memory. And just as naturally they would play together until I would growl at them to quiet down, or fight with each other till we threatened their little lives with parental wrath.

They ebbed and flowed from jealousy or competition for love or favor. They were kids together. We were all there, older sisters and mom and dad. All keeping an eye out and keeping them safe. With a fat little grandma to spoil them with time and attention. But then slave them with stepping and fetching.

They were just kids. But one of them was down now. And the miracle of Margi and Alex blossomed before me once again. The healing poured from one to the other without urging or education from any other authority than the wisdom of the heart. I didn’t have to tell them to help or heal or comfort each other when the need was there. I just had to witness the revealed nature of their bond of sisterhood.

I sat in my unremarkable living room, on an unremarkable morning and bore witness to the miracle of those two most remarkable children helping each other through life. They are my rosebuds. They are my heros.



An ex U.N. nuclear inspector is offering that Iran is just a couple of months from nuclear grade plutonium in quantities large enough to worry about. Iran, the founder of the feast in ushering in the age of Islamic regression. Regression is an operationally definable term. There is nothing in any social movement in Islam that evolves forward in any way. No point of conflict is resolved, no one accepts, compromises or concedes. All wounds are fresh. As fresh as the last time they opened the Koran, For the commands therein re-open the wounds throughout the ages. A toxicity that is awesome in it’s virulence. The movement is a devolution toward the 6th century and the “Golden Era” of Arabian primacy.
The regression is toward the more primitive culture of the Arabian peninsula circa 600C.E.. The stoning, amputating and beating Sharia will dictate law. A caliphate rules the world.
The Iranian regime as it stands identifies itself with the apocalyptic vision of the “Return of the 12th imam”. It is when this being, infused with esoteric knowledge will preside over the destruction of Israel and the world. They are going to have a nuclear bomb in a couple of months. So Hillary, I hope you let the Israelis do them. Please look away at the appropriate moments please Hillary!

Will the Real Eqyptions please stand up!



In 570 C.E. Bad to the Bone Big Mo was dropped. In a few decades he decided to be a prophet. After a few fits of suicidal depression, and one near miss when but he chicken’d out of throwing himself off a cliff. But instead he got a gang together and started his ministry of killing, raping, stealing, and not a small portion of lying. “Don’t forget the Pedophilia Hammer.” Said Lil’ Debbie. “Oh Yea.” said I. He Spotted his wife Aisha, age six. The 50 something old man took the girl and consumed the wedding when she had ripened to the age of 9 years.
So almopst 6 hundred years had passed since Christ had his ministry. The Copts, some of the first Christians anywhere had occupied Egypt for a period equal to 3 times the age of the United States!
He said the Jews and the Christians got it wrong.

Obama’s New Year made his 1st public appearance…Shoulda seen the Old year , Sheesh!


. Ya Know that old man 2013 and the new baby 2014 characters? Well regrettably, each new year baby gets to looking a little uglier than the last in the dark days of the Obamanation. But this is a priceless gimmick. reminds me of the old Candid Camera show with Allen Funt.

Journalism and MSNBC the twain meet for a moment of clairity …

Its’ kinda like you uncovered a copy of fortune 500 in Lenins Grave. Scarborough pressed Brzezinski on the Christie/Obama media double standard. MSNBC usually remains well, well beyond the pale in pushing a Marxist cafeteria plan of bizarre Government/private industry sodomy that disturbs even the most mind-numbed moderate out there.