A HUGE “I told ya so!”

Dripping with sarcasm and downright contempt, Obama makes the turn-around that much sweeter now. NANY NANY BOO BOO!  

Bits and Pieces

The terrible truth behind this “prank” is that the sacrosanct 1st Amendment heretofore has stood the test of many assaults. But the sad truth about this little experiment is that it illustrates the diminished importance of freedom of speech in the mind of the American. Either these are ignorant people or they just don’t give a s___. Center for Medical ProgressCecil RIchards, pres of Planned Parenthood, thinks the real bitch is misogyny. Her thinking is so misdirected that she has projected her personal issues into a congressional inquiry. And what happened to women being the custodians of morality?  It seems the liberal chicks find it quite comfy to ride on somebodies else’s ticket.  Little Lois Lerner; “Think of the corpulent salary and smile dear!”









How real do you want it?

This vid is a clear look at what is really happening on the ground with the immigrants pouring into Europe. The unvarnished truth is hard to come by with the mainstream media. You get a clearer picture from a carnival mirror.  Though subtitled and a little shrill,  this  is worth keeping. 

the following vid hs some numbers that are startling, and general information concerning just who is who and how many of each kicking down the door to Europe’s sooooo generous social welfare goodies. Be informed and be willing to take a shot for being a racist by the Libs.

P.S. A blond, blue-eyed Norwegian Muslim or a black-haired brown-eyed muslim born and raised in the desert. Which race are we being racist to? Islam is a system of beliefs.(religion?) hmmm?  not a gene pool.

Generosity? Fear?

What do you do with thousands of people standing at your border?

When you leave your back door open (in this case it is both front and back door), you really cant pick and choose who gets what your giving and what their story is.


It could be that some are just looking for a better standard of living. Which is not a reason for asylum. Don’t matter… the barn door is open and the cows so busy rushing through the opening they can’t get the doors shut!UK Muslims pelt soldier in uniform with eggs, excrementklikdapikslikUS confirms: US-trained Syrian rebels gave their weapons to al-QaedaHey bro! They’er givin’ away M-16’s down on the corner! Get one! They’er not checking ID or nothin’. Hey I hear cuz Abdule is Jihading this season and is looking for bargains! Come on Down !!



What? Is this a Panamanian Soccer Game?

I am a guy who acts smart. But I cannot tell you the rip tide that subsumes such mindless and self destructive actions.

I can understand it when there is a fire or some other eminent  threat. But the precipitating factor in this instance is a road blocked.

The incident took place when two crowds converged at an intersection where one of the thoroughfares had been blocked for official use. My question is this why hasn’t anything like this happened here? Not once in the history of the U.S. has their been a stampede like this .

 It is telling that it was during the “stoning of Satan” activity which involves symbolic violence toward Satan (throwing rocks at a pillar.)


christian-convert-mona-walter“Turn the other cheek…Let him who is without sin cast the first stone….Render unto Caesar that which is Caesars…As you do to the least of these, so you do unto me…..” Said Jesus. 

All spiritual truth is simple…but hard to live by.   Sprituality has more to do with a reformation of the internal, than with micromanaging specific activities of daily life. Violence to non-believers, the division of war booty (Mohammad got 2 /5  tribute from all spoils), number of times one prays etc, etc. are not spiritual truths. Such statements are instructions (requirements if you will)

9:5. “Then when the Sacred Months (the 1st, 7th, 11th, and 12th months of the Islamic calendar) have passed, then kill the Mushrikun {unbelievers} wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and prepare for them each and every ambush. But if they repent and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat {the Islamic ritual prayers}), and give Zakat {alms}, then leave their way free. Verily, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” Said Mohammad.


The measure of any warrior can be reflected in the greatness of his enemies. No one praises a matador for stabbing a newborn calf to death. As a matter of fact, victimizing a child is the only crime that is universally despised. Just try staying in the general population when the rest of the inmates find out that your a kid abuser and you will one day with wake up dead with shiv stuck in your eye.

Well the supposed greatest man on earth,( most powerful) just slapped the crap out of a 13 year old who bested him in a tweet. I can’t seem to get this vid to embed successfully. HMMMM?

Petty, vindictive and evidently intimidated by the searing rhetoric of a child (Damn smart child though). God what a coward, any reaction other then a smile and a gentle compliment  to the young man for his courage and conviction is more response than is necessary.


It is now a David and Goliath situation.

Embarrassing. It’s worse than having you Shiatsu hump the Popes ankle. I am deeply ashamed that this is the best this country could do in choosing a leader. DEEPLY……………………………..ASHAMED.



Good, Evil So Whats the Difference…..


…..Anything good in the fridge?

Since the day I was able to understand the difference between good and evil, I have felt the weight of my duty to life itself.  Fight Evil wherever you find it.  Informed and trained for this mission since birth from a dozen cultural tributaries .I have seen the guise of the enemy in German uniforms, in Japanese, Russion, British, Vietnamese, Afgahni, etc. etc. My war college was Hollywood. My classroom was the darkness of the theater. My physical training included such exercises as baseball, football, track and field etc. I come from the generation that crowded around the T.V. The superbowl, professional football, wresteling, boxing powerlifting ironman and marathon running were also included in my training. I came up during the paranoid melieu  of the cold war. Our constantly critical stand-off with all things Soviet elevated  all competitions. as psedo war with Russia. This is what we would wish it was about. At a deeper level our victories, and defeats against the Ruskies just served as straw poles. We needed to get  feel for who would or wouldn’t prevail in an all-out war between the two. The answer, in rational terms, was a big fat goose-egg for both sides. No body wins. Competition took on the mantel of a sublime war of all kinds were elevated to the level of geopolitical psyops in our fight with the Ruskies et.al.. Not excelling at something was downright unpatriotic and regrettably, my brother was a natural athlete. I was long lanky and a stumblebum. Oh well!

Up till recent decades all this activity and training has been to one purpose. Winning. And the sublime wins were in contest against our mortal enemy, the Soviet Union. Good vs. Evil, Right vs. Wrong. Cold war babies felt they had to be willing to give their last good measure to vanquish evil. Those of my generation know what is at stake. We know the full measure of what we should be willing and ready to sacrifice for the common good(for our side).

It’s quite a revelation to figure out that I have had this drive. And it is utterly mortifying to discover that this urge to vanquish the army of darkness is not inborn, that I had to have been conditioned. We are not born with a faultless instinct for recognizing and responding to evil. We have to be taught the difference between good and evil. And even more disturbing, good and evil would cease to exist at all should we choose to just ‘forget about it.’ (best spoken with a robust Brooklyn brogue). Above all it is the values of the society as a whole that will inform the people on moral imperatives and on the actions of their daily lives. Thus it is essential to the health of a society that it always remain self reflective. Not self damning ,but  self aware. Taboo is good. There must be a pale set out to define the outer limits of acceptable action. And The American soul cannot take the strain of allowing the innocent to be abused. How things were. But not, regrettably how things are.

 We liberated evil when we invented moral relativism.

Evil, measured by the traditional standards, has an absolute quality.  you can’t be halfway preganant, or 60% dead.  And you can’t be just a little evil. For by the time terms such as evil are being bandied about, something significant has happened.When the Soviets held a knife to our throat, (we had our own against theirs) we knew evil. It stared us in the face every day. Now Things have changed. At the time of the dissolution of the Soviet Union I wondered who would be our next great foe. Well this is it. The above link  on the abuse of boys by our so-called allies in this fight is just another sign pointing to Islam as the ‘great Satan ‘of the world. Now, this age old evil has extended a hand to the Putin boys. The old evil is resurrecting our old foe, Russia to join in it’s fight to destroy western civilization

Our old foe is stirring the pot in Syria, trying to reintroduce itself to the middle east. They have been absent from Islamic theater of action for the last couple of decades. Now, based upon the abysmal incompetence and downright destructive ignorance of  the present  U.S. administration, Russia has an un-molested playing field in helping Syrias grand poobah, Assad, massacre his own countrymen, women, children etc…

Obama can sit back and gaze admiringly at his masterpiece. His masterpiece of mayhem  is burning out of control all over the mid-east. And the world, our world, is at greater risk for an nuclear disaster  than at any time since the Cuban missle crisis, circa early ’60s.

Raping and torturing young boys is an act of evil. It is a clear and emphatic identifying mark of evil. Our soldiers are being prosecuted for responding to the call to duty. The call comes not from their military training. Their call to action heeds a voice from the depths of the American males instinct to stand in harms way for those who can’t. How can we condemn our warriors for doing what your average American male would do in a heartbeat. Save a child in jeopardy.





Yusuf, A.K.A. Cat Stevens

Art Garfunkel, who was part of pop duo Simon & Garfunkel, highlighted how an influx of Muslims from war-torn states could change the nature of Europe

Art Garfunkel

Cat Stevens whence have you gone?  Once upon a time your sweet melodies and gentle wisdom carried in your lyrics beguiled and transformed us. Now you are a fuzzy little Muslim dedicated to such enterprises as supporting a fatwa on  Salman Rushdie for blasphemy. Death sentence. Yes you got it. The “Peace Train” guy is telling us that he thinks the death warrant passed on Rushdie, by some dude somewhere should be carried out.

Art Garfunkel, whom I swear stole his voice from an angel, seems to have crossed that bridge over troubled water to a  discover a few of his own epiphanies. A rather surprising revelation of late: The Muslim migrant movement is not enhancing European but supplanting it. I don’t know if it’s a transformation or a coming out party with Monsignor Garfunkel. Having stumbled  around Europe myself, I can tell you first hand that things are getting  out of hand. I fear Europes best has been spent. 

P.S., Don’t be too harsh with Art, (this is going to the progressive church) he may have finally found out that the truth and wishful thinking are different species. Knowing how rare such scrapes with objective reality are for the entertainment community, he may be still struggling to cram reality into a progressive cookie mold. As is the custom with Limolibs.


Do We just Want the Truth or Just the Truth We Want.

If anyone gets invited to the white house it should be this kid. Or rather, this fine young man.


From the mouths of babes…..  “Just the facts mam, (or sir).” was Officer Fridays aloha on the series “Dragnet”. In other words, “cut the crap and just tell ’em what happened.”  To the  media mob there is no need for the facts, (and the truth they point to) because revealing the facts often confounds the plot line they have fabricated. To a salesman the story is always more important than any troublesome facts one might encounter in the telling.

What does this look like? A clock? An explosive devise? You don’t know. Do you risk hurting someones feelings or do you risk a mass murder?

Of all the characters in the ballet only those pleasing to the resident media are spotlighted. All other dancers scurry about the shadows, unnoticed and anonymous.

 Since the “beer summit” it has been clear that this administration was comfortable working hand in hand with the press when it furthered the liberal story line. To the Mobs (mainstream media) chagrin, however, this administration will exclude them when the facts point to an “inconvenient truth” that might weaken their rhetoric.